How to Perfect Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

How to Perfect Your Boudoir Photo Shoot

There is a common misconception that the term boudoir photography simply means images of women in sexy lingerie and sultry poses. However, the entire basis of boudoir is far more complex. Boudoir photography is all about intimacy and creating a carefully composed portrait of an individual. Whether you want to use boudoir photography for your business or your personal life, there are a few steps and tips that can help you create the perfect intimate portraits every time.

Consult With Your Subject

David Victory Fashion Photographer

Above: photo by David Victory Fashion Photographer.

Boudoir photography is usually done with women who are not models and who don’t usually find themselves posing in front of a professional camera crew, especially not when most of their body is exposed. It’s important to start an open conversation with your client or subject before the actual photo shoot, even if they have done this before. Talk to them about their fears or concerns and answer any questions they may have.

According to the blog Photoshelter, experienced boudoir photographers recommend knowing when to listen and when to give direction. Confidently help your subject set up the best atmosphere for their shoot, including helping them look their best with their outfit, hair and makeup. You may want to hire a stylist, or you and your subject can work together to achieve the right look. There are many hair and makeup tutorials online that you can try ahead of time.

Perfect Posing and Angles

David Victory Fashion Photographer

Above: photo by David Victory Fashion Photographer.

When you look through a portfolio of boudoir photos, you may notice some similar poses and angles among all of the subjects. There are many tricks to posing your subject or using specific props and angles to create a flattering and confidence-boosting image they will love every time, and so will you.

Popular boudoir photo site Boudie Shorts has some expert tips for posing your model and setting up the perfect shot. For example, an above shot elongates the body and draws the focus toward the face and away from flaws. A bent-leg pose also highlights muscles and hides unflattering spots. An arched back or upward-reaching position stretches the body and looks flattering on anyone. Experiment with different poses to see what works for you and your model or client.

Get Creative with Settings

Model Daria Dali photo by David Victory

Above: photo by David Victory Fashion Photographer.

Sometimes the best backdrop for an intimate portrait session is not a traditional studio, so get creative with where you stage your boudoir photos. Talk to your model beforehand to see what she feels comfortable with. You can start out shooting in a studio or even at the client’s house, and then you can move the shoot to other locations to get a different perspective with an interesting background that is still intimate. Try a high-end hotel room so you can utilize the luxurious furniture, large windows and neutral tones. You could also get adventurous with an outdoor shoot, using natural beauty and light to highlight your subject.

Lighting Is (Almost) Everything

David Victory Fashion Photographer Playboy Playmate Abby Parece

Above: photo by David Victory Fashion Photographer.

Any photographer knows that lighting can make or break a perfect photo, and boudoir photography is no different. If you learn how to use lighting to your advantage, it can create a sultry and flattering image that will showcase the best features of your subject. According to Digital Trends, you should remove any fluorescent light from the room you are shooting in and avoid any light sources directly above or below your subject’s face. Natural light is of course the most flattering light to shoot in, so you may want to plan your session in the morning or late afternoon. But you can also create artificial lighting that is diffused and natural looking to make sure your subject looks her best.

Bridal Business Tips

Giving Bride Bridal Business Tips to make a lasting impression and a strong bond that will keep them coming back for more, beyond the big day.

Above: the Giving Bride SS16 Tyler Cami and Tap Short.

“As professionals in the lingerie industry, this is the perfect opportunity to help customers with their most important event, while taking the edge off their stress.”

by Joy Menon, founder of

Planning your wedding can be both wonderful and overwhelming. It’s such a special occasion, where you really want everything to go as perfect and seamless as possible, especially choosing the dress of your dreams and the key lingerie pieces for that night. As professionals in the lingerie industry, this is the perfect opportunity to help customers with their most important event, while taking the edge off their stress.

Seven til Midnight Bridal

Above: Seven ’til Midnight

Bridal Business Tips

Below are some Bridal Business Tips to make a lasting impression and a strong bond that will keep them coming back for more, beyond the big day.

1. Listen

Dominique Intimate Apparel Lacee in nude

Above: Dominique Intimate Apparel’s new Lacee style.

