50 Shades Sexier

Natural Maison Close

Christina wears by Bellevue Thong Body V neck in Ivory by Maison Close.

Story and photography by Becky Yee, Around Digital Media

Around Digital Media is a women owned and operated photo/video studio and production company. The creative team creates amazing photos for e-commerce, lookbooks, publicity and branding and marketing images for intimates, lingerie, swim, activewear, music artist and solopreneurs.

What’s your shade of sexy?

Everyone has their own definition and with over 6 billion people on the planet, that’s a staggering spectrum of sensuality. Lingerie is a great way for everyone to express their own version of sexy. I recently teamed up with brands from around the world to reimagine what sexy can be.


Christina wears Jolidon’s Black Ivy Clandestine Triangle Bra and Suspender in Black.

So check out out some of these looks we pulled from Hanky Panky, Pleasure State, Lou, Bijoux Indiscrets, Mapale, Juana De Arco, Jolidon, Maison Close, Oh La La Cheri, and Britta Uchkamp to inspire you on what sexy can be.

Antique Sexy

Antique Sexy Oh la la Cheri

Oh la la Cheri inspired us with their mesh and lace striped body teddy with cap sleeves for an Antique sexy. The plunging neckline is definitely not your grandma’s lingerie but has classic retro vibe that we love.

Rebel Sexy

Rebe Sexy Mapale

Leather Cage Garter Set by Mapale; Pasties by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Any fans of Sons of Anarchy out there? We called it Rebel Sexy. We paired Mapale Leather Caged Garter set with some leather belts and burlesque nipple tassels. No biker outfit is complete without a cropped black leather jacket. But hard and sexy doesn’t always have to be paired with black leather.

Hard and Sexy Bijoux Indiscrets_Stocking Girl Transparenze

Maze H Harness and Suspender Garters in Brown by Bijoux Indiscrets, Maison Close Les Burlesques Nipples, Scorsese Stockings by Transparenze courtesy of StockinGirl.

Check out Bijoux Indiscrets Maze H-harnesses that come in brown all vegan polyurethane. These harnesses and garters let you channel your inner rebel with a dash of class. Pair this outfit with Scorese stocking by Transparenze courtesy of Stockingirl.com to give it a fresher rebel sexy look.

Lady Boss Sexy

Lady Boss Sexy Lou and Maison Close Stockingirl Transparenze Bijoux Indiscrets

Anna wears Bra by Lou; La Directrice skirt by Maison Close Skirt. Kristina wears La Directrice Bodysuit by Maison Close and and both wear Vinyl Masks by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Other products that we really loved from Bijoux Indiscrets, the laser cut vinyl reusable masks for our Lady Boss Sexy. We paired this with Maison Close and Babilonia Fancy Stripe and Dot Stocking, but it was the mask that give this look the hint of mystery while still maintaining a modern clean edge.

Modern Sexy

Modern Sexy Jolidon and Bijoux Indiscrets

Anna wears Black Ivy Clandestine Bodysuit by Jolidon and Erika Mask by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Speaking of modern the Jolidon Clandestine Black Ivy Collection is super modern. I fell in love with the H1998 Brazilian cut body suit and fringed panty set. It’s a new sexy that appeals to those with a more modern aesthetic

Urban Sexy

Urban Sexy Lou Pelush

Christina wears Faux Fur by Pelush; Tweed Demi Cup Bra and Boyshorts in Mango by Lou.

Even a brand like Lou can show a contemporary shade of sexy from its traditional french luxury roots. We were thinking outside of the box and made it Urban Sexy by taking their Tweed Demi cup and shorts in Mango and paired it with American luxury Faux Fur Coat by Pelush. The result a fresh new sexy that appeals to the urban market.

Kinky Sexy

Kinky Sexy Britta Uschkamp and Maison Close

YES! Bra from Britta Uchkamp; Chambre des Secrets Catsuit by Maison Close; Les Menottes Volupte Handcuffs by Masion Close and Maze Tassel Chocker by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Feeling frisky? Britta Uchkamp makes soft and kinky lingerie that ties with ribbons and plays with the softer side of bondage chic. Here we have her YES! Bra worn under a Maison Close Chambres Des secrets catsuit and feather cuffs.

