Activewear to take over Interfilière Shanghai

“With live commentary and technical information, the show will demonstrate the latest trends with sporty garments.” – Jessie Li, Eurovet.

The athleisure trend – sports fashion with street appeal – is set to take centre stage this coming October at Eurovet’s premier Asian show for intimate apparel, Interfilière Shanghai. Now entering its 12th edition, the trade fair, scheduled for the 12th and 13th at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre, will showcase the best technologies driving the activewear industry and athleisure movement in China and the rest of the world.

“In response to the fast growing activewear market, Interfilière Shanghai will collaborate with the French Federation of Knitting & Lingerie presenting around 200 fabrics and accessories samples on the Innovation Forum,” informed Eurovet’s Jessie Li regarding the advancements and expertise to be expected at the show. Detailed attention will be given to the creative fabrications that constitute activewear products.

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“The [fabrics and accessories] samples will be grouped into sport and technical properties illustrating: comfort, protection (anti-UV, antibacterial, anti-abrasion, etc.), breathability, quick-drying, heat-regulation, connected innovation, etc.,” according to Jessie Li.
Patrons will have the good fortune of seeing these components in motion in a live fashion show that includes prototype garments which spotlight the essence of the athleisure movement.

“Athleisure Prototype Show is arriving at Interfilière Shanghai for the very first time,” informs Jessie Li. “With live commentary and technical information, the show will demonstrate the latest trends with sporty garments.”

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With the Asian market a dominant force in the world economy, Interfilière Shanghai will showcase why this region, and especially China, will be one of the leading countries to dictate activewear innovations and direct athleisure fashion throughout the global industry.

“It is reported that Asia has become the second biggest market in the globe with USD 56 billion and are expected to give the greatest contribution to the athletic-wear sales growth by 2020,” reports Jessie Li of Eurovet, the overseers of Interfilière. “As one of the main regions driving the global sales growth, China plans to get 500 million of its citizens to exercise regularly by 2025. More and more women are engaging in sports activities and taking support and comfort more into consideration.”

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Apart from a dedicated fashion show segment, industry experts will be able to track activewear developments through segments like: a Beach Forum which will highlight fabrics, accessories, and finished products for swimwear, beachwear and sportswear; the Lingerie Forum set to reveal trends of AW2017/18 and showcase the technical novelty of all the must-have products; and the Innovation Forum focussing on the popular sports of swimming, yoga, fitness, cycling and running to guide industry pundits towards the right technical solutions for these arenas. With this in mind, it is then imperative that other competitive industry stakeholders like those in the US and Europe, pay close attention to the strategies of Asian counterparts, with Interfilière Shanghai serving as one of the best vehicles to manoeuvre the Chinese sector and Asian market as a whole. On the flip side, this Asian exhibition is also the East’s portal into the western industry, showing where the biggest competitors and allies all fit in the world market.

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“Interfilière Shanghai is a business-driven event striving to represent a wide variety of exhibitors from all over the world while keeping a qualitative, creative and innovative offer,” says show rep Jessie Li. “It’s a proven platform for the most influential intimate apparel, swimwear and activewear Asian and international experts to meet with the best international raw materials manufacturers from the industry. With a different focus every year, the show stays on top of the constant changes through collaborations with industry partners and peers for exclusive projects and seminars, which bring knowledge, inspiration and innovation to the participants.”

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All of this ties adequately into the vision of the upcoming 12th edition of the Interfilière Shanghai show which, according to Eurovet’s Jessie Li, is, “to establish business matchmaking for both exhibitors and visitors. The show will maintain a high standard in the quality of the products from fabric, lace, accessories, embroidery, machinery & software, OEM/ODM and textile design sectors. All exhibitors and visitors can make the most of the show, exchanging business opportunities and ideas as well as getting inspired through our educative projects and new features.”

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