Spirit Animals Photoshoot with Darkest Fox and Taryn Winters Lingerie


Feathers, fur and scales brush against skin, French lace and velvet trim in Darkest Fox’s latest campaign by photographer Alexandra Bochkareva with lingerie by Taryn Winters.

It’s a stunning visual triptych set in St. Petersburg, Russia. Models are paired with a lynx, owl and python and set against mossy forests, a calm ocean and a city garden.


The images are sensuous, elemental and mysterious perfectly capturing the aesthetics of Taryn Winters Lingerie and Darkest Fox. We hope our readers enjoy gazing at this shoot that the Lingerie Journal co-sponsored. If you love the looks, please shop Darkest Fox to bring them into your lingerie wardrobe!

the Owl – Kharis Bespoke Jade Lingerie Set

Python – Jasmin Emerald French Lace Set

the Lynx – Flavia Rouge Robe

Photoshoot Credits

Designer: Taryn Winters Lingerie
Photographer: Alexandra Bochkareva
Co-sponsor: The Lingerie Journal
Stylist: Darkest Fox

Avery Rose Spring Recap

Fresh, New Styles Arrive from Avery Rose

Lingerie lovers are sure to find something that suits them in the Avery Rose collection—from jewel-encrusted bralettes in laid back shapes to stunning silk sleepwear. As the summer kicks into high gear, we wanted to take a look back at some of the exciting styles that Avery Rose has to offer.

Avery Rose Camisole Review

Avery Rose Cami Review“I want to be known as THE American luxury lingerie brand,” says Jennifer Coll founder and CEO of Avery Rose. I’ve already opened the new camisole and short set samples she sent me to review. Now we’re on the phone and she is gushing with genuine excitement as she describes the couture-level process that goes into creating the line’s signature Swarovski bra straps.

Avery Rose has quickly become known for their Swarovski-trimmed bralettes. Once a customer tries on an Avery Rose set they are smitten with the luxurious details and superior fit that Jen pours so much labor and love into. I know this because I’m an avid fan, and I’ve been told one customer even bought four sets and offered to fly out to Jen’s California home base to have a custom piece made! Read more.

Avery Rose: 2019 Collection

Fresh, New Styles Arrive from Avery Rose

Avery Rose, the Los Angeles-made brand with a flair for embellishment, is back with a new collection. Some lucky buyers experienced these styles at CURVENEWYORK last month.

The new line stays true to the original Avery Rose style of blending sophisticated style with a hint of sparkle. However, it also introduces something new—the brand’s first range of wired bras. And along with with them, a newly-expanded size range that goes up to a DD cup.

“The process of designing an underwire bra was a challenge. It definitely was harder than I anticipated,” says Jennifer Coll, CEO.

The effort was well worth it, because the wired bras in this new collection are simply gorgeous! Read more.

Avery Rose Bralette Review

I knew I was in for a treat from the moment I unwrapped the first Avery Rose bralette. For starters, the box came filled with branded tissue paper and tied neatly with a bow and each set was individually packed in black silky bags. If this much thought and care are put into the packaging, I know the garments themselves are bound to be special.

Rightly so, these bras, made with butter soft lace and dotted with Swarosvski crystals, look ultra luxurious. I don’t often wear underwear that shimmers like this so it was hard not to get excited to give these a test run. Read more.

Like what you see? Stay tuned for more details on what’s next from Avery Rose.

Q & A with Celestine Cheong, Founder of Just FIT Activewear

There is something completely perfect about a rugby player developing an activewear line. These ladies rank up there with the toughest groups of female athletes so they certainly would be able to spot what underwear and fitness pieces really can stand up to sweat and a grueling workout.

 Celestine Cheong, Founder of Just FIT Activewear

Celestine Cheong has been a rugby player for 20 years and currently plays on England’s Touch Rugby team. After years of settling for activewear options that did not fit properly and were just plain ugly, she decided to develop her own line. Just FIT launched in 2017 with the intention to deliver undergarments that can be worn all day and are actually attractive garments you will want to put on.

You’ve read about the technical aspects of her collection. Now, we’re chatting with Celestine to learn what inspired the line and how it developed.

