PrintFab Pro XL Mac Free Download

PrintFab Pro XL Mac is a Mac printer driver suite. PrintFab Pro XL Mac’s innovative “dynamic” color profile ensures complete control over color mixing and ink consumption, as well as perfect printing quality.

software features

PrintFab Pro XL Mac edition allows users to print over the network, for example, other Mac or Windows computers, or printer server boxes. Selected from a wide range of inkjet media, Printfab also supports photo paper from other manufacturers (such as kodak and ilford).

PrintFab Pro XL Mac version

PrintFab can tell you how much each page using the ink. Smart ink storage systems can reduce ink consumption by 25 to 50 percent — a difference you wouldn’t even notice at first glance! Another special feature is the PrintFab color profile service. Create personal color profiles for your printer, paper, and ink at a very low price. Using PrintFab Pro’s CMYK validation mode, you can print CMYK Postscript and PDF document with the correct colors.

PrintFab Pro XL Mac Free Download