So many times, our excitement to sell something overpowers and we find ourselves talking more than listening. Remember to listen closely and let customers finish speaking so that you can then ask the appropriate questions to understand their needs and work more efficiently.

2. Honesty

GlamoryHosiery Comfort-20-Champagne-Plus-Size closeup

Above: Glamory Plus Size Hosiery.

Honesty is the best policy: Work with your customer’s shape in order to choose pieces that will enhance and compliment the best. Guide them through all the options and observe which styles work better than others. Salespeople sometimes feel the need to push certain styles they feel passionate about, which results in a return if customers don’t feel the same. Similarly, lack of energy and excitement is a total damper on the experience.

3. Simplify

Dominique Bridal Colette Lace Corset Bridal Bra 8949

Above: Dominique Intimate Apparel’s Colette Lace Corset Bridal Bra.

Avoid being overwhelmed by keeping it simple. Showcasing too many offerings causes confusion that is not conducive to sales. Keep it unique, with the styles your store is most known for, versus the ordinary that is virtually seen everywhere. Always keep your quality level high.

4. Think beyond that night

Giving Bride SS16 April Capelette

Above: the Giving Bride April Capelette.

Although the first thing that comes to mind is selling unique, fantasy lingerie for the wedding night, it’s wise to also consider classic styles that can transition into the everyday wardrobe. Comfort is the best way to feel confident and sexy, from the moment the wedding dress comes on, until it comes off.

5. Amp your customer service

Elila Asia Mone't Lace Strapless Longline 6621

Above: Elila Lingerie’s Strapless Longline.

Creating an incredible experience makes shopping even more memorable and helps keep your business in mind for future opportunities. Always stay one step ahead and be prepared, because it will prevent wasted time and keep you looking professional. Finally, remember to always follow up.

Attention to detail is truly so vital to really take your business to the next level. These details reflect the value of what you offer and as a result, you’ll find customers willing to pay a premium price online and offline.

How are you preparing for wedding season in 2016?

Joy Menon founder of the Merchandising Eye

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Social Media Photo Editing Apps & Advice

FOXERS Instagram

Above: FOXERS’ Instagram feed.

“With the right smartphone or tablet and a little know-how, you can make your images stand out on your social media feeds.”

Social media is a huge part of a company’s marketing strategy, and in the lingerie industry, image-based posts are your bread and butter. That’s why you need the tools for image editing on you at all times. With the right smartphone or tablet and a little know-how, you can make your images stand out on your social media feeds. Here are some of the best tools to use.

Social Media Photo Editing Apps


Above: Eucalan Lingerie Wash’s Instagram Feed.

You no longer need a costly subscription to Adobe Photoshop for stellar image editing. Instead, do it all on your mobile device with an app.

Snapseed: Like most free photo editing apps, Snapseed allows you to adjust exposure and color, as well as sharpen and straighten images. What makes this app special are the bells and whistles included with the advanced editing tool, like a brush that smooths out unwanted blemishes and a tool that deletes objects from the shot.

Filterstorm Neue: This app offers a complex editing system. It takes many of the high-powered tools you typically find on desktop image editing software and converts them to a mobile-friendly interface. What sets Filterstorm Neue apart from similar products is its ability to make finely tuned adjustments through radial and linear gradient filters.

Pic Collage: This app is mostly focused on creating collages, and it’s easy to use, just select your own images and videos to create a clean collage and share. Not only can you post to your social account, but you can print out small post cards of the collages you make as an extra bonus; keep in mind that social media marketers will find the direct link to Instagram more useful. While there is no direct link to Pinterest, it’s easy to upload your collages manually.



“While the biggest part of your job is to curate images and posts, it’s just as important that you engage with other people from the community.”

Above: Parfait’s Instagram Feed.

Lingerie is all about visuals, so the more images you post, the better. For sites like Instagram and Pinterest, plan out social media goals on your calendar. Goals can be divided into two categories, business and social. Business goals could be brand awareness, word of mouth and increased sales. Social goals might include reach or influence, shares and conversations with potential customers.

While you’re setting strategy goals, it’s important to remember to set security goals, like frequently backing up your images. Use a trusted cloud storage server so your media is safe and ready for future use.