Romantic Sexy

Romantic Sexy Hanky Panky and Pleasure State

Anna wears Wink Bralette in Marshmallow by Hanky Panky, Alexandra Tap Pants and D’arcy Delator Kimono by Pleasure State.

Traditions never go out of style so when you are feeling a little more on the romantic side you can always grab your Wink Bralette by Hanky Panky in Marshmallow of course and wear it with a Pleasure State Kimono. You will feel like you never left your honeymoon.

Natural Sexy

Natural Sexy Hanky Panky

Anna wears Bralette and Boyshorts in Chai by Hanky Panky and Hanes T-shirt.

Lets not forget natural sexy never goes out of style. Instead of overly retouched images I also love to see women as they are. Natural sexy and beautiful.

Sporty Sexy

Sporty Sexy Juana De Arco

Anna wears Pan Bra and Coral Panty by Juana De Arco, photo by Becky Yee.

For the active types check out Juana De Arco, their playful one of a kind lingerie screams active fun and whimsical. Sexy can be sporty and sporty can be full of colors and patchwork like the Competition Bra and Boxers.

Sporty Sexy Juana De Arco

Christina wears Competition Bra and Boxers by Juana De Arco.

Whatever shade of sexy you want to use as your muse be inspired and try some sexier shades of sexy.

Models, Anna Iaryn & Christina Knight Q models NYC
Photographer – Becky Yee
Art Director – Lizziee Jerez
Stylist – Kim Dillinger
Stylist Assistant – Adora
Hair & Make up – Benjamin Lamadrid
Production & Retouching by Around Digital Media

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Devon Trunk

This month, Peckham-based lingerie brand Dora Larsen, launched its latest marketing campaign: Lingerie As Art.

In an aim to explore different perspectives on lingerie, each artist and/or photographer was given a set of Dora Larsen and told to take a photograph in any way they please.

The brand exhibits each photo on a weekly basis, accompanied by an interview with each artist, examining their thoughts behind the photos.

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Lolly Orbell

Examples include: Photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz snaps a bra on the floor of her bathroom, using her signature flash film camera. Videographer Ceara McEvoy collaborates with friend Jess Woodley on a moody fashion shoot.

Regular contributor to ‘So It Goes’ magazine, Sophie Wright, hacks away at an image to uncover its different components.

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Ceara McEvoy

Dora Larsen aims to push barriers with marketing campaigns. In a lingerie world often saturated in the ‘hard sell’, the brand acknowledges the changing perspectives of the customer in wanting to develop a more personal relationship with brands.

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Sophie Wright

Learn More

Contact: info@doralarsen.com
Website: doralarsen.com

3 Reasons Why Your Teensy Bikini Has That Hefty Price Tag

3 Reasons Why Your Teensy Bikini Has That Hefty Price TagPineapple Lushie One Piece by Novel Swim

Before you sneer at the sight of another swimsuit’s price tag, understand the process of what it takes to get a bikini in front of your eyes.

I sell my bikinis first hand to customers all the time. Often, I host pop ups on the beach where I have my swimwear collections for sale. Recently, a customer stormed away in a humph shouting, “100 dollars for a swimsuit! You’ve got to be kidding me!” The suit I was selling had actually been marked down from $160.

People ask, “why the hefty price tag?” all the time. Once I explain it to them, the wheels in their heads spin, and they begin to understand.

1. Local Manufacturing

I design and manufacture everything locally in New York. When designers manufacture locally and don’t outsource to factories overseas, it drives the price of their garments up. Minimums are lower per item, but pricing is much higher since factories are generally smaller but paying local rents, taxes, and wages. These costs are folded into the prices they charge designers for their garments. Working with local factories allows designers to oversee manufacturing, minimize their production lines, and prevent their garments from ending up in a landfill.

When designers produce their items oversees, they too have incorporate high shipping costs into the pricing of their swimsuits.

3 Reasons Why Your Teensy Bikini Has That Hefty Price TagBeau Nana Bikini by Novel Swim

2. High Quality and Sustainable Fabric

If you want a beautiful garment, you have to start with high quality, well-made materials. Swimsuit fabrics are a pretty penny since they are constructed to withstand chlorine, salt water, and the sun, yet still need to be soft and buttery to the touch. If you print your own fabrics, as I do, that drives costs even further up, since you have to work with printers whose specialty is swimwear textile printing.

When a designer chooses to work with sustainable fabrics that are constructed using recycled fibers, this too raises the price of the finished product.

