DollyDrive Mac version Free Download

DollyDrive Mac edition is a subscription-based cloud storage service for the Mac platform. DollyDrive Mac edition helps you back up all your files with the help of Time Machine.

DollyDrive Mac version

software feature

DollyDrive Mac version can support backup and synchronization, storage, and cloning, No one is going to do more to make sure anything you’re doing right now is backed up and accessed, anytime, anywhere, forever. In your first backup, DollyDrive automatically uploads your most important files – documents , pictures, video, music , etc. DollyDrive default Settings backup including your iPhoto, iMovie and itunes folder.

DollyDrive for Mac

DollyDrive Mac version also provides unlimited version control, which means that it can save every version of every backup, allows you to access any version of any document at any time, and return to the first backup. Dolly’s backup includes your synchronization folder, so anything you access through the device via Dolly Sync will also be backed up. Return in time to retrieve the past version of the synchronized file.

DollyDrive Mac version

DollyDrive Mac version Free Download

TeamSQL Mac version Free Download

TeamSQL Mac edition is a powerful network cloud storage platform on the Mac platform. TeamSQL Mac allows you to store and manage SQL files or data for better storage. TeamSQL has a clear interface and is easy to use.

software features

TeamSQL Mac version is a help you use the cloud storage area to save and manage SQL files or command statements client, TeamSQL currently support software: MySQL, SQLServer, redis, etc. database visual tools. When you save your TeamSQL queries, you can use them wherever you are. Powerful search capabilities mean that searching in the cloud is as easy as searching on a computer.

1, cloud storage, and preservation of the SQL query

when you save your TeamSQL query, no matter where you are, you can use them. Powerful search capabilities mean that searching in the cloud is as easy as searching on a computer.

2, history

view all queries you execute. Clicking on a query gives you a preview of the query that has been executed and the cached result set at query runtime.

4, custom SQL snippets

instead of restricting you to snippets, we think you’ll find it useful, we allow you to create your own snippets. TeamSQL charts

5, TeamSQL charts

TeamSQL charts

TeamSQL Mac version Free Download

DropBoxTool Mac version Free Download

DropBoxTool Mac version is a Mac platform DropBox network disk plug-in tools. DropBoxTool Mac allows users to sync any folder (symbolic link) to the default inbox folder.

DropBoxTool Mac version

software feature

DropBoxTool Mac version is DropBox specialized plug-ins, network backup DropBoxTool Mac allows users to sync any folder (symbolic link) to the default inbox folder, and you just drag and drop your folder into the tools window and you’re done with your cloud service.

DropBoxTool for Mac

DropBoxTool Mac version Free Download

PCloud Drive Mac version Free Download

pCloud Drive Mac is a Mac disk software, users can upload, download, share, save one-stop cloud disk experience, 100 gigabytes of storage space, meet all your storage needs. PCloud Drive is your real new cloud Drive.

use virtual hard disk to protect your confidential information

with pCloud Crypto, you can ensure the security of your most important files, such as your sensitive work files, passwords and key lists, etc.

these files can be accessed by no one as long as they are added to the pCloud Crypto folder on your computer. In addition, using pCloud’s encryption software service, you are the only person with the key to your online privacy.

more pCloud Crypto desktop

instantly synchronize all your devices!

any changes you make to the file will be updated immediately.

pCloud Drive allows you to sync as many folders as you want!

you can access them even when offline.

use pCloud Drive to synchronize jobs

use pCloud Drive, you will not need other online backup software. Any changes made while offline are automatically synchronized when reconnected. PCloud Drive backup

pCloud Drive automatically backs up changes you made to your folders to the cloud. With this easy to set up cloud backup service, you can access all your data from any device anywhere in the world.

you can invite your friends and colleagues to share folders by simply right-clicking!

PCloud Drive Mac version Free Download

Seafile Mac version Free Download


Seafile Mac edition is an open source file cloud storage software that addresses the issues of centralized file management, synchronization, and sharing for enterprises. It offers richer file synchronization and management, as well as better data privacy protection and group collaboration.

Seafile Mac version

software feature

write a basic file synchronization tool is a simple thing, but to ensure that in all kinds of extreme cases can work properly, don’t lose data is not easy thing. Seafile focuses on reliability of file synchronization. After three years of continuous improvement and hundreds of thousands of users, the synchronization algorithm has been very reliable. Seafile’s file history and database mirroring guarantee that the files can be easily restored to any historical state at any time.

Seafile for Mac

1. Reliable file synchronization

file is organized into a database. Each database can be optionally synchronized to any device. Reliable and efficient file synchronization will improve your productivity.

2. Built-in file encryption

a database can be encrypted with the password of your choice. The file is encrypted and uploaded to the server. Even system administrators cannot view encrypted databases.

3. Teamwork

can share files to groups. Permission management, version control, and event notification make collaboration smoother.

Seafile Mac version

4. High-performance

Seafile server kernel written by C language. Small and fast to run.

5. Simple upgrade

simply download the latest software package and complete the version upgrade with a simple script.

6. Suitable for enterprise environment

can be integrated with AD/LDAP. Synchronize AD groups and user information.