Drive Traffic

Curvy Couture

Above: Curvy Couture.

Social media and the platforms you use, such as Instagram and Pinterest, are communities. The people who are part of those communities want to know you aren’t only interested in sales, that you’re genuinely interested in the lingerie community as a whole. While the biggest part of your job is to curate images and posts, it’s just as important that you engage with other people from the community.

Vanilla Night & Day

Above: Vanilla Night & Day.

This can mean shares of other users’ posts, pins that feature people your brand admires or collaborations with symbiotic companies. While it’s your job to get your lingerie products out there, don’t forget that social media is just that — social — and if users only see your adverts on your feed they won’t be as receptive as they could be.

Sugerencias para Empresas del Sector de Novias

Giving Bride SS16 Tyler Cami and Tap Short

Arriba: Camisa Tyler y short de la colección Primavera/Verano 16 de The Giving Bride

“Como profesionales de la industria de lancería, esa es la oportunidad perfecta para ayudar a los consumidores en su evento más importante, mientras disminuimos su stress” – Joy Menon, fundadora de

por Joy Menon,

Planear su casamiento puede ser al mismo tiempo maravilloso y excesivo. Es una ocasión muy especial, con lo cual usted realmente quiere que todo ocurra tan perfecto y suave cuanto sea posible, especialmente en la elección del vestido de sus sueños y en las prendas de lancería y para aquella noche. Como profesionales de la industria de lancería, esa es la oportunidad perfecta para ayudar a los consumidores en su evento más importante, mientras disminuimos su stress.

Seven til Midnight Bridal

Arriba: Seven ’til Midnight

Sugerencias para Empresas del Sector de Novias

Aquí están algunas sugerencias para empresas que actúan en el sector de novias, buscando crear una impresión continua y un fuerte vínculo con el cliente, que hará con que vuelva siempre, mismo después del gran día.

1- Escuche

Dominique Intimate Apparel Lacee in nude

Arriba: nueva línea Lacee de Dominique Intimate Apparel

Muchas veces, nuestro entusiasmo para vender algo nos domina y terminamos hablando más que escuchando. Acuérdese de escuchar con atención y dejar al cliente que termine de hablar, para que usted pueda hacer las preguntas correctas para entender lo que el necesita, trabajando de manera más eficiente.

2- Honestidad

GlamoryHosiery Comfort-20-Champagne-Plus-Size closeup

Arriba: Medias Plus Size Glamory

Honestidad es siempre la mejor política: trabaje con la forma de su consumidora para elegir las prendas que complementen y funcionen mejor. Guíela por todas las opciones y observe cuales estilos funcionan mejor que otros. Vendedores muchas veces les empujan lo que les gustan a ellos mismos, pero puede terminar en una devolución, caso al cliente no le guste también. La experiencia nos es tan buena cuando falta energía y el tratamiento no es único.

3- Simplifique

Dominique Bridal Colette Lace Corset Bridal Bra 8949

Arriba: Sostén para novias Collete Lace de Dominique Intimate Apparel

Evite el desorden y mantenga la simplicidad. Mostrar muchas ofertas puede dejar el cliente aturdido y generalmente no lleva a la compra. Mantenga la exclusividad, con estilos que su marca ofrece de mejor, diferente de lo básico que se encuentra en cualquier lugar. Siempre mantenga un nivel alto de calidad.

4- Piense después de aquella noche

Giving Bride SS16 April Capelette

Arriba: Manto Aprila, de The Giving Bride

Mismo que su primer pensamiento sea vender lancerías únicas y especiales para la noche de nupcias, es inteligente considerar estilos clásicos que pueden ser usados después en el cotidiano. Comodidad es la mejor forma de sentirse seguro y sexy, del momento que el vestido entra en el cuerpo hasta el momento en que sale.

5- Amplifique su tratamiento al consumidor

Elila Asia Mone't Lace Strapless Longline 6621

Arriba: Sostén sin breteles largo de Elila Lingerie

Crear una experiencia increíble hace con que el momento de la compra sea todavía más memorable y mantiene a su marca en la mente para una próxima oportunidad. Siempre esté preparada, porque eso evita tiempo perdido y deja su imagen profesional. Finalmente, siempre acuérdese de acompañar a las tendencias.

