MailMate for MAC Free Download

MailMate for MAC is a client-based spam mail filtering software. MailMate for MAC is like putting a filter between your mail server and your mail receiving software. All mail that reaches your inbox goes through MailMate’s filtering system, ensuring you are protected from spam and mail viruses. This software is suitable for all POP3 mailboxes and all mail receiving software. IntroTit


because MailMate does not delete the spam from the directly, but rather the judgement as spam mail in a” immune “area, you can view is marked as spam email, and you can manually move” immune “area in the junk mail by normal mail, regular mail so make sure you will not be mistakenly deleted. And for spam in the immune zone, you can send a fake return message to the spammer to confuse the spammer into thinking your address doesn’t exist. Of course, this fake return email was sent in the name of your email system, not your email address. MailMate has been shown to be effective in filtering out more than 97% of spam at first, and this rate will increase over time.

This way the receiving process of a simple step into two operations, and will receive emails in the anti-spam software and software (Outlook, etc.) to switch back and forth between, operate up very trouble, and that such software is often directly delete the spam from the server, it may be mistaken delete normal mail, bring irreparable damage.

MailMate for MAC

it is borrowed from this kind of email filtering software faults, MailMate adopted in the design of a unique way, MailMate will run on your mail server and receive emails between software, MailMate receives mail from your mail server (you can set the time to receive mail) and USES filtering technology to filter out spam, while your mail receiving software (Outlook, etc.) will receive filtered mail from MailMate. Most of the time MailMate will filter all your mail for you in the background, and you’ll still receive mail as usual, using the mail handler you’re used to, as if MailMate doesn’t exist, except that it’s all filtered by MailMate. This is exactly what MailMate is trying to achieve by keeping you free of spam without compromising your habit of receiving emails.

MailMate for MAC Free Download