WOW bigfoot for Mac Free Download

WOW BigFoot (Mac) is an auxiliary plug-in for WOW world of warcraft players. The Mac version of WOW BigFoot (Mac) is completely developed using a third-party user interface provided by blizzard , that is, the auxiliary functions provided by BigFoot are fully recognized by blizzard and netease under the current version of the game.

how to use the

WOW bigfoot plug-in Mac version

software feature

WOW bigfoot Mac version is a net friend of homemade WOW bigfoot plug-in version of Mac OS platform can be used on the Mac version of world of warcraft, WOW bigfoot Mac also comes with automatic update software, which you can use when a new version is released.

integration packages

prepared game bigfoot essential practical plug-in package, You don’t have to bother to enjoy the best game experience

team warning

powerful and accurate skills and voice broadcast, BOSS battle know yourself and your opponent, with skill

single plug-in

big feet to provide you with the latest and most complete single plug-in,


bigfoot to provide you with the most original, most authentic visual experience

configuration synchronization

can synchronize your configuration to the cloud, anytime and anywhere use their familiar configuration

macro warehouse


1 the most complete macro command, a variety of macro will meet your different needs


WOW bigfoot for Mac Free Download