Seafile Mac version Free Download

Yumi cloud disk Mac Free Download

umi cloud disk Mac is a cloud disk client application on the Mac platform. Yumi cloud disk Mac version can help enterprises to store and manage enterprise files efficiently and conveniently, with efficient coordination office .

optimal m cloud disk Mac version

software feature

China cloud disk enterprise document management. Pursue perfection in every detail, file sharing, online preview editing, nine-level permission control, process approval, full-text search, mobile office, file version management, operation logging, secondary recycle bin, safe incremental backup

optimal m cloud disk for Mac

solve pain points, improve enterprise office efficiency of document management


many enterprises, universities, groups work documents scattered in various systems or staff computers, lack of unified management

file changes frequently, version confusion

0 Easy to cause version confusion

file access inconvenience

historical data continue to accumulate, a large number of files, the traditional Shared disk file retrieval speed is slow and inconvenient

multi-level permissions management requirements


1 any enterprise, All the enterprise departments/staff file access control

collaborative office requirements

internal departments or members, in the office process will involve file interaction, approval

mobile office requirements


1 traditional file management tools often do not have mobile terminal access function, staff out on business.

optimal m cloud disk Mac version

Yumi cloud disk Mac Free Download

Guan gong cloud disk Mac version Free Download

guan gong cloud disk Mac version is a platform of file storage, management, sharing and collaboration provided by dongguan institute of technology for Mac users office . Using guan gong cloud disk Mac version, users can upload files to different paths, download and share files in the cloud disk, and control permissions on different paths. Data storage is secure and fast.

software features

enterprise cloud disk is a file storage, management, sharing and collaborative office platform provided for enterprise users. Enterprise users can upload files to different paths, download and share files in cloud disk, and control permissions on different paths, so that data storage is safe and fast.

guan worker cloud disk Mac version


store, encrypt safe navigation, flexible extension

to learn

courseware teaching archives storage, homework,


create groups, share information, hierarchical permission


download speed, a key sharing, multiterminal fusion


QQ, WeChat, file transfer, message communication

Guan gong cloud disk Mac version Free Download

Fly cat cloud Mac version Free Download

fly cat cloud Mac version is a Mac platform based on network distributed cloud storage technology network disk application. Flying cat cloud Mac version can help users to store, transfer and share all kinds of files, no need to take up the storage space of your computer, only need to connect to the network to access your files anytime and anywhere in the network drive.

software features

flying cloud Mac also creatively launched a rebate service, which allows users to share files and get corresponding returns, that is, to make money while sharing files. “Flying cloud” cat adopted the latest application of cloud storage technology, build on the high-speed distributed storage network data center, it will be a lot of different types of storage devices in the network set up by applying the software to work together, to form a secure data storage and access system, suitable for the small and medium-sized enterprise and individual user data storage, backup, archive, and a series of requirements.

the biggest advantage is to transform a single storage products for data storage and service, in this technology, the network location industry may like bank of the financial industry, on the basis of the single storage service, breeds more value-added services.

Fly cat cloud Mac version Free Download

The cat dish Mac version Free Download

cat disk Mac is a Mac platform can earn bitcoin blockchain hard disk. Cat disk Mac version can share idle storage space, bandwidth resources, forming a blockchain storage service platform, output to content, video, games, blockchain and other companies, to get a variety of digital currency paid by these companies.

software features

share spare space and bandwidth of hard disk, earn a variety of digital currency

0 share spare storage space and bandwidth resources of cat disk, form a block chain storage service platform, output to content, video, game, block chain and other companies, get all kinds of digital currency paid by these companies.

cat dish Mac version

unity with COINS incentives, refused to air currency

will dig and sharing resources of digital currency equivalent for COINS incentives, ensure mining profits, Refuse points, diamonds and other air COINS.

cat dish dig version for Mac

IPFS super node, Filecoin mill

optimised IPFS, combined the technology of interstellar mineral pools, excellent Filecoin mining capacity, Main network online, excavation at any time.

cat dish Mac version

more than mining is terabytes block chain drive

IPFS distributed storage | | built-in 1 TB hard disk access files anytime and anywhere | Multi-terminal connection

exclusive cat disk App, multi-terminal access

automatically backup photos, release mobile space

files without downloading, click on

quickly share to WeChat, direct online preview

cat dish dig version for Mac

without having to wear anytime and anywhere using the file

no matter at home, office room or travel, can be through a variety of terminals at any time to view the files in the cat tray. Whether document , photo, video or music , it can be viewed and played online without downloading.

cat dish M 

<p><a href= The cat dish Mac version Free Download

My cloud Mac Free Download

my home cloud Mac version is a Mac platform cloud storage tools, my home cloud, data storage, never so secure, my home cloud is a simple and easy-to-use private cloud at home level.

software feature

safe, fast and easy

my cloud USES the new type of distributed storage technology, with a strong privacy and security, And has data loss prevention features, even if the hard disk damage, data can be recovered. High-speed access anytime and anywhere, simple operation, easy to use.

sedate, designed for family

is sedate, from inner to outer in confidence in the data.

management to assist the family photo

fast backup phone photos and video, for the whole family phone release space, and support a variety of management methods.

best picture, the second level backup

no longer worry about mobile space is full and

support photo intelligent classification

according to various latitudes to find pictures,

support self-built album

according to the way of your own photo

support baby photo album

record a child’s growth process with family

family members can easily share photos, video. There are also WeChat small program designed for parents, parents will use WeChat can quickly start. Today, your family needs a smaller circle of friends.

My cloud Mac Free Download