Atención a los detalles, es muy vital para mantener a su marca a un nivel elevado. Estos detalles refleten el valor de que usted ofrece y como resultado, usted encuentra consumidores dispuestos a pagar un precio premium tanto en tieda física cuanto online.

¿Cómo usted está preparándose para la temporada de casamientos?

Maximize Maternity Sales

Maximize Maternity Sales

Above: La Leche League International’s Faith Bra.

“… guiding your customer through the changes the body goes through by phase or trimester is a great way to educate and save her time.”

by Joy Menon, founder of

As a new mom, I am familiar with the art of multitasking and it feels absolutely wonderful when businesses really go the extra mile and save you time. You almost feel like they understand your struggles and make you feel connected.

During my pregnancy, I was always on the go, planning and preparing for the baby’s arrival, along with my daily routine. Stepping out in the Florida heat to run errands was not pretty.

Maximize Maternity Sales

Above: Cache Coeur Maternity Bola.

As a business owner, it’s challenging when your customer may already be feeling uncomfortable and overwhelmed. However, putting yourself in your customer’s shoes is a great way to come up with strategies that can boost your sales, while strengthening relationships.

One great feature I have seen in some of my favorite stores is the ability to check online if your selection is available. Saving your customer the extra step of calling or driving for no reason will be greatly appreciated. Connecting the online experience to your brick and mortar location strengthens your brand and provides a seamless path for that sale to happen.

This also guides your customer from the online transaction to a physical store, where you can offer face-to-face interaction and continue developing the sale.

Maximize Maternity Sales

Above: Cache Coeur Swimsuits as seen at CURVENY this summer.

Another great feature is reserve online and pay in store or pay online and pickup in store. It’s wonderful to calmly browse at home, pick the pieces you want to try on or purchase and then drive over. The advantages are being able to view the pieces personally and having a head start to make adjustments if necessary. This is a great tool for maternity lingerie boutiques, especially with moms that don’t have much time.

Finally, guiding your customer through the changes the body goes through by phase or trimester is a great way to educate and save her time. Your customer can immediately find the products that meet her needs. Sometimes, customers are not aware why they should buy and a little clarity makes a big difference.

Maximize Maternity Sales

Above: Cake Lingerie at CURVENY in February 2016.

Sales training and efficient merchandising will assure your team can move forward with the sale and close. If these are not working quite to your expectations, then contacting an industry professional for guidance can provide a fresh outlook and help maximize any missed opportunities.

In conclusion, when you define your audience as a business owner, you are able to tap into their lives and identify their frustrations. Save your customer time and she will appreciate and love you for it. Good luck and happy selling!

How will you save your customer time today?

eNewsletter Subject Line Advice: Be Creative!

eNewsletter Subject Line Advice

If you have an active email account, chances are you’re receiving eNewsletters — those ubiquitous reminders from companies reminding you that they’re still around, doing stuff and selling things.

It’s easy to dismiss eNewsletters. A lot of them naturally head into a Spam folder or Google’s Promotions Tab. As a brand investing in digital communications, this can be incredibly frustrating.

If you feel like your brand’s eBlasts are not being opened, you may want to consider how you’re writing your Subject Lines.

Most eNewsletter services like Mailchimp and Constant Contact have some handy guides and eNewsletter Subject Line Best Practices tutorials on what types of phrases and words to avoid. If you haven’t read these types of guides make it a priority to get on top of it today.

Keeping subject lines short (three words) and devoid of SPAMMY language could potentially help increase your open rates. Another way of improving your odds, is brainstorming some creative subject lines.

This morning, two eBlasts graced TLJ’s inbox from Naja and Dear Kate. Their subject lines cut through all the noise, made me smile and encouraged me to click.

We wanted to share these examples with our readers to help inspire even more creative subject lines and point out some other things these brands did right in their digital communication:

Dear Kate – We’re not meshin’ around

eNewsletter Subject Line Advice

I love this. Immediately, I know that something is going on with a product’s fabric and I’m curious. The email itself is beautifully designed. It’s clean, gives you a clear view of what the email is about (the Little Black Capri) and gives the reader a clear of indication of what to do next — GO!

