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Above: Yandy Swimwear.

Maximizing the athleisure opportunity is key and creating diversity is a great way to connect with your customers, establish your brand and generate sales.

by Joy Menon, founder of

Swimwear, once a very seasonal industry, is slowly shifting to being year-round. The increase in healthy and active lifestyles has increased the popularity of wearing swim and lingerie inspired pieces out and with good reason. The silhouette has a deconstructed, organic feel that is comfortable, practical and fashionable. The trend has endless potential for business owners, as it will surely open doors to future brands and brand extensions.

As a business owner, maximizing the athleisure opportunity is key and creating diversity is a great way to connect with your customers, establish your brand and generate sales. Below are some simple ways to incorporate diversity in your swimwear business.

Louise Ferdinand Swim Style SS17 swimsuit

Above: Louise Ferdinand Swim SS17.

Diversity in communication: Be involved in the various activities your customers are most passionate about and find out their concerns. When you are immersed in their lifestyle, you’ll be able to make a more wise selection and assortment for your business, as well as use that information as a guide for your copywriting and marketing efforts. At the end of the day, speaking your customer’s language helps sell and communicate your value.

Freya Swim Remix

Above: Freya Swim.

Diversity in body types: Can your customers connect with the looks visually? Can they imagine themselves wearing them? This should be your inspiration with merchandising, as well as social media. Visually illustrating how the product looks on various silhouettes, as well as showcasing the product in action helps communicate flexibility and durability. This also helps with communicating clearly the function of your product’s features, which is an added bonus when selling.

Rebecca Torres SS16 Eclipse Swimsuit

Above: Rebecca Torres SS16.

Diversity within your team: Not embracing diversity within your team subtly sends the message that only one particular look is associated with your brand. If you choose to have your brand connect with various body types and ethnicities, then definitely make sure your team reflects it too. It takes seconds for a customer to decide if they will consider your offerings or not, so ideally, having a diverse team will help your brand make a visual connection with them. Someone with a similar body type, for example, will be great help in assisting a customer with pieces that will be a better fit.

I hope these tips will help your swimwear business grow and attract your dream customers. These are the kind of customers who love your brand as much as you do and will pay full price for your offerings if need be.

How will you use diversity to attract your ideal customers to your brand?

Joy Menon founder of the Merchandising Eye

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