Wave Mail Mac version Free Download

Wave Mail Mac version is a lightweight status bar electronic on the Mac platform Mail client. The Mac version of Wave Mail lets you focus only on your inbox. The idea is that most of the time we only care about our most recent email and nothing else, which is our inbox, so this app only displays messages from our inbox.

Wave Mail Mac version

software feature

Wave Mail a major function of the Mac version is new email instances synchronization, Therefore, there is no need to constantly check or refresh messages in browser . The app is designed with low memory usage so the system can accomplish other important tasks without losing important emails. It also ignores all promotions, social or spam, and sends only relevant emails to your inbox. However, these emails still exist in your Gmail account, which you can access by logging into your Gmail account.

– use secure HTTPS way real-time synchronization new email

– new email instant notification (through setting off)

– allows you to add more than one Gmail hosted email accounts (can be individuals or companies)

– optimization inbox list

– are allowed Multiple inbox Windows or one (as preferred)

– single inbox window does not merge all accounts of emails, but provides an easy way to list them

– quick email operations such as reply/ReplyAll/forward/delete via inbox list

– to be able to view multiple E-mail details, each email can be opened in a separate window (by preference changes)

– a unique function is to be able to list one thread in a list of all accessories, So it doesn’t have to go through all the e-mails to find an attachment. The attachment icon in the top column can be used for this purpose when viewing an email.

– allows attachments up to 35MB to be sent

– as mentioned earlier, this application only loads inbox messages, and it displays only the inboxes of the first 50 threads.

Wave Mail Mac version Free Download