Kext Updater Mac version Free Download

Kext Updater Mac version is an application on the Mac platform that can detect whether the current black apple drivers drivers is the latest version or not. Kext Updater Mac version can quickly and timely update the drivers on the black apple system.

software features

black apple driver is a very important part for black apple users, if a driver is not typed or the version is backward, may cause black apple system installation is not successful, or cause problems here and there, sound, network, etc.

Kext Updater Mac version

Kext Updater Mac version Free Download

VoodooHDA 10.11 sound card drives the Mac version Free Download

VoodooHDA 10.11 sound card driver Mac version is a driver on the Mac platform, VoodooHDA 10.11 sound card driver Mac version is a high definition Intel audio driver (HDA) specification, Mainly based on FreeBSD HDAC driver code.

VoodooHDA Mac version 10.11 sound card driver

software features

VoodooHDA 10.11 audio card driver Mac version is in line with Intel high definition audio driver (HDA) specifications, mainly based on FreeBSD HDAC driver code, commonly known as universal sound card driver.

VoodooHDA Mac version 10.11 sound card driver

VoodooHDA 10.11 sound card driver Mac version supports Mac systems with a wide range of audio controllers and codecs, which can be used to replace the original applehda.kext driver. The VoodooHDA 10.11 sound card driver version here supports the latest Mac version 10.11.

VoodooHDA Mac version 10.11 sound card driver

VoodooHDA 10.11 sound card drives the Mac version Free Download

AppleALC. Kext Free Download

applealc. kexts is a black apple sound card driver , users install black apple system, sound card driver, graphics card driver, network card driver is indispensable, applealc. kext is one of your indispensable sound card driver.

software features

black apple sound card driver is one of the necessary drivers, no sound card driver will affect our daily use, such as: Listen to music , watch TV series, etc., the black apple sound card driver is divided into universal driver and imitation driver, imitation driver whether sound or compatibility is the best, the latest AppleALC support macOS Mojave 10.14.2, the method is very simple to use the AppleALC you download into the downloaded EFI- clover – kexts-other, Then use Clover Configurator to open the configuration file config.plist you boot, and input the corresponding sound card ID under instrument-audio-inject, of course, with the latest lilu.kext extension library (the download package contains the latest lilu.kext), and then restart!

AppleALC. Kext

we cannot install the latest macOS 10.14.2 system or higher version of macOS system after installation, AppleALC. Kexts are not lack of a sound card driver. We can only use our black apple system if we choose the right sound card program. The sound card driver and the network card driver are equally important.

AppleALC. Kext Free Download

IntelMausiEthernet. Kext Free Download

IntelMausiEthernet. Kext is a black apple Intel cable card driver program, IntelMausiEthernet.

software features

IntelMausiEthernet. At the same time, the driver reduces the load of the CPU in the case of large outputting rate, which means that you watch movies, download things, play games and connect to the Internet to reduce the load of the system.


came to/S/L/E remove appleintele1000e. Kext.

to recreate the kernel cache.

opens system preferences and deletes corresponding network interfaces, such as en0.


installs the new driver and recreates the kernel cache. I recommend using the kext installation wizard or similar tools.


open system preferences again, select the network and check whether the new network interface has been created automatically or manually.

configuration network connection information.

another easy way to do this is to put it in the KEXT directory of the four-leaf clover.

hardware support:

5 series chipset Intel

82578 lm

82578 lc

82578 dm

82578 dc

6 and 7 series chipset Intel

82579 lm

82579 v

8 and 9 series chipset Intel








Intel 100 series chipset






IntelMausiEthernet. Kext Free Download

Hackintool Mac version Free Download

Hackintool Mac is a black apple system tool on the Mac platform. The Hackintool Mac edition is an intuitive patching tool that makes the process of configuring and troubleshooting your Hackintosh system a little easier.

Hackintool Mac version

software feature

although there is no consensus on whether Mac overpriced, but there is no denying that, Apple just doesn’t provide devices for people who can’t afford high-end products. But what if you like macOS and want to install it on a non-mac computer? While this is certainly possible, it can be so difficult that many users give up on the first of many potential problems.

the problem is that macOS is not designed to run on hardware other than apple’s devices. To make the operating system compatible with hardware on non-apple desktops or laptops, assuming they are fully compatible, patches need to be applied for various components.

Hackintool Mac version is designed to make the process easier. A broad knowledge of how patches are applied is still required, so if you are not familiar with the details, you need to be informed. The main advantage of using this application is that you can handle everything from a modern, intuitive GUI. You still have a lot of work to do to get you to work, but at least you won’t waste unnecessary time.

Hackintool Mac version Free Download

WhateverGreen. Kext Free Download

WhateverGreen. Kext is the latest black apple AMD graphics card driver . The WhateverGreen. Kext is the perfect support for the latest 10.13.4 black apple AMD graphics driver, and the update also fixes many features, such as installing black apple black screen, sleep wake black screen, etc.

software features

WhateverGreen. Kext needs to cooperate with lilu.kext black apple driver extension to work properly, the download package driver has included the latest lilu.kext 1.3.8.

WhateverGreen. Kext

fix boot to black screen

fix sleep wake to black screen

fix boot screen distortion in some cases

fix sender/encoder (-raddvi)

0 fix HD 7730/7750/7770 /R7 250 /R7 250X initialization (radpg=15)

if not manually inserted, fix HDMI for locally supported devices audio

allows aty_config to be modified by ACPI, Aty_properties and cail_properties

allow implementation of 24-bit mode (-rad24) on unsupported displays

allows starting without video acceleration (-radvesa)

allows automatic setting of GPU model name or manual provision of

allows specifying custom connector via RadeonFramebuffer device properties

0 allows pass Device properties (HD 7xxx or later) adjust automatically detected connector priority

WhateverGreen. Kext Free Download

WebDriver black apple graphics drive Mac version Free Download

WebDriver driver Mac version is a graphics driver tool on the Mac platform.

software features

black apple users who buy 10 series graphics CARDS now get their act together. For some drives-free nvidia graphics CARDS, this WebDriver is required by other black apple users to drive the Mac version of the black apple graphics driver to drive your graphics card, so this is a top priority for nvidia users. WebDriver black apple graphics driver is the latest official driver release. macOS 10.13.6(17G5019) system support.

WebDriver black apple graphics drive Mac version Free Download

Lilu. Kext drive Free Download

lilu.kext driver is black apple driver extension library, lilu.kext driver is our users in the installation of black apple system when an indispensable driver.

software features

lilu.kext driver as an indispensable driver when we install the black apple system, we install other plug-ins need to rely on this kext function, whether it is the sound card driver or the latest graphics card driver we need lilu.kext to expand. Many black apple drivers rely on lilu.kext. For example: AppleALC, VirtualSMC, WhateverGreen, etc.

often, after we download the AppleALC and put it into efi-clover – kexts-other, the sound card driver still cannot be driven because we don’t have lilu.kext.

Lilu. Kext drive

driving characteristics, general kext patch, general process of patch (64) which has the function of basic 32-bit, generic framework/library patch (64) with basic 32-bit functions, provide a unified plug-in API

Lilu. Kext drive Free Download