Naja – You Really Need This Right Meow

eNewsletter Subject Line Advice

Cats rule the Internet. We all know this and the headline makes this email somewhat irresistible. However, I would advise our readers from using ALL CAPS in a subject line. A lot of times, this can turn off your recipients. In this case it worked though and I was treated to a great image and headline: Meow! The Purrfect Pair

It’s fun, cheeky and a great composition. Naja does a lot right in this eBlast by keeping its design minimal and image heavy.

Boost Your Productivity at Work

Boost Your Productivity

Above: French Theft Lingerie.

“Maximize your productivity by working smarter versus harder, because time is precious and valuable.”

by Joy Menon, founder of

Staying productive is a common struggle everyone experiences. We find ourselves not finishing what has to be done and sometimes not even starting, which leads to frustration and overwhelm. Below are some simple tips on getting more accomplished and staying ahead of the game.

1. Have a Plan

Teddies for Bettys Interior 12

Above: Teddies for Bettys.

Map out your goals, as well as the steps needed to complete them. It’s ok to have far-fetched goals, but don’t lose sight of the smaller ones. These are the building blocks towards the big picture. Keeping your goals attainable will boost your motivation and have you moving closer towards the larger vision.

2. Simplify and Prioritize

Boost Your Productivity

Above: Full Disclosure.

Avoid stretching yourself too thin, which will leave you exhausted. Although some events may require your physical presence, others can be handled virtually. Share your tasks when necessary and you’ll find that more gets accomplished.

3. Personalize your Schedule

Boost Your Productivity

Above: Les Boudoirs Boutique.

Whether you are more visual or not, find a way to schedule that resonates with your style. For example, perhaps viewing your data by month will help you better visualize accomplishments and missed opportunities, while holding yourself accountable. There are also various apps available that are helpful if you need a checklist or even a virtual personal assistant.
Experiment and find the one that works best for you.

4. Schedule Time for Yourself

Boost Your Productivity

Above: La Femme Dangereuse.

Remember that YOU are also a priority and in order to be successful, setting time aside for your wellbeing will keep you inspired and strong to target whatever lies ahead. Include in your schedule a coffee break, exercise, meditation and whatever helps you connect with your inner self.
Having this special pause in the day keeps you fresh, preventing burn out.

The power of saying ‘no’: If you know you won’t be fully committed to something, it’s best to let it go. Passing on projects that may not be the right fit for your brand or have your full attention relieves you from unnecessary stress. It also shows that your reputation is valuable, as well as the other person’s time.

Maximize your productivity by working smarter versus harder, because time is precious and valuable. Stay focused and remember to track your results along the way.

What changes will you make to become more productive today?

ARGYLEHaus of Apparel

ARGYLEHaus of Apparel

“I saw a need in the market for a high-end factory that was not afraid to produce complicated garments at lower volumes.” – Houman Salem.

If you’re a designer looking to launch a Made-in-America brand, finding a production partner here in the USofA is a challenge. And if you’re starting out and just need a few samples made, that challenge becomes even tougher with costly minimums.

argylehaus sign

The lack of partners, options and support is what spurred Houman Salem to create ARGYLEHaus — a full service fashion design house and apparel factory. Along with his business partner/co-founder Priscilla Condinach, founder of Priscilla Jade Lingerie, the ARGYLE Haus team helps brands launch and stay in business.

This summer, we met up with Houman and Salem in California offices to learn more about how ARGYLE Haus started and how they can help the intimate apparel industry:

Q&A with Houman Salem, ARGYLEHaus of Apparel

ARGYLEHaus of Apparel

Houman, I’m hoping you could give our readers who might not be familiar with ARGYLEHaus an overview of what it’s all about? When did you start work on ARGYLEHaus? What was the spark that gave life to the ARGYLEHaus concept?

ARGYLEHaus was launched in September of 2013. At that time, I had a lingerie retail store and website (Chelsea Manor Intimates) and I was searching for a factory in Los Angeles that could produce my new lingerie collection. I had visited no less than 30 factories during the Summer of 2013 and I was dismayed that no one in LA was able or willing to produce my line.