Q & A with Celestine Cheong

 Celestine Cheong, Founder of Just FIT Activewear

What were the main problems you were finding with activewear brands?

Many fitness companies typically use low-grade nylon and other cheaper synthetics in their undergarments and activewear. This results in making you very uncomfortable when working out. The fabric can feel soggy or rough against your skin and can cause abrasions and chafing. Even when brands use terms that claim to manage perspiration, they can sometimes end up using a finishing spray that lasts up to five washes. They also often use a hydrophobic material that fails to mix with water. Your sweat has nowhere else to go but to evaporate from your body.

 Celestine Cheong, Founder of Just FIT Activewear

What inspired you to start your own line?

In 2010, while I was playing on the national Touch Rugby team, we were sponsored by a well-known sports bra brand. The garments we had to wear were supportive but were wholly unattractive. After I started to look into sports underwear brands that ticked all the boxes in terms of fit, quality, versatility, and attractiveness, and there weren’t many around at all. It was evident there was a gap in the market for an underwear brand that could provide a seamless, invisible finish, whilst using technical fabrics to manage perspiration during workouts and last all day.

Just Fit Celestine Cheong

What was your goal from the start?

I wanted to build longwearing, comfortable garments that are versatile to suit the “performance professional.” These women need intimates to meet her entire daily demands, that are synergistic with her body, do not hold her back, and allow her to do everything she needs to from a hard day in the office straight to a gym class or evening function after.

Your garments are made with the same technology that was developed by NASA. And one of the unique hallmarks of your brand is that the pieces are named after space flights and missions. What gave you the idea to incorporate space materials into your garments?

I knew that phase change materials could help to manage the body’s skin temperature before you even begin to sweat. I applied this knowledge to textiles and it became a part of the brand’s story.

Celestine set her brand apart by meeting scientists to help her produce these sustainable, premium fabrics. You don’t have to be a NASA engineer to understand how they work though.

“Think of it like ice in a drink; it changes from solid to liquid, it absorbs heat and cools the drink, keeping that drink at the desired temperature for longer.” – Celestine Cheong

Just Fit Wear Celestine Cheong

What was your proudest moment since starting the line?

I have three – being approached by Dragon’s Den (which is a show similar to Shark Tank) to appear and pitch on the show as a budding startup, being approached by British Vogue to consider displaying the range across their platforms, and of course, the heartfelt and genuine reviews from customers about Just FIT making the best underwear to workout in.

Celestine hopes to expand the capsule collection currently in the line and would consider partnerships with other brands where relevant. It is clear that her pieces speak for themselves: they are just the sleek and polished pieces any athlete would want to sweat in.

Learn more about Just FIT

Website: www.justfitwear.com
Email: Celestine@justfitwear.com

Just FIT Gallery


Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems


Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems


Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Skyluxe


Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Skyluxe


Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems


Just Fit Skyluxe
Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems


Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems
Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems

Just Fit Wear Solves Your Sweaty Problems


Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra

Curvy Couture is at it again. The brand that specializes in bra innovation for full figure cup sizes (up to an H cup) is showcasing another top selling, fashion silhouette—their new Crochet Lace Halter Bra from the Spring 2019 collection. Curvy Couture is a brand that I have watched for quite some time now, and I was very excited to have the opportunity to review this bra.

This is a lightweight, lace bralette with floating underwire hidden inside that provides a comfortable lift. The best feature of this bra is the center back closure detail that allows for straight back or racerback versatility.

Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra

The same crochet lace that is featured on the cup is also featured on the back straps, which gives the bra a little added delicacy. On top of looking good, this bra is also highly functional: Front sliders allow for easy strap length adjustment for the wearer and power mesh on the back bottom band provides extra support.

I am fuller busted so the underwire in this style provided lots of lift and cleavage, which was ok for me but if you are more conservative and would like to appear with more coverage I would suggest sizing up the cups. I wore a 38DD and would have sized up to a DDD cup to gain more coverage. I also am on the taller side so the front straps were a touch short for me when the bra was worn in a halter style, but that was easily adjusted with the front sliders. Sizing around was very comfortable, so the band fits true to size.

Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra

This Crochet Lace Halter Bra comes in black, navy, and white and has a matching hipster panty that features the same lace detail at the back leg opening. I opted for the navy color, which was a fun shade to style with many existing pieces in my wardrobe. While the bra works as a perfect foundation, I found it far too pretty to hide. Its nude mesh lining gives the top some modesty so it’s easy to be worn as outerwear. Here are three ways I plan to wear the Crochet Lace Halter Bra this summer.

Classic Button Down

Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra

My first instinct was to pair this bra with the classics—a white button-down, collared shirt and a pair of slightly distressed denim jeans. I matched everything with a colorful flat sandal for a look that is perfect for a summer picnic or cookout. This outfit strikes just the right balance between conservative and sexy.

Peek-a-Boo Tank

Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra

For my second look, I decided to wear the crochet lace bra under a light blue sweater tank with white lace-up shorts. The wide armholes of the tank are the perfect windows for showing off the beautiful lace pattern. Black and white espadrilles elevate this style to make it fit for brunch with the girls or for a weekend day of shopping.

Denim Vest

Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra

Finally, I paired the bra with wide leg culottes and a denim vest with a nude strappy heel. This look can work for date night or a night out with friends. The denim vest keeps the look cool, while heels dress it up just enough for a nighttime outing.

Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra

With the Crochet Lace Halter Bra from Curvy Couture, the styling possibilities are endless. The lace gives just enough detail for you to stay on trend, wearing lingerie as outerwear, and the nude mesh lining keeps it modest. Whether under a sundress or matched with pants, this is a bra that will be fashionable and functional, you will feel supported and sexy in every way.

To learn more about the Curvy Couture Crochet Lace Halter Bra

Contact: summer@curvycouture.com
Website: www.curvycouture.com

Curvy Couture Crochet Lace Halter Bra Gallery
Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra
Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra
Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra


Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra
Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra
Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra
Curvy Couture Product Review: Crochet Lace Halter Bra


Absolutely Lingerie Relaunches Huit

Huit Lingerie

Huit is back!

Absolutely Lingerie’s founder, Souad Sinai, purchased the popular French brand at auction in May this year and relaunches with a new collection during January 2020’s Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris.

The deal brings back Huit’s design team and factory to stay true to the brand’s DNA and aesthetics. Souad adds her company’s 19 year experience in sales, distribution and brand development to the new acquisition.

Huit Lingerie

One of the first things Souad is doing is reintroducing Huit’s best selling continuity styles as early as October 2019 in preparation for the official launch next year which also brings back swimwear to the brand’s stylish portfolio.

Distribution partners are being set up in Canada and Europe with an eye on making Huit available to customers worldwide.

“Huit is a special brand with a dedicated following,” said Souad. “The fit, aesthetics, lace, its energy – it’s special. We want to bring it back to what it was and grow Huit with our experience.” noted Souad.

Huit Lingerie

The news of Huit’s sale is welcome news to fans of the brand and retailers like Cindy Kahng of Azalea’s in New York City who used to carry the collection.

“Designing everything from basics to fashion, I liked how the line has a French lingerie sensibility with not too much fuss or flash, which plays well for New York customers. I’m curious to see how it’ll be taken on in the near future.” said Cindy.

Learn More about Huit Lingerie

Email: Souad@absolutelylingerieinc.com
Phone: 310-289-8044
Website: https://absolutelylingerieinc.com/

Huit Gallery
Huit Lingerie
Huit Lingerie
Huit Lingerie


Huit Lingerie
Huit Lingerie
Huit Lingerie


About Huit

Established in France in 1968, Huit was designed to express personality through unique fashion-forward designs. Originally, the name Huit was chosen because of the “8” figure – put in a horizontal position, it represents the sign of infinity and symbolises the shape of a woman’s breasts. Huit’s French flare and Parisian style is captured through luxurious fabrics, exotic colours and intricate detailing across their lingerie and swimwear collections.

Lingerie Selection August 2019 Exhibitor Guide

Nevaeh Intimates Tale of Desire

Above: Nevaeh Intimates’ Tale of Desire set.

Ten amazing brands from around the world are concentrating their collections in one spot in just a few days – the Lingerie Selection.

