CURVENY Mobile App Available

CURVE Mobile App

Lingerie Trade Show? There’s an app for that!

With CURVENY a few days away (July 31 – August 2, 2016), buyers are making appointments to see brands at Jacob Javits Center and with 200+ exhibitors, events, and trend seminars, there’s a lot to keep track of.

Luckily, CURVENY has a mobile app that guides buyers to booths, organizes info, events and makes the trade experience a lot easier with great features a touch away.

The app, introduced in February 2016 show, is available on all mobile devices (iPhone, Windows, Android). With the app, buyers will be able to easily find the brands in which they have appointments with as well as look up their favorite brands and event happenings on show site.

CURVE Mobile App

“The app is a great tool for the buyers! They have access to our list of exhibitors, events, interactive floorplan – also available on our website – and all of our social media. They can even take selfies with gorgeous CURVENY filters!” said Holly Swenson, CURVEXPO’s Marketing Coordinator.

The Interactive Floor Plan Holly mentions is a visual, digital representation of the trade event’s Floorplan. It makes it easy for buyers to find a brand’s booth number and location either before or during the show.

CURVE Mobile App Features

CURVE Mobile App

  • SHOW PLANNER – manage your visit – make your own planning of events, brands to see
  • E-BADGE – convenient and ecological – access your e-badge
  • LIST OF EXHIBITORS – contact + general info
  • INTERACTIVE FLOORPLAN 2D or 3D – they can easily plan their visit
  • EVENTS – reminders
  • LIVE – everything that we post on our social media – updated immediately
  • SELFIE – with the #curveny

Get the CURVENY Mobile App

The Mobile Application and Interactive Floorplan are available for download now on your preferred app store. Click HERE for more details.