Flirc Mac version Free Download

Flirc Mac is a remote control configuration tool for Mac. Flirc Mac is a companion utility for Flirc devices that helps users quickly set up any remote control device they want to use with the Mac’s media center.

software features

Flirc Mac lets you control your computer or media device with a remote control. When the Flirc receives an infrared (IR) signal from a remote control, such as a television remote, it sends a button. The application is only used to program the Flirc device, and once the program does not require software, the Flirc device stores all the information you write.

Flirc Mac version

Flirc provides a modern and intuitive interface, for rapid setting and mapping of the remote control button. Note that you only need to use the application to program the keys: after initial configuration, all you need are the Mac, the remote control, and the Flirc device. In summary, you can easily control your macOS media center devices with the help of any remote control available by installing the Flirc helper on your Mac.

Flirc Mac version Free Download