3. The Covet Factor

Ok, I know you are raising your eyebrows about this one, but haven’t you ever paid more for a garment because of the beauty of the design or designer name attached to it? When garments are truly unique and beautiful, they are so because of the time and consideration that goes into their construction and design. More time spent on finessing fine details equates to more time spent working after hours to perfect the garment you have in your hands. If a swimsuit has metal findings, appliqués, crochet, or beading, those also impact cost.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. A swimsuit that feels good on your body, is made to last more than one season, and truly makes you feel confident is worth every last penny you pay for it.

3 Reasons Why Your Teensy Bikini Has That Hefty Price TagEmpress Bikini by AJOUR

About Laura Rosenbaum
Laura Rosenbaum is an illustrator and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is known for her cheeky, feminine illustration style and has created illustrations for various clients in the fashion, editorial, and commercial arena worldwide. She is the owner and designer of Novel Swim, a swimwear line featuring her signature prints for women who want to feel comfortable, confident, and chic in and out of the water. The collection is all made in the USA. View more of her work at laurarosenbaumillustration.com or novelswim.com.

Fashion / Lingerie Illustrator Karina Giada

Illustrator Karina Giada Elma Bra

Above: Elma Bra watercolor by illustrator Karina Giada.

A few weeks ago, as I was scrolling through Instagram, a beautiful bra caught my eye. Wispy eye lash lace radiated around each cup and a gold, front clasp adorned the front.

“It’s stunning,” I thought to myself and noticed that the photo was signed. Odd. So I gave the photo another look and realized that it was a watercolor painting of an Elma Lingerie bra!

The artist, Karina Giada, had grabbed my attention. Going over her posts, I knew that I had to share her work with the Lingerie Journal’s readers! In this Q&A, we learn more about Giada, her art and passions:

Q&A with Fashion/Lingerie Illustrator Karina Giada

Illustrator Karina Giada

Photo: Frank Fuhrmeister @StillUpMySleeve

Karina, in your biography you note that you started at a young age. Could you tell us what inspired you to put your creativity to paper?

Art has always been a part of my life ever since I was little. My mother and grandmother were extremely talented and I was inspired to paint very early on. I remember I would watch my mother sketching or my grandmother writing in her journal and I developed this drive to continue to experiment with my own art and be inspired by the world around me. I still have these little stick figures I used to draw when I was only a baby!

A Happy Medium

Do you have a favorite medium to work in?

​I do, I absolutely love watercolor. ​I always had a certain love/hate relationship with it, however, because I used to try to control it so much in my paintings but we all know how unpredictable that medium can be. Just recently, I started to get out of my comfort zone and allow the paint some freedom on the paper.

Illustrator Karina Giada watercolors

What’s drawn you towards fashion (and more specifically) to lingerie?

When I was around 11, I fell in love with costume design and costumes in movies – a passion I still have to this day. My love for garments and, consequently lingerie, stemmed from that I think because of all the intricate details in costumes that I love so much and attempt to show in my work. I first attempted to paint lingerie a few years back because I really love black paint coupled with the intricate lace details. From then, I realized that I really enjoyed the process of drawing the lingerie pieces. Every time I paint a lingerie set, I am not only waiting for the finished product but I thoroughly enjoy the process to see where it leads me. The fun is also to see how much of artistic liberty I can have on a certain piece.

Lingerie as a Muse

Illustrator Karina Giada illustration in progress

What is it about the lingerie world fascinates and inspires you?

The fact that lingerie is so delicate and powerful at the same time. Lingerie for a woman is such a defining piece of garment – it makes a woman feel delicate and sexy, but also so comfortable in her own body. I love the feeling it gives to a woman – you see how she exudes confidence when wearing lingerie she loves. As an artist, I love the feeling that I get when I paint it and I hope eventually I can get even more creative with my interpretations of it and take it to a more abstract level.

Illustrator Karina Giada in action

Art in progress for a collab with the luxurious @idsarrieri. Really excited to share with you our project!

A post shared by K A R I N A G I A D A (@karinagiada) on

Could you tell us a little bit about some of the lingerie clients you’ve worked with and what you’ve created?

