MODA SS17 show recap

Linga Dore

Above: Linga Dore.

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor. Photos by Gavin Kemp,

It’s the mecca of the British fashion industry, bringing together industry pillars and fledging enterprises and MODA once again opened its luring embrace to industry experts, media commentators and fashion lovers.

From August 7-9th 2016 at the NEC in Birmingham, UK, patrons got a generous helping of what’s on offer from the fashion horizon, particularly for SS17.

But the fashion and catwalks was not all to be had from the exhibition. Thought-provoking business advice kept attendees firmly rooted in the entrepreneurial aspect of the show through seminars given by marketing and social media experts. Author of “Think Digital First”, Warren Knight gave a gripping delivery on “How to win new business with social media” – a call to maximize social media tools like Twitter and Instagram for business growth. The full presentation can be seen at

Antigel Swimwear

Above: Antigel Swimwear.

This tied in well with the sound advice given by marketing pundit Martin O’Toole on effectively using video as a marketing device and business consultant Jim Jordan’s presentation entitled “Understanding your target market” – a guide to cultivating optimum customer relations and, thereby improving profitability.

Moda Lingerie Catwalk August 2016 from GK Photographer+Filmmaker on Vimeo.

But if you are just in this for the SS17 catwalk trends, you won’t be disappointed. The MODA Lingerie & Swimwear catwalk was hotly anticipated throughout the show and again this year was sponsored by long-term headline partner INVISTA. With its revamped outlook, the atmosphere around the stage felt exclusive, intimate and yet electrifying.

So for the second time this year, here are the fashion trends from the L&S catwalk:


Hailing the beauty and the purity of white with the soft touch of pastels. Pranayama will take your breath away with its romantic, angelic feel. This trend will appeal to the bride and those with a traditional love of white intimate apparel. Keen colours represented are white and ivory but pale pinks, gentle greens and other light shades will gently awaken the senses and the season. Satin and lace fabrics serve only to enhance the beauty of this trend.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: Silhouette.

“Pop Idol”
If girls just want to have fun, they will certainly have fun in Pop Idol trends. Colours are loud and sharp, with the feel of a bag of pick ‘n mix. Bright pinks, piercing yellows, bold blues, vibrant violet and tangy corals reflect the vibrancy of summer and the spirit of playfulness in prints. Shapes are youthful and easy to wear and include lacy triangles and mischievous mesh bras.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: Hanky Panky.

Bewitching colourways conveying a sultry mood. Providing good alternatives to black through shades of blue like navy, cobalt and turquoise as well as in the richness of wine. Expect mainly sensuous shapes and cuts and additions of lace and contour that combine with deeper colourways for a smouldering underpinning.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: Chantelle.

“Lady Luck”
But luck will have very little to do with it in these absolutely mesmerizing pieces. Making it hard to part with tradition, Lady Luck has the undeniable ubiquitous character of black at its core, made even more dominant against transparent and nude backdrops. Whether it’s a bodysuit, simple T-shirt bra or comfy lace triangle, black will make it look beautiful.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: Sapph.


Strong classic nautical core with contemporary shaping and essential cruise elements. Red, white and blue combos are a delight for deck, shore or poolside. Swimwear will be made all the more elegant paired with beachside cover ups like flowing asymmetric skirts, making the wearer stunning whether posing starboard or port side.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: Lepel.

Brings together two of our favourite locations of summer – the garden and the beach. Prints are bold, tropical, heavily foliaged and unmissable. Additional detailing such as Swarovski elements, tassels and matching cover ups such as skirts, beach shirts and full length kaftans upgrades the glamour of these pieces. These outfits will be ideally paired with equally glamourous heels, wedges and fine millinery cuts.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: Roidal Swimwear.

Capturing the essence of the Middle East through kaleidoscopic paisleys and gorgeous gold embellishments. Prints will also favour those considered as ethnic, tribal, Aztec and geometric. At the core of this trend are bright hues that blend seamlessly into each other creating rich depth in colourways. Gold coloured accessories and footwear will make these beachwear pieces pop.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: Oyster Bay Ladies Beachwear.


A hit both in the gym and on the street. Activwear trends now blur the lines between workout and casual wear and HIIT reflects this growing phenomenon. Sporting ensembles are remarkable in both design and colour. Perfectly structured crop tops and bras, quirky leggings and performance jackets could easily pass for clubwear in the evening with the right layering and accessories.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: Pepper and Mayne.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: Elle Sport at Love Brands.

Lounge/Sleep wear:

Soft, sensuous and calming – symbols of nocturnal peace and lazy day serenity but not lapsing in style and appeal. Understated prints, soothing pastels and neutral hues such as peach, beige, pale blue and ivory bring a restful essence to this trend and will be enjoyed in cosy but eye-catching apparel like robes, nightdresses, teddies, soft bras, and exquisite lace gowns.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: Vanilla Night & Day.

MODA ss17 Show Recap
Above: La Marquise.

And as usual we at TLJ eagerly anticipate seeing these trends come to life amongst the myriad of brands that we feature each season.
So for now that’s lights out on another MODA catwalk for the year but stay tuned for more on those eagerly anticipated SS17 trends.