Vanilla Night & Day AW16/17 collection

Vanilla Night & Day AW16/17 collection

“Classic collection is an expression of what every woman expects from night underwear.” – Kasia Pastwa

by Michelle Broomes, Lingerie Journal Editor

Beautiful Polish Brand Vanilla Night & Day is known for stunning night and lounge wear that teases the element of sleep owing to such exquisite design. The collections are as prolific as they are captivating and, as an ode to the ensuing cold season, the brand has an AW16/17 range called Frozen Dreams.

With dreamy notions of cosy nights by the warmth of the fire, Frozen Dreams romanticizes what can be at times, a dreary season, through the use of luxury laces, flattering, feminine cuts and rich colourways balanced with the softer touch of pastels.

Ever inspired by the hand of nature, the brand has called on the unique facets of the autumnal and wintry seasons to conjure up the multilayer tribute to the colder season that is Frozen Dreams.

“When we start to work on the collection we have peak of summer. Therefore moving to the winter days becomes extremely magical and sensual,” says brand designer Kasia Pastwa. “I do not suffer a physical chill but in my mind I have only beautiful images of winter landscapes.”

Despite the melancholic nature of this period, Kasia defines this bleak procession as a “journey into the land of winter sleep, which can be called a real romance” and colours and prints are the vehicle into Kasia’s winter wonderland.

Vanilla Night & Day AW16/17 collection

Its contrast colourway and speckled theme of the Snowflake collection represent that cold bounty from the winter sky whilst the Camelia range so charmingly speaks to the bittersweet shedding of leaves that have lost their lustre of warmer times, a sure sign of the colder clime. The Winter collection is a delightful diametric story of the complementary relationship between light and dark and Bianca is for the snow queen with its dominant white laced garments.

Other inspired ranges in the Frozen Dreams collection are Frost, Misty, Alaska, Holly and Crystal each adding a layer of mystical sentiment to the overall collection.

Frozen Dreams’ palette ranges from the deeper robust hues like garnet, black, claret, ruby, cacao, and petrol blue to the comforting gentleness of pastel blue, powder pink, peach and cream to balance the aura of awakeness and reverie throughout the darkened days.
Yet, in spite of the sentimental value of Frozen Dreams, Kasia remains aware that passion and practicality must go hand-in-hand in any collection, especially one that’s meant to keep out the cold.

Vanilla Night & Day AW16/17 collection

“Autumn/Winter weather means that we are looking for heat – both physical and [that] for the state of mind” explains Kasia. “That’s why we try to take the physical and mental aspect into account in our underwear regardless of the season. It is very important to us that customers feel not only comfortable in [wearing the pieces] but as well as [in its] aesthetic comfort.”

High quality knits and viscose lend cosiness and warmth (or “heat”) to superbly feminine pyjamas, chemises, night dresses and robes in which the wearer can envelope and cocoon herself – each piece teeming with dramatic appeal. The designer herself, refers to this enchanting collection as “delicate and sensual” – an understated truth.

Complementing the Frozen Dreams collection this autumn/winter season is the Classic Line Collection – an entourage of luxury lace and viscose garments, enhanced with clever cutwork and inserts.

“Classic collection is an expression of what every woman expects from night underwear. This collection is co-created by our customers: the most popular models, which got the highest grades, gets into the Collection under the loving care of our design team,” informs designer Kasia Pastwa.

The classic range is filled with lovely pieces that are ideal for lazy days on the sofa with a bestseller as well more sumptuous cuts and colourways for late evening romantic encounters. As it is a compilation of well-loved pieces from Vanilla Night & Day, brand fans will benefit from its well-rounded assortment of flattering shapes that never seem to go out of style.

Vanilla Night & Day AW16/17 collection

“Timeless models, produced on the basis of careful execution [and] attention to details can become a main element of the wardrobe of every woman,” says Kasia of why her classic pieces will always have a place in women’s lingerie drawers. Teamed with Frozen Dreams, the possibilities for this delectable duo will be exponential during the days of longing and reminiscence.

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