4 Tips for Marketing Lingerie on Twitter

Twitter Tips

Not since the invention of the television have marketers been as excited about expanding their reach as they are today surrounded by social media options. They are so excited, in fact, that their number one choice for social media advertising, Facebook, has become saturated with content, leaving some marketing scribes in search of a smaller pond. Enter Twitter.

Twitter experienced a 60 percent increase in advertising revenue in 2015. As the owner of a lingerie business, Twitter may be the place to launch your advertising campaign, but only if you follow a few tips to assure that your content is seen instead of drowned in a sea of tweets.

Know the rules

Particularly for a lingerie company, it is important to know Twitter’s rules and regulations. The social media site is considered a little more conservative than others and shies away from controversial material or “adult and sexual products and services.” So any lingerie ads must be sophisticated, not sexual, in nature.

Think multimedia

Curvy Couture Strapless Sensation Multi-Way Push Up in Bombshell Nude animated

Above: Curvy Couture Strapless Sensation Multi-Way Push Up in Bombshell Nude.

The novelty of Twitter is that you must use 140 characters or less to convey your point in a tweet. But as Twitter has grown, images also have been incorporated to add more visual appeal.

Today, you can use photos, graphics, videos and cartoons in addition to their 140-word tweets. Tweets that contain photos or images have a 200 percent higher engagement rate on Twitter than those ads without a visual.

You also can use spontaneous pics taken with your smartphone camera. If you’re using a smartphone like the HTC One M9, you can capture high-quality pictures. The M9 has a 20MP camera with a sapphire glass lens and a 1920 x 1080 display, which exceeds Twitter’s 1024 x 512 pixel limit, meaning your photos will always display at maximum size and clarity. And the M9 comes with a photo editing program to touch up any areas that may cross the “sexual” line.

Hashtag it up

Simone Perele photo by Jan Klier

Above: Simone Pérèle photo by Jan Klier.

If you are on Twitter, you cannot escape the hashtag. That little number sign has gained more power than it knows what to do with. If you are an advertiser on Twitter, then you must harness the hashtag and use it for the good of your brand.

Create a hashtag campaign for a special event or your business that can span multiple channels and give your campaign a much needed boost through the use of Twitter.

Plan for trolls

When you are scrolling through the comments left by Twitter users about your lingerie, beware of haters. The Internet is full of loud mouths and bullies who strike without warning or reason. There is a difference between an unsatisfied customer, which should be addressed politely and immediately, and an individual looking to slander campaigns for no reason. And let’s face it, when your business is founded on attractive undergarments, some immature comments can be expected.

Remember, though, when you find unfounded, aggressive comments, your responses will be viewed by all of Twitter-dom. So if your campaign falls under a troll attack, and the tweet has few other interactions at the time, pause the tweet and allow other campaign tweets to move on ahead of the troll-bombed one. But if you already have a good exchange of dialogue with other users in the thread of comments, just ignore the naysayer.