Violet & Wren, Nevaeh Intimates, Evgenia Lingerie, Hesper Fox, Loulette Lingerie, Edge o’ Beyond, Nubian Skin, Loveday London and Skarlett Blue are TLS’ current roster for their new show which runs from August 5th-7th at 315 W 39th street, suite 800.

Today, we’re sharing a little bit about each brand along with a link/image to their Instagram so you can explore and learn more about the brand before seeing them at the Lingerie Selection. Love what you see? Make sure you RSVP to the trade event by emailing: info@thelingerieselection.com.

Violet & Wren

View this post on Instagram

Thankyou to the dream team @janesvanity for positing this gorgeous shot of our ULTRA BLUE PEONY pyjamas. 💙💙💙💤💤💤 ・・・ A dreamy floral gets a jolt of modernity in this chic collection from Violet & Wren. Whether you’re curling up with a good book or hosting brunch in the garden, you’ll look as fantastic as you feel in this effortlessly glam ensemble. @gia.goodrich @kellybliss.styled @kyliesallee @mayaashleyharper @slugagency @lil.aquarius @alenavasilivichretouch

A post shared by V I O L E T & W R E N (@violetandwren) on

Violet & Wren was brought to life in 2015 by friends and founders, Louise and Helen. After a decade of carving out careers in Womenswear , print design and pattern cutting the duo decided to combine their skills and love of florals to create Violet & Wren.

Their honed design philosophy concentrates on the concept of modern and directional collections which marry fresh, sports inspired silhouettes with beautiful, hand rendered botanical prints in clean and crisp colours. The collections transition loungewear from the intimacy of ‘home’ to being incorporated into an everyday wardrobe with much loved, luxury fashion staples.

All pieces are lovingly designed with unique, hand-painted prints, and expertly developed and fitted to perfection in their design studios located in the gardens of England.

the Giving Bride

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Lace-your own personal air conditioning! Shop styles from this collection at @expectlace in Philly and @therackshackbk in Brooklyn!

A post shared by Maggie Gillette (@thegivingbride) on

The Giving Bride creates timeless lingerie for the discerning bride. Our modern classic styles are made from luxury fabrics and high end finishes and embellished with lace and Swarovski crystals.

Our lingerie is made in America and a portion of every purchase goes to women’s charities.

Nevaeh Intimates

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What about this one? w/ #TheBand ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @kseniakomleva for @offtherailsmag @fernandopazphoto @itsroseeoh @alexandra_blair1 @laurenrenahan Collection▪️Obsession Balconette•Garter•Peephole Bikini ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #vinyllover #music #listeningpleasure #lingerie #nevaehintimates #whisky #bourbon #rye #tunes #ophelia

A post shared by Nevaeh Intimates 🗝 (@nevaehintimates) on

Designed to seduce, our collections provoke the senses. Inspired by a sophisticated femininity with erotic allure, Nevaeh is a luxury boudoir brand that believes in not only creating desires, but fulfilling them as well. Stories of romantic fantasies are showcased with a modern styling approach. Nevaeh’s focus on details is essential in emphasizing a woman’s shape as an object of art and beauty. You are the canvas, a unique work of art, that should be individually accented.

Evgenia Lingerie

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Excuse me, but how gorgeous is @ellenchristine.in.bluevelvet in @sweetandinked? Shot by the incredible @ginabarbaraphotography. ♡ Shop through the link in profile. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ #pink #pinup #burlesque #tattoo #intimates

A post shared by Evgenia Lingerie (@evgenialingerie) on

Beautiful lingerie should never be a secret.

Evgenia is fine lingerie for the modern heartbreaker. It is versatile and beautiful, the ideal marriage of strength and delicacy. A fresh take on an old story, Evgenia lingerie is meant to be worn out and about, and not strictly relegated to the boudoir. Thoughtfully simple construction pairs with feminine silhouettes and French lace details. The intimate styling of bygone eras melds with modern cuts, culminating in a revolution of inner-outerwear.

Hesper Fox

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So here’s some summer worthy stuff to sleep in. It’s Francesca and Gigi in our SS19 St Tropez print. #herecomesthesun

A post shared by H E S P E R F O X (@hesperfox) on

Hesper Fox’s signature style combines modern, yet laidback silhouettes and timeless wearability. Attention is paid to beautiful construction and small details, ensuring pieces have lasting appeal.

