eNewsletter Subject Line Advice: Be Creative!

eNewsletter Subject Line Advice

If you have an active email account, chances are you’re receiving eNewsletters — those ubiquitous reminders from companies reminding you that they’re still around, doing stuff and selling things.

It’s easy to dismiss eNewsletters. A lot of them naturally head into a Spam folder or Google’s Promotions Tab. As a brand investing in digital communications, this can be incredibly frustrating.

If you feel like your brand’s eBlasts are not being opened, you may want to consider how you’re writing your Subject Lines.

Most eNewsletter services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact have some handy guides and eNewsletter Subject Line Best Practices tutorials on what types of phrases and words to avoid. If you haven’t read these types of guides make it a priority to get on top of it today.

Keeping subject lines short (three words) and devoid of SPAMMY language could potentially help increase your open rates. Another way of improving your odds, is brainstorming some creative subject lines.

This morning, two eBlasts graced TLJ’s inbox from Naja and Dear Kate. Their subject lines cut through all the noise, made me smile and encouraged me to click.

We wanted to share these examples with our readers to help inspire even more creative subject lines and point out some other things these brands did right in their digital communication:

Dear Kate – We’re not meshin’ around

eNewsletter Subject Line Advice

I love this. Immediately, I know that something is going on with a product’s fabric and I’m curious. The email itself is beautifully designed. It’s clean, gives you a clear view of what the email is about (the Little Black Capri) and gives the reader a clear of indication of what to do next — GO!

Naja – You Really Need This Right Meow

eNewsletter Subject Line Advice

Cats rule the Internet. We all know this and the headline makes this email somewhat irresistible. However, I would advise our readers from using ALL CAPS in a subject line. A lot of times, this can turn off your recipients. In this case it worked though and I was treated to a great image and headline: Meow! The Purrfect Pair

It’s fun, cheeky and a great composition. Naja does a lot right in this eBlast by keeping its design minimal and image heavy.