RoboForm for MAC Free Download

RoboForm for MAC is the MAC OS platform on a browser plug-in, RoboForm for MAC to help you fill the form on the website automatically the artificial intelligence to a certain extent, it on the Internet explorer to add a” form “button, can automatically complete the identified form content, completely on the local machine to run, so fast, but need more than IE4.

RoboForm for MAC

software feature

AI RoboForm is the use of AI (artificial intelligence) help you to fill in the form on the website of the program automatically. After installation, it will place an icon on the IE toolbar. You can enter some information that you normally Fill in on the Internet into the AI RoboForm. When you need to Fill in the information, just press the “Fill Forms” button on the toolbar, and the information will be filled out automatically.

RoboForm Mac version

RoboForm for MAC Free Download

Evernote · cut away Free Download

A> plug-in for MAC is a> plug-in for MAC browser . Save important, interesting text , links, and images you see online to your evernote account for review and review.

how to use the

impression notes, cut to hide

software feature

impression notes, many products, in addition to ‘guard skills’ company, Skitch, Penultimate and other products are all familiar to Chinese users, but I don’t know if you have ever used his Web Clipper, namely Evernote independent to develop Web Clipper, Chinese name: Clipper.

like cut paper, cut “hide” your favorite web page

for browser installed impression notes, shear, a key to collect all kinds of web graphic, permanent impression to the notes, and be able to view and edit anytime and anywhere.

one key save web page

from personal interests to work materials, just one click, quickly save important text, links and pictures seen online to impression notes. Say goodbye to copy-and-paste and collect data efficiently.

easily circle key

want to share with friends? Use a highlighter to highlight the text so you don’t have to worry about drowning in the text and easily circle the important points.

quick capture brilliant

cut impression notes, hiding, is the best way to save the web page, page of text automatic recognition, intelligent to advertising, easy to collect all the web pages give you inspiration.

goodbye copy and paste

no need to copy and paste typesetter , cut and hide, easily save the page text and text, automatically synchronize to the impression note.

Evernote · cut away Free Download