Of course! One of the most memorable commissions I had was with I.D. Sarrieri, who requested I design some of their showroom invitations a few years back. I felt extremely validated as an artist and being able to be a part of their creative process was exhilarating. I painted an illustration of a model wearing one of their best selling lingerie sets. Looking back, its also amazing to see how much I have improved since then in my techniques and how much I have still yet to learn – a prospect I am so excited about knowing that I can continue to evolve and create new concepts.

Illustrator Karina Giada watercolor in progress

the Creative Process

Could you walk us through your creative process as you work on a piece?

I tend to browse a lot of account of lingerie designers I follow for inspiration. When I see a piece I want to paint or decide on my own interpretation of it, I get this rush of inspiration and start painting it. Whether it is for a commission or simply for my own pleasure, I have to find an angle that I would enjoy creating because if I am not enjoying the process, it feels forced and unnatural – my heart would not be in it. But once I get lost in the details and the intricate lace designs, I can work for hours because I love it so much!

Do you have a current favorite lingerie brand? If so, what do you find inspirational about it?

I am still a huge fan of I.D. Sarrieri. They designers have this incredible way with the details that I really find inspiring – I wish I could paint them all! But for now, I really want to paint some of their newest designs of the “La Naissance D’Aphrodite” line because it is simply angelic. I’ve never painted green lingerie before so I am excited to see where this will take me.

Illustrator Karina Giada I.D. Sarrieri watercolor

Getting Social

How do you hope your fans react to new artwork that you share on social media?

At first, I was content to just put my work out on social media. To share it with my followers and the world to show the watercolor and ink work that I do on these art pieces. But lately I want to elicit a different reaction – I want it to be less about skill and more about how it makes my audience feel. Hence, I am hoping to take my art into a more abstract direction. I am not sure how it will look but I sure would like to experiment and see where it leads.

What are you up to when you’re not creating?
My other passions are traveling, reading, and going to the gym! Just recently, I got back from a trip to Portugal. (a country that I would move to in a heartbeat!) And I am so inspired by all the beautiful architecture there, especially their tile work called azulejos. Now that I think of it, that would be an interesting inspiration for a lingerie line to design….

Get in touch with Illustrator Karina Giada

Instagram: www.instagram.com/karinagiada/
Contact Illustrator Karina Giada: karinagiadaillustration@gmail.com

Illustrator Karina Giada Gallery
Illustrator Karina Giada
Illustrator Karina Giada watercolors
Illustrator Karina Giada watercolor in progress

Illustrator Karina Giada I.D. Sarrieri watercolor
Illustrator Karina Giada lingerie sets illustrations

Illustrator Karina Giada illustration in progress

Illustrator Karina Giada Elma Bra

Wonderform Intimates Storyboard

Wonderform Intimates Storyboard

by Amber Hodge of Scarlet’s Letter

I created this storyboard to showcase comfortable designs that are both budget friendly and still sexy. Any of these would be ideal for Valentine’s Day or any other day or the year!

The great thing about Wonderform Intimates is that you can often mix-and-match different pieces. This versatility allows you to get the most out of your lingerie wardrobe.

The brand has not only created on trend designs such as the Unforgettable Strappy collection, but also lingerie staples such as the Fearless Smooth T-shirt Bra.

Wonderform Intimates Glamorous Jacquard Sweetheart Corset

I chose to feature the The Glamorous Jacquard Sweetheart Corset, which is so sexy and playful, while offering a lovely cinching effect. The lace scalloping at the bust really adds a beautiful touch. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Wonderform Intimates Stunner Push Up Bra

The Stunner Pushup Bra offers a beautiful lifted and supported shape, with bump padding that offers the illusion of two cup sizes larger! This is ideal for those looking for a little extra oomph to wear with their low cut blouse or dress. Great for day night!

Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra

“The great thing about Wonderform Intimates is that you can often mix-and-match different pieces.”

The Unforgettable Strappy collection is so on trend and one of the brand’s most playful designs, available in both a lovely black and teal combination as well as a white colorway that is anything but basic.

The strappy look is very trendy right now, and this is Wonderform’s take on it, merging straps with beautiful cut and sew lace cups to create a very pretty balconette bra.

The white colorway would be gorgeous as a bridal lingerie look, while the black and blue colorway offers a more fashion-forward appeal. The matching strappy thong and suspender belt really completes the look!

Wonderform Intimates Exquisite Lace Bra

The Exquisite Lace Bra offers a beige mesh with black lace overlay, which creates a really sophisticated and supportive look. The matching thong is a classic cut and style, making this set ideal for everyday wear.