Working with suppliers who share our ethics and values, each collection is produced in Europe in luxurious fabrics – lustrous silks, silk blends, crisp poplins and cool, pure linens. In vibrant colour palettes and exclusive prints, each season brings something fresh.

Sleepwear pieces blur the line between loungewear and ready-to-wear, seamlessly pairing with the wearer’s everyday wardrobe, making them as comfortable as wardrobe building blocks as they are behind closed doors as luxe loungewear.

Loulette Lingerie

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Lingerie isn’t just meant for the bedroom. Go bold and Sexy! Style it up and wear it out of the house! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @NicheIndustriesStyle⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ @RoseColoredCreative

A post shared by Loulette Lingerie (@loulettelingerie) on

Loulette Lingerie believes in quality over quantity, and uses only the finest materials and delicate craftsmanship to make garments that will become and heirloom. Their mission is to provide the modern, fun-loving, free-spirited bride with thoughtfully and beautifully designed dresses and lingerie.

Edge o’ Beyond

Parfait Sponsors Inclusivity Panel at CURVENEWYORK

Parfait Sponsors Inclusivity Panel at CURVENEWYORK

Parfait, the intimates brand dedicated to fit and innovative style is set to sponsor an inclusivity panel taking place at CURVE NEWYORK on August 5. The brand is known for producing collections that elegantly embrace and enhnce the body in an expansive range of sizes.

Parfait Sponsors Inclusivity Panel at CURVENEWYORK

The discussion will be hosted by Kimmay Caldwell and will explore the marketing and campaigns of inclusivity. From messaging and visual branding to social media campaigns, this panel will contemplate the current state and future direction of inclusiveness in the world of intimates and the marketing that supports it.

Parfait Sponsors Inclusivity Panel at CURVENEWYORK

This is not Parfait’s first time participating in a panel of this kind. In July, marketing coordinator, Amandine Taylor, participated in UNIQUE by Mode City’s Paris show for the panel “Inclusiveness in Action: Swimwear and Athleisure.” This panel, again hosted by Kimmay Caldwell, addressed inclusion at a granular level speaking to its importance, its staying power and how retailers can get more involved to help further this important trend.

Parfait Sponsors Inclusivity Panel at CURVENEWYORK

The CURVENEWYORK event will be held on Monday, August 5th at 1:00 PM in the Event Lounge. Panelists include Amandine Taylor of Parfait, Ken Natori of Natori, Tiffany Cole-Allen, Laura Henny, and Nicki Vrotsos.

Learn more about Parfait

Email: sales@parfaitlingerie.com
Website: parfaitlingerie.com

Wander-Lusting for the Perfect Panty: Les Culottes Product Review

Les Culottes

“From a small beach in Morocco to a global underwear revolution, Les Culottes is quite literally changing the world- one country traveled at a time.”

Sun-kissed with ocean water dripping from her hair, Alice Marzano reflects on the sunset after a rigorous surf session. Sitting there, worlds away in the small fisherman’s village of Imsouane, Morocco an idea sparks to life. That spark would grow into a fiery blaze, inspiration fueled by landscapes during her year one-year road trip through Europe and Africa. Alice would spend the next year furiously sketching, creating and dreaming up a collection of exquisite underwear as unique as her life.
Les Culottes

Globe-trotter-panty-designer-extraordinaire Alice Marzano lives a life most of us could not begin to fathom. Ok, Alice is cooler than any of us, full stop. When I wrote her to get some more info on the TO DIE FOR modal panties she sent me, she quipped “ok I’ll do my best, as I’m out hiking in the African bush right now, will try when there’s service!” I mean, can I be her? But I digress, I’ll stop crushing on Alice the free-spirited nomad, we’re here to discuss her brainchild, Les Culottes.

I’ve always said no one can master efficiency like a mother. It’s very apparent in Alice, mother of two’s, Les Culottes line. These are the underwear you don’t have to think about once you put them on. Simple, functional, but absolutely the best and of highest quality. Breathable fabric cut in a stay-in-place shape, it’s clear that a great deal of thought went into their creation. “I wanted non- itching, non- sweating, non- pulling, non- showing undies!” she declared.

