WDM downloader for Mac Free Download

WDM downloader Mac version is a download tool on the Mac platform. WDM downloader Mac version is a aria2-based multi-threaded downloader, clean interface, no redundant functions. 5 times faster than normal HTTP downloads. Support YunFile, RmDown download, other network disk added in succession.

WDM downloader Mac version


to download the application, according to “application to open it or display has damaged situation of users, Can consult the solution here open the Mac application prompt damaged do Mac tip broken when you install software to do “. The new Mac system after 10.12 restricts apps from non-mac App Store, which is why there are “broken or unusable apps.”

user if after downloading the software (please ensure that the downloaded.dmg file is complete, otherwise the file will be damaged when opening the file), when opening the.dmg file, it will be prompted “from discredited development person” and cannot open the software, please the macOS 10.13 allows any source to do macOS 10.13 allows no source didn’t how to open”

software feature

WDM downloader Mac version is a perfect compatible with Mac download tools, Mac version of WDM downloader to download interface simple and clear, or if you have trouble following large resources, can try this free high-speed download tools, WDM downloader Mac version also supports YunFile, RmDown downloads at the same time, other network location were added to download.

WDM downloader for Mac Free Download