TouchControl Server Mac version Free Download

TouchControl Server Mac is a remote control application on the Mac platform. TouchControl Server Mac is a mature, active application that turns any iOS device into a general-purpose network, infrared, and Mac remote control tool.

software features

TouchControl Server Mac edition can create A fully customized remote control screen to control your Mac, A/V and other infrared or network control devices (additional hardware required for infrared control). In addition to directly controlling an increasing number of neon-attached components (e.g., A/V receiver, TV, etc.). TouchControl and TouchControl servers include built-in native support for global caching of iTach and gc-100 adapters and IRTrans Ethernet and wireless adapters.

TouchControl Server Mac version

TouchControl Server also allows you to use unique and exclusive TouchControl screen scraping function, Monitor the Mac desktop remotely from the TouchControl on iOS devices and, if inconvenient, render the remote control interface in your favorite browser .

TouchControl Server Mac version Free Download