The Fabric.

Les Culottes

“I really cannot adequately express what a game changer the fabric for Les Culottes is.”

It’s July here in New York, which means you spend your days sweating as you run to the next air-conditioned building or subway car. I tried on the Aereo panty and sighed in sweet relief. My god I could breathe in it! I may be feeling dramatic because I’m delirious from the heat, but the Les Culottes modal fabric is the best thing to ever happen to me. Alice agrees- ‘’don’t they just feel soft as silk?” The story behind the fabric is totally something to nerd out over if you’re passionate about sustainability. The small family owned mill in Italy who sews the panties also MAKES the fabric.

Les Culottes

How amazing is that? This Modal is a unique one as it’s 98% modal and only 2% elastane. It’s made from the original Lenzing Modal Fiber which is produced in Austria from sustainable beech tree fields that grow fast and need less water than cotton. It’s also softer and more airy. I really cannot adequately express what a game changer the fabric for Les Culottes is. Its like if fine European silk and soft jersey cotton had a love child that could mold to your body-it’s so thin you forget it’s there.

The Fit.

Les Culottes

“I swear there is some supernatural magic going on here, the fabric and almost invisible elastic mold to your body and disappear.”

Les Culottes panties STAY IN PLACE. FULL. STOP. I wore them throughout a busy day of running around, I even slept in them, and I swear the leg line did not budge. No wedgies, no panty lines, honestly are these things bomb proof? The shape is really cute and flattering too, I normally don’t go for full coverage panties, but the leg line shows the right amount of cheek so it still has sex appeal. These are definitely not granny panties, they’re the panties of the future. The waistline hits in the perfect spot too, a blend of mid to low rise. And the elastic finishing on the legs and waist again shows Alice’s attention to detail and demand for perfection. We see a lot of briefs that promise “no panty lines”, but let’s be real, unless it’s a thong, you’re seeing panty lines. Not with Les Culottes! I swear there is some supernatural magic going on here, the fabric and almost invisible elastic mold to your body and disappear.

The Designs.

Les Culottes Les Voyageurs aereo

“In the Les Voyageurs collection they are the landscapes, oceans and star constellations inspired by Alice’s travels.”

At first glance I appreciated the linear graphics on the panties for their clean lines and simplicity. I thought, oh that’s a nice way to add something pretty to a basic panty. But the crisp line designs are far more than a graphic, they’re a love story.

Les Culottes

In the Les Voyageurs collection they are the landscapes, oceans and star constellations inspired by Alice’s travels. Le Meridien collection represents the “meridians that pass our pelvis, our feminine energy paths”. (Yes girl grab a pair and get your earth goddess on). And my personal favorite, La Pompadour, is a “lace pattern design inspired by my great grandmother Granny who used to buy lace underwear and couture from Paris to sell in her shop in the roaring 30’s.” Granny sounds as fabulous & adventurous as her great granddaughter.

Les Culottes

From a small beach in Morocco to a global underwear revolution, Les Culottes is quite literally changing the world- one country traveled at a time. I know I’ll be packing a few pairs in my suitcase for my trips this summer. The Les Culottes girl is as Alice puts it, “a modern-day nomad with a lust for life, who constantly seeks new adventures while being surrounded by style and comfort”. A South-African line is next in the works, when I interviewed Alice she was in the Drakensberg mountains. “The most beautiful mountain chain so lush and green! I just dipped my feet in the freezing cold river water!” I truly hope to see some of these majestic mountain peaks in her next designs. It seems impossible that a pair of panties can adequately capture the joie de vivre and sense of adventure behind her travels, but now knowing the story perhaps it will encourage us to make our own adventures.

Learn more about Les Culottes

Contact: Alice Marzano
Email: hello@lesculottesintimates.com
Website: https://www.lesculottesintimates.com/

Les Culottes Product Review Gallery
Les Culottes
Les Culottes
Les Culottes

Les Culottes
Les Culottes
Les Culottes

Les Culottes
Les Culottes
Les Culottes

CURVENEWYORK August 2019: Out with the old – in with the new

CURVENEWYORK August 2019 by Asi Efros

Twice a year, New York City becomes the lingerie capital of the world thanks to CURVEXPO. This summer, the trade event opened its doors to a multitude of domestic, European and worldwide brands from August 4 – 6, 2019 at Jacob Javits Center.