Wonderform Intimates Gorgeous Front-Closure Lace Bra

The Gorgeous Front Close Lace Bra offers a black and light pink colorway, with black bra cups and soft pink contrasting lace at the appex of the bra cups and features the same pink lace and the wing/band of the bra. The color duo is fabulous together, and like the name of the bra says, it features a front clasp which would make this set ideal for anyone of any age including those with disabilities.

Learn More about Wonderform Intimates

Email: info@wonderform.com
Call Toll Free: 1-844-388-5010
Website: wonderform.com

Next to Naked Photo Editorial

Next to Naked Taryn Winters Kharis Demi bra and Sabine thong

Above: Taryn Winters Kharis Demi bra and Sabine thong.

Next to Naked Photo Editorial

Next to Naked Ajour

Above: Katherine wears the Ajour Tussauds bralette and panty.

Next to Naked Dorina Lana Collection

Above: Joi wears Dorina’s Lana bralette and Isabelle Brief.

Next to Naked Taryn Winters Sabine Demi Bra, garter belt and thong

Above: model is wearing Taryn Winters Sabine Demi Bra, garter belt and thong.

Next to Naked NK iMODE

Above and from left: Désirée Follow Me Chemise in Nectar and Victoire Balconet Babe Chemise in Shell.

Next to Naked Dorina bodysuit

Above: Joi wears a Dorina bodysuit.

Next to Naked the Giving Bride Megan Chemise

Above: the Giving Bride’s Megan Chemise.

Next to Naked Dorina Lianne set

Above: Joi wears the Dorina Lianne-Foil T-shirt Bra & Lianne-Foil Brief.

Next to Naked the Giving Bride April Capelette

Above: Katherine wears the Giving Bride’s April Capelette.

Next to Naked Dorina Racerback bra

Above: Katherine wears Dorina’s Elena T-shirt Bra.

Next to Naked Taryn Winters Sabine Set

Above: Taryn Winters Kharis Demi bra and Sabine thong..

Next to Naked Credits

Photographer – Becky Yee
Models – Katherine Menna, Joi Rychelle
Hair & Make up – Cassandre Doussous
Production Coordinator Assistant Katia Lawson
Production & Retouching by Becky Yee Photography
Shot at ADM Image Factory

Birch Corset by Catherine Latson

Birch Corset by Catherine Latson

Birch Corset photo by Luis Paredes.

“It was like painting with wood.” – Catherine Latson, sculptor.

Wall paper patterns made from beetles and cicadas, an enchanted miniature landscape locked in a wall, and pastel paintings of lush flowers emerging from darkness. These were a few of the sights at the Hudson River Museum’s Neo-Victorian exhibit that left a huge impression.

But one exhibit, in my opinion, stole the show – a corset sculpture made from birch wood by artist and sculptor, Catherine Latson.

It was magical. I found myself losing all sense of time admiring its intricate construction and enjoying a sense of calm. Since then, I’ve wanted to share to share my Art of Lingerie experience with the Lingerie Journal’s readers with images and wonderful interview with Catherine about her creation – Birch Corset.

Q&A with Catherine Latson

BIRCH Corset In Progress

Catherine, we would love to know the inspiration behind the creation of Birch Corset.

Birch Corset is part of the Garment series from a few years back. The series (as I say in my statement) offered an unconventional take on the art and engineering of self decoration. Clothing is a universal experience. I wanted to turn that experience on its head by offering whimsical and improbable reinventions of the packages we put ourselves in using natural, found, and repurposed materials.

The inspiration for Birch Corset came out of nowhere. I stumbled upon a box of left over birch veneer and started playing. I had been building sculptural abstractions of corsets for a while. Corsets are beautiful, tortuous contraptions. The artistry of the Victorian era was stunning: hand stitching, whale bone stays, beading, minuscule buttons, snaps and hooks. Getting dressed was a chore.

Birch Corset: Beauty in Contradictions

BIRCH Corset

Corsets area also a contradiction. They are rigid and controlled in structure, but soft and curvaceous in form. It was the same contradiction with birch veneer. It’s hard and linear, yet when wrapped and twisted, allowed graceful, round forms. It was like painting with wood. I ran with it.

