Follow This 7-Day Vegan Meal Plan to Help You Shed Pounds

Follow This 7-Day Vegan Meal Plan to Help You Shed Pounds

Celebs like Beyoncu00e9 and Jay Z took on the 22-day vegan challenge for good reason. A diet free of animal products can improve your health| increase your energy| offer better digestion| speed up your metabolism| and help you lose weight. If you’re ready to take on this good-for-you diet that’s also good for animals and the planet| check out this seven-night dinner plan to help make it happen.

These seven dinners include links to each recipe plus a shopping list at the end to bring to the grocery store. To ensure you follow through with this meal plan| shop for all the ingredients over the weekend. You can either take time on Sunday to cut up ingredients and cook up some whole grains or follow the “time-saving tips”” included for each night to help prep for later meals.

| Monday: Mexican Tempeh Quinoa Salad

This tempeh dish is made with quinoa| corn| beans| and avocado| so you get a crazy amount of nutrition u2014 almost 10 grams of fiber and 17.4 grams of protein u2014 all for 350 calories per serving.

Time-saving tips: When cooking the quinoa| double the amount and cook two cups u2014 save one cup to be used for Friday night’s dinner. While cutting up one red bell pepper for this recipe| cut up three more to be used later for Wednesday’s carrot fettucine| Thursday’s burrito| and Friday’s quinoa salad.

| Tuesday: Slow-Cooker Chickpea Curry

Throw everything for the curry in the slow cooker in the morning| so when you get home| all you need to do is make the rice. This sweet and savory dish is under 400 calories.

Time-saving tips: While you’re cutting the one sweet potato for this recipe| cut up two more to use for Thursday night’s black bean burrito.

| Wednesday: Carrot Fettucine With Sautu00e9ed Tofu

Save carbs by making your noodles out of carrots u2014 all you need is a simple vegetable peeler for this 478-calorie dinner. Add protein to this meal by adding some sautu00e9ed tofu.

Time-saving tips: This recipe only calls for one block of sautu00e9ed tofu| but if you make twice that amount| you can save it to add to tomorrow night’s burrito.

| Thursday: Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos

This hearty sweet potato and black bean burrito is sure to become a weeknight favorite. If you’re hungry| enjoy the entire burrito for 471 calories| or wrap up half for tomorrow’s lunch.

Time-saving tips: Use the red pepper you previously cut Monday night| the sweet potato cut up on Tuesday| plus boxed tomatoes| canned black beans| and frozen corn| and this meal doesn’t take much time at all.

| Friday: Sesame Ginger Quinoa Salad

This 330-calorie colorful quinoa salad can be served warm or cold| and since the veggies don’t need to be cooked| this meal only takes about 30 minutes u2014 as long as it takes to make quinoa.

Time-saving tips: Buy shelled edamame and use red pepper cut up from Monday plus the cooked quinoa| and you’re golden!

| Saturday: Butternut Squash and Lentil Soup

This high-protein soup recipe makes eight 250-calorie servings| so either halve the recipe or freeze some for later.

Time-saving tips: If you buy precut fresh or frozen butternut squash| it’ll save you even more time. And since this is a slow-cooker recipe| with just a few minutes of prep in the morning| you can go out| enjoy the day| and have hot soup waiting for you when you return.

| Sunday: Sweet Potato| Chickpea| and Quinoa Veggie Burger

Sundays are the perfect day to make a more-involved meal| so whip up these sweet potato quinoa burgers| which are just over 300 calories.

Time-saving tips: Make double the batch and freeze the leftover patties for a quick meal down the road. If you don’t have time to make your own veggie burgers| choose frozen ones instead u2014 check out our 22-day challenge.