Curvy Couture’s Summer Rose Orona

Curvy Couture's Summer Rose Orona

Above: Curvy Couture’s Summer Rose Orona.

“Wear what you want, stay supported underneath. Investing in your intimates is the best thing you can do. As Dora loves to say, confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear!” – Summer Rose Orona, Curvy Couture.

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor.

We at The Lingerie Journal know her as the spokesperson behind the Curvy Couture brand and Summer Rose Orona does not mix her words when it comes to placing the brand in the best light possible. Her love for and respect of Curvy Couture and its founder Dora Lau is evident in her brand communication which is always comprehensive since she gave herself to looking after the interests of Curvy Couture in 2013.

What Summer does behind the scenes is so important to her brand and it is born out of her love for the plus size industry which has always been an area close to her heart. Curvy Couture has opened her mind about what the plus size lingerie industry could offer women who find it challenging to find plus size solutions, as this was once a trial she faced herself.

Curvy Couture Sports Bra Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra

Above: Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra. Get a peek at this new style at CURVENY.

Now confidently liberated from her underwear woes though the support she found in Curvy Couture, Summer encourages women with these words of wisdom: “Wear what you want, stay supported underneath. Investing in your intimates is the best thing you can do. As Dora loves to say, confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear!”

So without a doubt, Summer Rose Orona is in prime position to present Curvy Couture to the world, a job which she thoroughly enjoys.

But what do we know about the woman behind the work? Being a curious bunch at TLJ we coaxed Summer out from behind the curtain and thrust her into the limelight to tell us what we wanted to know about her and she agreed to give us “Summer time”.

Q&A with Curvy Couture’s Summer Rose Orona

Curvy Couture sponsors Forever Yours Lingerie fashion show

Summer, could you tell us how you came to work with Curvy Couture? What was it about the brand that attracted you?
A friend of mine who I considered a mentor helped me land this job. Call it luck – this opportunity ended up positioning me to be where I always wanted, behind the scenes in the plus size industry.

I had a venture in the world of plus size modeling, back in the day winning a model search for a Plus Size retailer. Before those times, I grew up not being able to find a great fitting bra (let alone clothes) that was comfortable. I believe that’s attracted me about the brand most of all, learning that Curvy Couture was born out of years of experience in R&D, design and manufacturing in the intimate apparel industry was astonishing.

Curvy Couture Contour Wire Free Bra

Above: Curvy Couture Contour Wire Free Bra.

Now all I want to do is spread the good news and get everyone to try on Curvy Couture!

Could you walk us through a typical Curvy Couture day for you? 
No one-day is the same as the next, especially in my position focusing on the retail customer, the consumer and social media all at the same time. I make it my business to have a pulse on [everything].

Could you tell us how you help shape Curvy Couture’s social media message? What’s the best part of working on the social media side of things? 
The heart and soul of our social platforms has always been community focused. We are not a retailer that is new to Plus Size bras, our CEO and Designer Dora Lau has been designing intimates with the curvy woman in mind for 30 years! Her love and passion for this industry is reflected in our collection. My goal is to ensure that this love and passion is brought to life through Social Media. I also hope that it resonates with the customer that supports and celebrates Curvy Couture.

Summer with Ashley Nell Tipton, Project Runway winner and Plus Model Tinder at Curvy Con

Above: Summer with Ashley Nell Tipton, Project Runway winner and Plus Model Tinder at Curvy Con.

You’re also responsible for a lot of the creative direction that goes into Curvy Couture’s social media outreach, what artistic and editorial skills do you bring to the table at the start of each campaign? 
I’m a very visual person and passionately opinionated. [I do] from sketching a booth layout for an event we’re sponsoring to recording notes to jot my latest ideas down for the website, social media, or someone I’d love for us to collaborate with. It’s a pretty well rounded job that feels like freelancing in the best way [possible] because I get to do so many things, but they are all for the betterment of one company.

Curvy Couture Purple Passion

Above: Curvy Couture Purple Passion.

What’s it like working with the customer service team? 
Busy! I [respond to] customers’ questions on fit [and] personal feedback on styles [and] suggest sizes based on their measurements via email or by phone. Most of my jobs since Day 1 have been customer service focused; I find great delight in helping any way I can.

What’s your role with working with retail buyers? What kind of relationship do you have with buyers and sales reps?
I also wear the hat of a Sales and Customer Care Specialist. This role is geared towards supporting both the sales reps and the retail account to ensure that they have a direct contact based in the HQ office to provide them with all of the tools and information that they need for both selling to the consumer and brand awareness.

Summer and Evora with Curvy Con creators_Cece and Chastity

Above: Summer and Evora with Curvy Con creators Cece and Chastity.

What’s been the most notable or memorable experience you’ve had working with Curvy Couture? 
It’s difficult to just pick one, but I would have to say that experience is planning and sponsoring The Curvy Con in NYC – bringing the brand to life that’s supported by other members of the team is great. Part of that highlight is meeting people on social media in real life [and] then realizing that they are the person and voice behind [the show’s] media,

Curvy Couture Lace Shine T-Shirt Bra 1102

Do you have a particular Curvy Couture style/set that’s your favorite? If so could you share what it is and why?
The Lace Shine T-shirt bra is my #1 favorite. I love everything about this bra, the super soft cup, the power net wings that keep me in place, the lace on the outside of the wing for the pretty aspect – I just love this bra, I wear it everyday! I also can’t go without mentioning my favorite weekend bra, the Cotton Luxe WireFree; I can’t live without it! Wireless never felt so great – from long flights to the weekend.

What’s next for you at Curvy Couture?
Continuing to grow in my position creatively and, as ecommerce grows, advancing brand awareness on social media and with [regards to] distribution; getting affiliates finalized so we can work more with bloggers and influencers, showcasing DDD+ models on; also, working on expanding our size range! Friends, followers, customers, and sisters: use your voice. Let us know what we can design for y-o-u! We listened to your feedback and are super excited to bring 46” [back] bands to 2017.

Curvy Couture Contour Wire Free Bra in black

Above: Curvy Couture Contour Wire Free Bra in black.

Wholesale Questions?

Summer Rose Orona

About Curvy Couture
Curvy Couture stands out as truly exceptional in the marketplace of American lingerie. Built on a foundation of technology and innovation Curvy Couture is the destination for curvy women searching for fashion, superior quality, comfort and fit. Decades of extensive research and development, expertise and dedication has created a foundation that reinvents you, transforms your shape and posture, makes women look younger, feel confident and sexy.

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