Should You Ditch Your Fitness Tracker For an Apple Watch?

Should You Ditch Your Fitness Tracker For an Apple Watch?

Apple just officially debuted its much anticipated Apple Watch| but it’s not just for Mac-loving techies. The Watch has an impressive array of health-related features that just might make your current fitness tracker obsolete. But should you shell out $350 (or $10|000!) to replace your favorite fitness band? Check out the fitness features of the Apple Watch and decide for yourself.

14 of the Most Amazing Things the Apple Watch Can Do

| The Stats

Priced at $349 and $399| the Apple Sport Watch is pricier than a regular fitness tracker (and even fitness-specific watches like the Fitbit Surge or the TomTom Cardio). It is sweat-proof and water-resistant| but unlike certain sports watches and fitness trackers| you won’t be able to track your swim workout or take a shower with it. The watch comes in two face sizes| 48mm and 38mm| and has a rubberized band in different colors.

| It Keeps Tabs on All Your Activity Automatically

One of Apple’s main fitness features is the Activity app| which shows you in a simple three-ring graphic just how much of the day you’ve spent exercising| standing| or moving. You goal is to complete each of the rings every day.

Many fitness trackers feature notifications that can alert you if you’ve been sitting too long| although the Apple Watch| unlike a smaller fitness band| can show you more information easily on its watch face.

| It Tracks Your Heart Rate

The Apple Watch has a heart rate sensor that detects your heart rate during workouts| which is becoming more and more common in fitness watches and trackers (like the Fitbit Surge| Fitbit Charge HR| and TomTom Cardio). It helps for more-accurate calorie burn data as well as knowing how intensely you’re working out.

| It Tracks Any Workout

Like other fitness watches| the Apple Watch tracks your stats while you exercise once you tell it what workout you’re doing. Via the Workout app| it tracks your stats like time| distance| calories| pace| and speed during cardio workouts.

| You Can Personalize Your Goals

The Apple Watch makes goal-making easy during a workout: you can set your exercise goal to be distance| calories burned| or time| and then go u2014u00a0the Watch will motivate you to keep going during your workout and also alert you when you’ve hit your goal. Once you’ve hit a milestone| you’ll get a fun badge that is also stored on your iPhone’s app.

| Other Features

Other fitness features of the Apple Watch include weekly progress reports| tracking via the Health app| and integration with other third-party apps| including the robust Nike+ Running app. The Apple Watch also uses GPS and WiFi from your iPhone to track your outdoor running stats accurately (other sports watches also track your GPS through built-in capabilities).

| It Doesn’t Have Sleep Tracking

Not that you’d wear your watch to bed (I tried it with the similarly sized wasn’t impressed)| but if you’re looking to replace your fitness tracker with an Apple Watch| it helps to know that the Apple device doesn’t include a built-in sleep tracker| which most other fitness trackers do.

Our take: If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker or sports watch| there are many fitness trackers that already have the same fitness functionality as the Apple Sport Watch| at a lower price point. But if you’re looking for a sleek smartwatch that can also double as your fitness tracker| the Apple Sport Watch’s features can definitely help any casual athlete or serious sweater work on their fitness goals.