There were a variety of reasons given, but the main reasons were that I either did not meet their required minimum orders (generally at about 1000 pieces per style) or that they were not familiar with lingerie. Going overseas for production was not an option for me so I set out to start my own factory.

I saw a need in the market place for a high-end factory that was not afraid to produce complicated garments at lower volumes.

ARGYLEHaus of Apparel

Above: Priscilla Codinach, Vice President of Operations.

Who’s on the ARGYLEHaus team? What are their roles?

The two principal partners are myself and Priscilla Codinach. Priscilla is an expert bra maker and had her own lingerie collection called Priscilla Jade Lingerie which was sold through high-end boutiques throughout North America.

She is the Vice President of Operations and oversees the day-to-day tactical operations of the factory. I oversee strategic end of the business operations looking for growth opportunities, new business development, and responsible for the overall financial performance of the company.

argylehaus worker

Could you give us an overview of how Argyle Haus can help an emerging brand?

We are a full service fashion design house and apparel factory. Aside from helping to develop and produce their brands, we also assist with management consulting in areas of operations, marketing (digital and traditional), and branding.

What services do you and your team provide?

ARGYLEHaus offers three distinct services and clients hire us for any one or a combination of all three. Our first service offering is fashion design services. Many of our start-up clients are Mid-career professionals looking to transition into fashion, while others have some fashion experience but little to no design experience. We have a team of designers that works with clients to develop technical flats from the ideas and inspiration provided by client.

The technical flats are the drawing we need to get to the second service offering, which is Pre-Production. Once we have the technical flats (either created by us or supplied by the client) we go into Pre-Production which involves making patterns (all done digitally using the latest apparel software and tools), size grading, sampling, and creating tech packs. These are all the element the client needs to go into full production. Sometimes a client may chose to go with a different factory for production (either locally or overseas) and our Pre-Production deliverables can be used in any factory.

However, more often than not, the client will remain with us for Production, which is our third service offering. We offer mass production with relatively lower minimum quantities than most other factories (averaging around 300 pieces per style). Our minimums are based on the complexity of the garment; therefore, more complicated garments have lower minimum quantities, while the easier garments have higher minimums. Overall, we aim to be a turnkey solution for designers looking to launch or expand their lines.

ARGYLEHaus of Apparel

Would you be able to walk us through the steps of how a designer can launch a brand with ARGYLEHaus?

We are pretty easy to work with. As mentioned before, many of our clients are new to the fashion industry and we take time to work with them and help them understand the industry. We advise on pricing strategy, marketing strategy (online and offline), social media marketing, and e-commerce. Before we take on a new client I have to be certain that they have a clear path to profitability.

We look at the category of products they want to launch and evaluate the competition in that category. If I don’t feel that the client will be successful, I do them a favor and refuse the project because they will just end up burning money. We look for companies that have a viable opportunity to sell a lot of products and we stand ready to advise them on all the necessary business fundamentals.

Is ARGYLEHaus just for emerging brands? How can establish brands and designers work with you? Why should they work with you?

In the short amount of time that we have been in business we have worked with a wide variety of companies. About 50% of our business is start-up brands. However, we also have several corporate accounts which constitutes about 25% of our clientele.

The remaining 25% of our business is coming from well established brands that are looking to come back to the USA for manufacturing. The majority of the time clients choose to work with us because of our expertise and quality. We only hire master seamstresses who go through a rigorous hiring process and that are capable of producing high-end garments effectively and efficiently.

ARGYLEHaus of Apparel

What brands and designers have successfully gone through ARGYLEHaus?

We have had over 150 clients over our short lifespan and the vast majority of our clients require anonymity, which we respect. However, I can tell you that one of our corporate accounts is CINTAS (the largest uniform company in the USA), we manufactured uniforms for a major Las Vegas casino for them. We also work with many celebrity and VIP clients including DJ Williams of the Chicago Bears and Mariah Woodson (daughter of coach Mike Woodson of the NY Nicks and currently with the LA Clippers).

What’s next for ARGYLEHaus?

