Rack Shack Retail Spotlight

The Rack Shack's Laura Henny

“I sell sneakers and lingerie.” – Laura Henny, the Rack Shack.

One of the first things you notice at the Rack Shack in Brooklyn is a peacock mural by Brooklyn artist Jason Palmeri on the boutique’s back wall. You can’t help but lock your gaze on the eye-spotted tail radiating around the bird’s pear-shaped body.

The Rack Shack Mural

“I used to think the feathers were just there to attract mates, but I’ve learned that the plume is also there to also protect females,” said Laura of the painting. “When there’s a predator, the peacock will distract them with his plumage.”

It’s a fitting subject for her store’s mural, as Laura has created the Rack Shack as a safe, comfortable place for women to shop and explore her collection of lingerie and footwear.

The Rack Shack

“Walking into her boutique for the first time was really peaceful and lovely,” said Kate Crotty of her first experience at the Rack Shack. “I wanted to stay there, the environment was so welcoming and feminine, it was like walking into a store that made you feel as good as putting on amazing lingerie. Laura was so nice and helpful it was really a great experience.”

The Rack Shack’s selection of full bust and small bust brands bring together both ends of the size spectrum with bra sizes 28A – 38HH from brands like Tutti Rouge, Gossard, Playful Promises, Claudette, the Little Bra Company, and Pretty Polly.

The Rack Shack Footwear

“Walking into her boutique for the first time was really peaceful and lovely,” – Kate Crotty.

Sneakers by Buketfeet and Supra and intimate accessories by Bijoux Indiscrets and Luz de la Riva round out the Rack Shack’s offerings.

The Rack Shack Lingerie and Lady Sneakers Sign

”From small bust to really large busted. People are really surprised when they come and see the sizes we offer.”

It’s an eclectic mix that her customers love, but the first question that springs to mind is why Lingerie and Sneakers? That’s simple, Laura says, pointing out that both items are foundations women can build their wardrobes and well-being on.

The Rack Shack Sneakers

“Sneakers should be comfortable, just like lingerie should be comfortable,” said Laura. “The sneakers I sell are fashionable and they can be worn with any kind of outfit, especially in this neighborhood where a lot people work in the service industry or have several types of jobs because they are artists.”

The Rack Shack Outside Sign

Rack Shack’s logo incorporates visual elements found in sneakers, lingerie and corsets: grommets and laces. The laces also form X’s, a nod to Laura’s home city of Amsterdam and its coat of arms that feature three saltires (X’s).

the Road to the Rack Shack

Growing up in Holland, Laura said finding supportive and attractive lingerie was always an issue. When she moved to New York City a few years ago, her expectations of a lingerie retail wonderland were quickly dashed.

“I assumed women here had all these options because there are so many different women, so many different cultures and body types, but when I explored the options, I was very disappointed with what was out there.”

Rack Shack

The Rack Shack

That let-down inspired Laura to start planning the Rack Shack. And unlike new retail start-ups today, Laura envisioned her boutique as a brick-and-mortar.

“It’s so important for women to try on a bra and find the right fit — that’s why I opened the store,” explained Laura. “I’ve had women come in and try on 15 bras and only a few fit properly. Every brand has different sizings, different fits, and we’re able to get them into the right one.”

The Rack Shack Window Display The Rack Shack Window from Inside


Laura is also adding new brands like Exclusively Kristen, a fashion company dedicated to providing chic apparel for D+ cup women, sizes 4-16. On Saturday, April 30, the Rack Shack is hosting an event to showcase Exclusively Kristen.

The Rack Shack’s curated selection of intimates, footwear and accessories and Laura’s focus on providing exceptional customer service is helping her draw in more customers from as far out as Long Island since opening a few months ago. It’s a gem of a boutique and we hope our readers get a chance to visit Brooklyn for the full Rack Shack experience!

Visit the Rack Shack

155 Central Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11221

Phone: 347.915.0248
Website: www.therackshackbk.com

Open weekdays: 12pm – 9pm
Closed on Tuesdays
Weekends: 11am – 6pm

Rack Shack Gallery

The Rack Shack's Laura Henney
The Rack Shack's Laura Henney outside her boutique
The Rack Shack Lingerie and Lady Sneakers Sign

The Rack Shack Footwear
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The Rack Shack Chair and Table

The Rack Shack Fitting Rooms
The Rack Shack Inside
The Rack Shack

The Rack Shack Love Sneakers
The Rack Shack Mannequin
The Rack Shack Mural Close Up

The Rack Shack Mural
The Rack Shack Outside Sign
The Rack Shack Andra

The Rack Shack Outside View
The Rack Shack
The Rack Shack

Rack Shack
The Rack Shack Pipe Rack Close Up
The Rack Shack Pipe Rack

The Rack Shack Sign
The Rack Shack Sneakers
The Rack Shack Window Display

The Rack Shack Window from Inside