The moment you stepped into the lobby, monumental-sized posters welcomed you in while cheerful turquoise and lemon colored runners took you downstairs into the main pavilion housing hundreds of brands. Each morning, the inviting aroma of coffee and pastries welcomed everyone. After a few hours of cruising the floor and meeting with brand reps, lunch was a delight of savory or sweet crepes while chatting with friends.

Lifestyle photo by Asi Efros

Then…the afternoon seminars…and finally a buttery scent of freshly made popcorn signaling the end of the day. For me the CURVENEWYORK was a perfect place to meet old friends and make new ones over a glass of champagne. Overall, it felt like a celebration of creativity and indulgence of all senses.

The Lifestyle

The Perfect V photo by Asi Efros
For me, the highlight of the show was a Lifestyle Lounge where buyers found an accoutrement of accessories complimenting lingerie and sleepwear in their boutiques.

Among companies in the Lifestyle Lounge was THE PERFECT V featuring a luxury line of skincare for the bikini area. Native of Copenhagen, Avonda Urben (Founder and CEO), showcased a VV Serum and VV beauty mist – beautifully packaged and suited even for the most demanding “vanicures”. This type of product designed for women by women and answering their most intimate needs has been gaining traction in the consumer community.

Remedy photo by Asi Efros
REMEDY is a wonderful collection of massage products with pure CBD oils. They are known for their relaxation and mind calming qualities. The oils are GMO/pesticide free, sun grown and developed by women. We couldn’t have asked for a product with a better DNA.

The LUVSCRUB, NOVA , PRIM BOTANICALS and THE FLORAL SOCIETY were some of the other US brands showcased in that section being a perfect complement to any upscale lingerie shop.
After getting acquainted with the Lifestyle Lounge the turquoise runner lead me to the lingerie floor.

Tradition of eco-ethics

Studio Pia photo by Asi Efros

Here I found one of the most exciting designers at STUDIO PIA. Pia’s collection is the epitome of poise, style and elegance produced with the eco-ethical mindset, something every designer and design house needs to adopt as their strategy.

Studio Pia photo by Asi Efros
“This is a luxury Lingerie with a conscience” said Pia while showing me gorgeous pieces from her new line. Fully adjustable bustier, bra and bodysuit, handcrafted using embroidery of Pia’s original design and organic peace silk (silk produced via non-violent silk breeding and harvesting) reminded me of the iconic British luxury lingerie company that closed their doors a few years back. I was so glad to see the British lingerie tradition incarnate in Pia’s designs.


Parfait booth photo by Asi Efros
I was happy to hear the word “inclusivity” and see all-inclusive advertisement campaigns at CURVENEWYORK. PARFAIT has been leading the group of brands with their timely and needed underwear ads.

Parfait and Natori sponsored inclusivity panel at CURVE in NYC August 2019. Photo by John Brown

Photo by John Brown.

I also attended the seminar where speakers couldn’t stress enough that brands must be true to the concept of inclusivity and not just use it to grab the public’s attention. Authenticity is a new commodity in this day and age of social media and peer to peer marketing.


Evelyn and Bobbie photo by Asi Efros

EVELYN AND BOBBIE – is another incredible brand deserving attention. Bree McKeen, Founder & CEO, is committed to “rejecting outdated assumptions in order to create beautiful, functional, and premium products for women”. The brand is producing modern and comfortable underwear using the latest innovations in seamless and bonding technologies. They are utilizing 16 patents in 7 countries to produce problem solving essentials that feel like a second skin and match all skin tones.

Made in NYC

Larissa Kate photo by Asi Efros

New to Curve New York LARISSA KATE is a local designer who is crafting her line of silk loungewear and lingerie right here in NYC. This is Larissa on the picture wearing one of her silk chemises as a dress being true to the innerwear as outerwear concept.

Larissa Kate photo by Asi Efros

“You are a work of art – your lingerie should be too” is her philosophy and the illustration of that is this bra. Combination of sporty elements and romantic chifley embroidery in an organic pattern holds a promise of more captivating and memorable styles to be developed in the future by this aspiring designer.