We have been growing at a much faster pace then we ever expected, and unfortunately, the majority of our operations can not remain in Los Angeles due to the increasing amount of regulations and costs. As a result, we will be moving all our mass production to Las Vegas in 2017 and only keeping our fashion design and Pre-production services in Los Angeles going forward.

This is a great opportunity for the City of Las Vegas as we will have the bulk of our workforce (70+ employees) in Las Vegas under a new entity called ARGYLE Manufacturing Company Las Vegas (AMCLV). Our Los Angeles office (ARGYLEHaus) will house all our designers and Pre-production staff (approximately 10 employees max). Los Angeles is and will always remain the epicenter for fashion and apparel development in the USA, but in an effort to remain price competitive with factories in other States (and overseas) our mass production manufacturing will have no choice but to move out of LA. This is actually good news and something I am really looking forward to.

ARGYLEHaus of Apparel

For any of our readers that want to learn more about ARGYLEHaus, where should we point them to?

Please visit our websites:
ARGYLEHaus at (current operations)
AMCLV at (future Las Vegas facility)

Bra Lounge Halloween Merchandising Dreams by Baci

Bra Lounge Halloween Merchandising

“We like to build looks up with fabric, and always have plastic tubs full of fabrics, lace, tulle, and what might seem like random items.” – Sheena Johnson, Bra Lounge

The moment you sniff pumpkin spice on the air, you know Fall is on the way. Along with the changing season, one of the most exciting holidays on the retail calendar makes its way into everyone’s minds — Halloween.

It’s a visual merchandisers dream come true. The possibilities for window displays and in-store layouts are endless.

Earlier this summer, the Lingerie Journal team was smitten by displays created by the Bra Lounge creative team.

With Halloween in mind, we sent Sheena Johnson and Courtney Murphy, co-owners of the Bra Lounge, images from Baci and asked them how they’d merchandise these items for their customers.

Some of the Dreams by Baci styles, shipping from Xgen Products, include nurse outfits, police officer outfits, house maid outfits and a stewardess uniform. The collection comes boxed in sizes S/M, M/L, Diva and Queen.

One of the first things their team would do with Baci, according to Sheena, is take the costumes out of their boxed packaging and ear mark mannequins or hangers for display.

Bra Lounge Halloween Merchandising

“A display with floating frames and a mannequin behind it creates dimension and we often use them in our front window display,” said Sheena. “We enjoy finding unique oddities in thrift stores…and these work great for a Halloween display. Empty jars, random pieces of fabric, candle holders and candelabra’s, even dollar store plastic bugs, spiders, snakes are a fun add on.”

Sheena added that old suitcases paired with the flight attendant outfit would be perfect for a display. And a vintage vacuum cleaner and telephone would be used for the maid costume.

Bra Lounge Halloween Merchandising

“We try to keep like items in our displays, whether they can be pulled together with like colours, the theme, or the style,” noted Sheena. “We like to build looks up with fabric, and always have plastic tubs full of fabrics, lace, tulle, and what might seem like random items.”

It is kind of like a tickle trunk! Once you have an idea, you can pull in all sorts of fun finds out of the tickle trunk and pull something fun together!

We’re looking forward to seeing what the Bra Lounge team creates this season. You can see what the team is up to on the boutique’s Instagram account or learn more about the Bra Lounge on their website,

For anyone interested in learning more about the Dreams by Baci collection, please visit the XGEN site at

Wholesale Questions about Baci?
Phone: (877) 450-9436

Bra Lounge Halloween Merchandising

10 Lingerie Instagrams To Follow

“Instagram is a hybrid site that was designed to show off lifestyle content, but can also be used to extremely effectively promote your business.”

by Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson is a online copywriter and lingerie columnist. She can be found blogging at her website or on working on her goal of filling up an entire closet with lingerie on Twitter @fullfigurechest.

The influence of Tumblr and Pinterest have waned in the lingerie industry, all to be replaced with one gigantic online platform that funnels traffic and influences customer behavior: Instagram.

Instagram is a hybrid site that was designed to show off lifestyle content, but can also be used to extremely effectively promote your business.