Research was minimal and involved breezing through photos of corsets through the ages with an occasional dip into technical construction. I didn’t want to over think anything. I paid no mind to brands. I was focused on silhouette, structure, details, and palettes.


BIRCH Corset by Catherine Latson

“I would love viewers to walk away wishing they could put it on.”

We’d love to know more about the materials used. Could you tell us a little bit about why birch, tapioca wood and vintage remnants were used.

Tapioca root (sola wood) and vintage remnants were used on the interior of the piece to not only camouflage the bulky engineering of all that veneer but to create a surprising contradiction to the rigid exterior. I guess you could call it a nod to the soft, intimate side of corsetry and lingerie.

BIRCH Corset

We have to ask, is your creation wearable?

Birch Corset is, sadly, not wearable. It is purely sculptural. I would love to make another that IS wearable. (That might involve a few hinges.) A number of my larger gowns are wearable. I have had models and dancers try them on and did a photo shoot with the Marigold gown. You can’t do much once you are in them, but they come alive.

What do you want viewers to walk away feeling once they experienced Birch Corset?

The take away: I don’t dwell on this too much. I guess I hope viewers enjoy the unexpected, whimsical side of the work, but also be able to fantasize about the missing inhabitant, the story. I would love viewers to walk away wishing they could put it on.

Future Plans

BIRCH Corset

Where can our readers expect to see Birch Corset next? And do you have plans to create any other lingerie inspired pieces?

Where will Birch Corset be next? Not sure! Since returning from the Hudson River Museum, it is packed up and stored in the studio. Would love to find her a home!

I have ideas for future corsetry and gowns bouncing around in my head all the time. Presently, however, I’m engrossed in a new series, the Specimens, which is inspired by sea anemones and the motion of a water-bound world. It blurs the lines between plant and animal, realism and fantasy, sculpture and specimen.

For anyone that wants to learn more about you and your work, where can we point them to?

My work can be found at catherinelatson.com. I’m on Instagram and I am always happy to have studio visitors (Yonkers, New York).

Place in the Sun

Place in the Sun Avery Rose and Loulette Robe

Above: Avery Rose Isabella bralette and panty paired with Loulette’s Norfolk Robe.

It’s here. The end of Summer. From one lingerie fanatic to another, I encourage you to soak up the last rays of sunshine and get ready to morph with the changing of the seasons.

Place in the Sun Lalita

Above: Lalilta Lingerie’s Jersey Garter Tank.

To whet your inspiration, I traveled to the South of France with lingerie from Yandy, Avery Rose, Lalita, Mapale, Felina and Loulette Lingerie for an amazing photoshoot with my studio, Becky Yee Photography, to capture the spirit of Helios. Enjoy these images and find your place in the Sun!

Place in the Sun Yandy

Above: Yandy Lingerie and Loulette Robe.

Place in the Sun Mapale and Felina robe

Mapale swimsuit paired with Felina robe.

Place in the Sun Yandy green teddy

Above: Yandy Lingerie bodysuit.

Place in the Sun Avery Rose and Loulette Robe

Above: Avery Rose Lingerie and Loulette Lingerie Robe.

Place in the Sun Lalita

Above: back view of Lalita’s Peek-a-Boo Boyshorts and Jersey Garter Tank.

Place in the Sun Yandy on beach and Loulette Robe

Above: Yandy lingerie and Loulette Lingerie Robe.

Place in the Sun Yandy lingerie

Above: Yandy lingerie.

Place in the Sun Avery Rose and Loulette Robe

Above: Avery Rose Lingerie and Loulette robe.

Place in the Sun Mapale and Felina robe

Above: Mapale swimsuit and Felina robe.

Place in the Sun Credits

Photographer – Becky Yee

Models – Leen Michaels, Lenka Luptakova and Madison Moore

Production – @ADMImageFactory

Place in the Sun Gallery
Place in the Sun Avery Rose and Loulette Robe
Place in the Sun Lalita
Place in the Sun Avery Rose and Loulette Robe

Place in the Sun Avery Rose and Loulette Robe
Place in the Sun Lalita

Place in the Sun Mapale and Felina robe
Place in the Sun Mapale and Felina robe
Place in the Sun Yandy

Place in the Sun Yandy green teddy
Place in the Sun Yandy on beach and Loulette Robe

Place in the Sun Yandy lingerie

Spirit Animals Photoshoot with Darkest Fox and Taryn Winters Lingerie


Feathers, fur and scales brush against skin, French lace and velvet trim in Darkest Fox’s latest campaign by photographer Alexandra Bochkareva with lingerie by Taryn Winters.