Underwear that makes you happy

UWILA photo by Asi Efros
UWILA WARRIER: How often does your underwear make you laugh? These panties with the initials of the Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg do just that.

UWILA Warrior RBG photo by Asi Efros
Ginsburg has received attention in American popular culture for her fiery liberal dissents and refusal to step down. She has been dubbed the “Notorious R.B.G.” in reference to the rapper Notorious B.I.G.

In addition to the Pop culture reference Uwila’s underwear are adorned with lace 100% silk, moisture-wicking, fast drying, tagless panties and camisoles. All their products come in fun colors and inclusive sizing to make you feel and look happy.

“Uwila Warrior is for the woman who goes into the world smart and smiling, completely confident in who she is.”

The Future

Journelle photo by Asi Efros
Leaving the Curve New York I was already fantasizing about the next event in February 2020 which promises to be even more exciting and educational.
Until then…

Asi Efros

The Importance of Artistry by Shahrad Malekfazeli

Importance of Artistry by Shahrad Malekfazeli

I think it’s vital for a designer to know how to draw. The higher the skill the better the result. As a fashion designer you must know anatomy very well. You must also be able to draw figures masterfully. And when it comes to lingerie everything gets more serious. Lingerie has the strongest contact with body than any other apparel.

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A graceful nude! Pen on paper.

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In fact, a designer must know how a lingerie set fits on different body types in order to maintain both beauty and comfort. Just by checking some contemporary or classical figurative paintings one can easily comprehend the vast difference between the works of those artists who have studied human forms and those who have not. And as a lingerie illustrator, I highly benefited from my artistic background.

Importance of Artistry by Shahrad Malekfazeli

I sometimes draw women with undergarments to study the wrinkles of certain fabrics and their forms in different positions. And drawing the details plays an important role in achieving that goal. I made this drawing of my model while ago when she was resting on my couch after an amazing lingerie photography session. She was wearing a sexy lingerie set from Incanto.

The position of her lace garter and stockings took my attention as she was about to drink a cup of coffee. I drew it accordingly. You know, you get a better insight of lingerie by drawing it. You get to focus on the details much better than merely touching it. They way the floral textiles look on different skin tones and body types along with the various shades they present are of great importance to me.

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In order to make a thong you must first know what kind of thong you intend to make. V-string, G-string and Cheeky, all fall under thong category. In this 1-minute video, I show you how to make a regular thong. 1. First, you need to provide elastic lace and bands. 2. Then you need a size chart for the measurements. Draw the patterns on a tissue paper, according to your specific measurements. 3. Cut the patterns. 4. Fold the fabric symmetrically and put the patterns on it. 5. Cut the fabric parallel to your pattern cut. Remember to do it 1 cm farther from the sides. Do it with concentration. 6. All female panties need a crotch on the bottom. You must also cut a georgette and stitch it to the lace first. 7. Remember all sewing process must be done backwards, meaning you need to face the back of fabrics onto each other while sewing. Then you reverse it when it’s done. (Please note that you must stretch the fabrics in all stitching parts). 8. After all fabric cuts were stitched, you can add a delicate elastic band on the sides to embellish the thong and make it sexier. 8. Overcasting is one of the most challenging parts of lingerie making. You need to do it elaborately. Now, you can wear what you just made or give it to your loved one to wear and enjoy its tenderness, in a most delightful way! 😎🔥👙🦂

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In my journey through lingerie designing I came to believe that not only skillful drawing is necessary in the process of lingerie making but knowing how to sew plays an important role as well. Hence, I bought a sewing machine, searched through YouTube videos, obtained some books and started to learn the fundaments of lingerie making. Shortly after I set up my own designing room and began working in it. These are the pieces I made by myself only by watching instructional videos and reading lingerie making books.

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Nothing’s more pleasurable than drawing a female figure to me. It’s like making love! You get to worship her every cell with the tip of your pen. It feels divine!

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And I confess, I couldn’t have come this far if I wasn’t able to sew lingerie. Learning how to sew made a significant change to my lingerie designing career and I’m eagerly looking to work with any brand who shows interest on my lingerie designs.

Learn more about Freelance Lingerie Designer

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