Due to the hybrid nature of Instagram, it can be be difficult to figure out what you want to post on your business account. There are some basics to follow like any other online platform (post great photos, have a strong brand image, etc) but Instagram in particular also demands more of a personal touch.

10 Lingerie Instagrams To Follow

Today I’ve rounded up 10 Instagram accounts to follow from various parts of the industry that are doing it right, as well as pointing out some of the reasons they are ahead of their competitors.

Work the Local Vibe

Trashy Diva

Trashy Diva

@trashydivaintimates (Trashy Diva – Lingerie Store)

Trashy Diva is my favorite local lingerie store, but they’ve grown into a nationally recognized brand in the past five years or so. Their Instagram presence is on point, from both the dress boutique and their lingerie boutique branches. Their posts embrace a distinctly New Orleans vibe placing burlesque, sequined and fringed coin belts and elegant lingerie side by side.

Lille Boutique

Lille Boutique

@lilleboutique (Lille Boutique)

Lille Boutique feels like a cool corner of Portland, just from their Instagram photos and bio. Their focus in on high end natural feeling pieces that also embrace organic fabrics and a slight hint of vintage. Their Instagram makes you want to go hang out in their store, pop on a cozy robe and sip some tea with them.

Cool Curators



@shopjournelle (Journelle Lingerie)

Journelle has set itself apart with their amazing online presence as well as their emerging designer program. If you want to shop a tightly curated selection of lingerie and loungewear, Journelle is an easy first port of call. Their taste is impeccable, which is neatly shown off in their artful Instagram photos and informative brand spotlights.

Bravissimo Lingerie


@lovebravissimo (Bravissimo Lingerie)

If you’re busty, you know about Bravissimo. This full bust retailer jumped into the large cup bra market early and has continued to dominate the market in the UK. As a result, their collections curate the best of the full bust market – and now incorporate their own revolutionary designers as well. Their products photos and curve-positive outlook make their Instagram one to follow.

International Style

Princess Tam Tam

Princess Tam Tam

@princessetamtam (Princesse Tam Tam)

This lingerie chain is frequently described as the French version of Victoria’s Secret, but it’s really so much more than that. Their Instagram account showcases their effortlessly chic lingerie and loungewear, along with hi-tech textile pieces for winter. It’s educational, stylish and all quintessentially French.

Bradelis NY

Bradelis NY

@bradelisny (Bradelis – NY)

This Japanese lingerie brand has found home in the New York area, but kept the look that made them so distinctive when they hit the US lingerie scene a few years ago. Bradelis’ pieces are unabashedly feminine: they’re known for girly colors, over the top embroidery and push-up bras that truly defy gravity. I love how their Instagram reflects their unique presence in the industry, all with a big dose of New York attitude.

Indie Tastemakers

Playful Promises

Playful Promises

@playfulpromises (Playful Promises)

Playful Promises made a big splash this year with their curve collection, which they are currently showcasing admirably on their Instagram account. Their side by side images of models of varying body types in their pieces really demonstrates the versatility of their collections, along with their high fashion look.

Erica M


@ericamnyc (Erica M)

Erica M’s edgy pieces quickly caught the eyes of stylish celebrities and fashion stylists, so it’s not surprising that their Instagram account has a lot to work with. What is admirable is the way they channel the edgy fetish side of their brand in a way that still resonates with regular hosiery consumers. We might not all be Beyonce, but the Erica M account makes us feel like we could be.

Nubian Skin

@nubianskin (Nubian Skin)

Nubian Skin has had a big year, so it’s nice to see them showing off all of their accomplishments on their Instagram account. The brand does a great job of balancing positive PR with fighting for great diversity and inclusion within the lingerie industry. Nubian Skin proves that you can have a cause and still be fashion friendly.

Catherine D'lish

@catherinedlish (Catherine D’Lish)

This account is all about vintage excess, which is perfect for those of us who dream about being Dita Von Teese or lounging in a decked out boudoir all day. Catherine D’Lish showcases pieces that are proudly luxurious, from marabou gowns to recycled mink bunny slippers. It’s an Instagram for dreamers that also encourages customers to play dress up in their everyday lives.