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Maker's Row Luxeire production

Above: Luxeire in production.

“Maker’s Row is a great resource for any lingerie brand, no matter the level of experience… We have an exhaustive list of factories across the United States to help you get your idea into production.” – Shetara Edden, Maker’s Row.

Guest post by Shetara Edden, Maker’s Row

The idea for Maker’s Row developed from a real manufacturing problem. Matthew Burnett, one of the co-founders, previously owned two designer brands. In developing his watch line, Steel Cake, he encountered various difficulties because of choosing to produce overseas, such as long turnaround times, language barriers, and continuous product malfunctions.

For his next line, a leather goods brand called The Brooklyn Bakery, he decided to manufacture domestically in order to build a relationship with his manufacturers and exercise more quality control. He and his partner, Tanya Menendez, realized the difficulty of locating a domestic manufacturer. They decided to develop a tech platform to help designers find the right American factories for their product ideas.

Maker’s Row Live: Crystal Etienne of PantyProp.

The result? Maker’s Row — a Brooklyn-based startup building an online marketplace that connects designers and small businesses with American manufacturers. Over 85,000 brands currently use the platform.

The factory base includes manufacturers in apparel, furniture, home decor, packaging, and various other industries. The site is also an educational resource for newcomers in the maker space to learn about how to turn a product idea into a reality and then build a business out of it.

For the intimate apparel world, Maker’s Row is a great resource for any lingerie brand, no matter the level of experience. Our blog has a number of articles from design to vetting factories to help you get started and exhaustive list of factories across the United States to help you get your idea into production.


PantyProp founder Crystal Etienne was able to launch and scale her rapidly growing intimate apparel line with Maker’s Row. Due to the high demand and desire to expand her line, she is able to find new factories that help her grow her business.

“One day I stumbled upon Maker’s Row and I felt like I hot the production lottery. Everything was there! And the problem with Maker’s Row is that in going on there, you feel like you can make everything,” said Crystal. “That you’re just so great at what you do because there is so much information there. And that’s literally how I started.”

Benefits of Local Manufacturing

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing “Made in USA.” Besides strengthening the American economy, producing locally is empowering and sustainable. Without language barriers and large time differences, communication is easy. If your factory is nearby, you can even visit in person to build a lasting relationship. This transparency allows you to verify the conditions under which your work is produced.

When you produce locally, your supply chain is also more manageable. You experience shorter lead times and more control over the quality of your product. You can place small order quantities, starting at minimums of 100 units or less, as you test out your product line. Small orders reduce strain on the environment by decreasing waste from unsold inventory.

luxeire tops

Above: luxeire tops.

One of our brands, Scough, had a very special niche product they wanted to create – fashionable scarves with a functional purpose of filtering out germs carrying airborne illnesses. Because they produced locally, the designers regularly visited the factory during the production process and talked through exact product specifications. Watch Maker’s Row Reviews for more brands and factories that have found success on our platform.

Lastly, modern consumers care about the story behind their purchase decisions. If you have knowledge and control of your product’s story, you can incorporate that into the branding of your line.

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