CURVENY August 2016 Review

Loulette photo by Jan Klier

Above: Loulette Lingerie. Photo by Jan Klier.

Story by Nicole Kirichanskaya.

My first impression of the CURVENY show was that it somewhat resembled a widely spread out and fairly serious sleepover party; there was well-selected music playing in the background, there were several women walking around in lingerie and pajamas, and a relaxed but energetic atmosphere to the room.

As men and women walked across the floor; talking, laughing, and analyzing the latest trends for the lingerie and swimwear industry, there was this fun, yet professional atmosphere in the air that made my first experience at a show like this really enjoyable and relaxing.

Elila Lingerie photo by Jan Klier

Above: Nicole at the Elila booth with model Asia Mone’t. Photo by Jan Klier.

In my head, lingerie is typically associated with well-decorated storefront windows or the insides of women’s underwear drawers, and to see row upon row of lingerie and swimwear ranging from the ultra feminine (silk and lacy patterns) to the more provocative (daring bodysuits and accessories) was like a combination of being a kid in a candy store to a teenage girl laughing with her friends at a sleepover; the effect of this setting was further enhanced by the red balloons hanging from some of the vendor’s stalls. (The red balloons signified that the booth had a brand that was included in the show’s Selection Guide and was specifically chosen by the CURVEXPO team for its newness and innovation for the Spring/Summer 2017 season)

Teddies for Bettys at CURVENY

Above: the Teddies for Bettys team enjoying CURVE.

While initially, my eyes immediately caught on some well-known names like Calvin Klein and Betsey Johnson, it was later when I checked out what would later become some of my personal favorite brands like E.L.F. Zhou London and L’Agent by Agent Provocateur, that I got a sense of how broad, and creative, the lingerie and swimwear market can be.

Foxers team photo by Jan Klier

Above: the FOXERS team.

There was a wide range of selection covering the entire floor plan; from vendors endorsing pajamas not unlike that young college women would wear to classic Italian and French lingerie styles to lingerie that was of a very classic, yet risqué variety.

Regarding all the various styles of lingerie there were, I noticed there were definitely a few common trends on the floor.


Else Lingerie

Above: Else Lingerie.

Bohemian-style, very feminine lacey halter-tops and bralettes is a trend that has been going strong for the past two years or so and judging by the mass number of them out on the floor this year, this trend doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. Some brands that stood out to me with this style were Lonely and Else, which following the trend of hipster lingerie, placed a strong focus on non-padded and non-underwired bras. Currently, there seems to be a focus on lingerie that molds to the natural shape of the body and is less restricting with looser bands, lack of underwire, and lace cups rather than molded or padded ones.

Plus Size

Elila at CURVENY August 2016

Above: Elila’s 2401 Underwire Bra featuring custom Pinstripe and floral design.

Another trend I noticed on the floor was the increasing array of plus-size lingerie. Aside from several companies that have only recently begun to carry lingerie in sizes higher than a D-cup, there were several companies (such as Curvy Kate and Elila that were stepping out of the stereotypical granny-style bra that’s typically available to women with larger busts, and were offering bras in more lively, youthful style with sizes that went up to an H-cup.

Q-T Intimates photo by Jan Klier

Above: Q-T Intimates. Photo by Jan Klier.

What I loved about these companies and other companies that offer options for women of larger busts was that there were bras available in bright colors (i.e. pinks, blues, etc.), floral designs that didn’t resemble an embroidered napkin (as granny-esque bras are wont to do), and offered support without restricting style.

Risqué & Classy

Maison Close CURVENY Teaser

Above: Maison Close.

A particular trend that I loved at this show was how risqué yet classy some of the lingerie on the floor was. For the past few years, there has been an increasing interest in America in darker, more seductive lingerie that takes a step away from classically feminine styles that we are accustomed to.

ELF Zhou London Wrists photo by Jan Klier

Above: E.L.F. Zhou London. Photo by Jan Klier.

My personal favorites from the floor was the lingerie companies, E.L.F. Zhou London, Agent Provocateur, Maison Close; all of whose classically cut, sensuous bras and panties brought to mind a seductive boudoir theme.

Let’s Hear it for the Boys!

Leonisa Mens photo by Jan Klier

Above: Leonisa. Photo by Jan Klier.

While lingerie is typically for women, there were a few lingerie companies that were paying attention to their male audience as well. Such as the funky yet stylish prints provided by companies like SAXX or Muchachomalo, or the men’s shapewear provided by Leonisa.

Mucachomalo Underwear

Above: Muchachomalo.

It’s interesting to see how lingerie companies are paying attention to the non-traditional market (i.e. men) with products like these.

What was fascinating was seeing how many lingerie companies were producing and marketing several of their products, such as a lacy bralette or a satin bustier, as an item of outerwear, than simply as something to wear underneath your clothes.

Overall, as a lingerie consumer and aesthete, it’s always refreshing and exciting to see what new styles and products the world lingerie has to offer and will continue to produce in the future.

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