It’s a stunning visual triptych set in St. Petersburg, Russia. Models are paired with a lynx, owl and python and set against mossy forests, a calm ocean and a city garden.


The images are sensuous, elemental and mysterious perfectly capturing the aesthetics of Taryn Winters Lingerie and Darkest Fox. We hope our readers enjoy gazing at this shoot that the Lingerie Journal co-sponsored. If you love the looks, please shop Darkest Fox to bring them into your lingerie wardrobe!

the Owl – Kharis Bespoke Jade Lingerie Set

Python – Jasmin Emerald French Lace Set

the Lynx – Flavia Rouge Robe

Photoshoot Credits

Designer: Taryn Winters Lingerie
Photographer: Alexandra Bochkareva
Co-sponsor: The Lingerie Journal
Stylist: Darkest Fox

The Importance of Artistry by Shahrad Malekfazeli

Importance of Artistry by Shahrad Malekfazeli

I think it’s vital for a designer to know how to draw. The higher the skill the better the result. As a fashion designer you must know anatomy very well. You must also be able to draw figures masterfully. And when it comes to lingerie everything gets more serious. Lingerie has the strongest contact with body than any other apparel.

View this post on Instagram

A graceful nude! Pen on paper.

A post shared by Shahrad Lingerie Design (@shahradlingeriedesign) on

In fact, a designer must know how a lingerie set fits on different body types in order to maintain both beauty and comfort. Just by checking some contemporary or classical figurative paintings one can easily comprehend the vast difference between the works of those artists who have studied human forms and those who have not. And as a lingerie illustrator, I highly benefited from my artistic background.

Importance of Artistry by Shahrad Malekfazeli

I sometimes draw women with undergarments to study the wrinkles of certain fabrics and their forms in different positions. And drawing the details plays an important role in achieving that goal. I made this drawing of my model while ago when she was resting on my couch after an amazing lingerie photography session. She was wearing a sexy lingerie set from Incanto.

The position of her lace garter and stockings took my attention as she was about to drink a cup of coffee. I drew it accordingly. You know, you get a better insight of lingerie by drawing it. You get to focus on the details much better than merely touching it. They way the floral textiles look on different skin tones and body types along with the various shades they present are of great importance to me.

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In order to make a thong you must first know what kind of thong you intend to make. V-string, G-string and Cheeky, all fall under thong category. In this 1-minute video, I show you how to make a regular thong. 1. First, you need to provide elastic lace and bands. 2. Then you need a size chart for the measurements. Draw the patterns on a tissue paper, according to your specific measurements. 3. Cut the patterns. 4. Fold the fabric symmetrically and put the patterns on it. 5. Cut the fabric parallel to your pattern cut. Remember to do it 1 cm farther from the sides. Do it with concentration. 6. All female panties need a crotch on the bottom. You must also cut a georgette and stitch it to the lace first. 7. Remember all sewing process must be done backwards, meaning you need to face the back of fabrics onto each other while sewing. Then you reverse it when it’s done. (Please note that you must stretch the fabrics in all stitching parts). 8. After all fabric cuts were stitched, you can add a delicate elastic band on the sides to embellish the thong and make it sexier. 8. Overcasting is one of the most challenging parts of lingerie making. You need to do it elaborately. Now, you can wear what you just made or give it to your loved one to wear and enjoy its tenderness, in a most delightful way! 😎🔥👙🦂

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In my journey through lingerie designing I came to believe that not only skillful drawing is necessary in the process of lingerie making but knowing how to sew plays an important role as well. Hence, I bought a sewing machine, searched through YouTube videos, obtained some books and started to learn the fundaments of lingerie making. Shortly after I set up my own designing room and began working in it. These are the pieces I made by myself only by watching instructional videos and reading lingerie making books.

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Nothing’s more pleasurable than drawing a female figure to me. It’s like making love! You get to worship her every cell with the tip of your pen. It feels divine!

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And I confess, I couldn’t have come this far if I wasn’t able to sew lingerie. Learning how to sew made a significant change to my lingerie designing career and I’m eagerly looking to work with any brand who shows interest on my lingerie designs.

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