Maximize Maternity Sales

Maximize Maternity Sales

Above: La Leche League International’s Faith Bra.

“… guiding your customer through the changes the body goes through by phase or trimester is a great way to educate and save her time.”

by Joy Menon, founder of

As a new mom, I am familiar with the art of multitasking and it feels absolutely wonderful when businesses really go the extra mile and save you time. You almost feel like they understand your struggles and make you feel connected.

During my pregnancy, I was always on the go, planning and preparing for the baby’s arrival, along with my daily routine. Stepping out in the Florida heat to run errands was not pretty.

Maximize Maternity Sales

Above: Cache Coeur Maternity Bola.

As a business owner, it’s challenging when your customer may already be feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed. However, putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is a great way to come up with strategies that can boost your sales, while strengthening relationships.

One great feature I have seen in some of my favorite stores is the ability to check online if your selection is available. Saving your customer the extra step of calling or driving for no reason will be greatly appreciated. Connecting the online experience to your brick and mortar location strengthens your brand and provides a seamless path for that sale to happen.

This also guides your customer from the online transaction to a physical store, where you can offer face-to-face interaction and continue developing the sale.

Maximize Maternity Sales

Above: Cache Coeur Swimsuits as seen at CURVENY this summer.

Another great feature is reserve online and pay in store or pay online and pickup in store. It’s wonderful to calmly browse at home, pick the pieces you want to try on or purchase and then drive over. The advantages are being able to view the pieces personally and having a head start to make adjustments if necessary. This is a great tool for maternity lingerie boutiques, especially with moms that don’t have much time.

Finally, guiding your customer through the changes the body goes through by phase or trimester is a great way to educate and save her time. Your customer can immediately find the products that meet her needs. Sometimes, customers are not aware why they should buy and a little clarity makes a big difference.

Maximize Maternity Sales

Above: Cake Lingerie at CURVENY in February 2016.

Sales training and efficient merchandising will assure your team can move forward with the sale and close. If these are not working quite to your expectations, then contacting an industry professional for guidance can provide a fresh outlook and help maximize any missed opportunities.

In conclusion, when you define your audience as a business owner, you are able to tap into their lives and identify their frustrations. Save your customer time and she will appreciate and love you for it. Good luck and happy selling!

How will you save your customer time today?