SecureFX for MAC Free Download

SecureFX for MAC enables secure file transfer more efficiently. You can drag and drop files directly into Windows Explorer and other programs using its new drag-and-drop feature.

software features

SecureFX supports three file transfer protocols: FTP, SFTP, and FTP over SSH2. It can provide secure file transfers. It provides secure transport services regardless of which operating system server you are connected to. It is mainly used for Linux operating systems such as redhat, ubuntu client file transfer program, you can choose to use SFTP encryption SSH2 to achieve secure transmission, or use FTP for standard transmission. The client has an explorer-style interface that is easy to use while providing powerful automation capabilities for automated secure file transfer.

SecureFX for MAC

SecureFX is an FTP client Software developed and produced by VanDyke Software, Inc., which supports the common FTP standard and secure data transfer standard (SFTP or FTP on SSH2). SecureFX has an easy to use resource manager-like user interface.

SecureFX for MAC Free Download