If You Want to Cook Healthy, These Kitchen Items Are a Must

If You Want to Cook Healthy| These Kitchen Items Are a Must

Abs aren’t the only thing made in the kitchen. So are tight buns| shapely thighs| and chiseled arms. No matter how hard you’re working in the gym| if you put garbage in your mouth| it’ll show. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re eating a healthy diet| and these kitchen gadgets can help make that happen.

| Blender or NutriBullet

If you make the occassional smoothie| a basic frozen fruit ice cream| soups| all-natural nut butters| and flours from whole grains.

| Food Processor

Although a really powerful blender like a Vitamix can be used to puree just about anything| the wider base of a protein bars| unique desserts like these vegan salted caramels| as well as making your own baking ingredients like oat flour and almond meal| a food processor is a must. It can also be used to make big batches of baby food or creamy soups that you can freeze for later.

| Juicer

If you’re a huge fan of juices for their nutritional benefits| or you like to do periodic juice cleanses| you’ll save money and get the freshest juice possible by making it yourself. Beyond fresh juice blends| you can even make smoothies and almond milk with this Hurom juicer ($300).

| Crockpot

Especially in the colder months| a create healthy meals| but huge batches of them| so it’ll ensure you eat healthy for the next few days. You can make soups| filling curries| chilis| steel-cut oatmeal| layered egg casseroles| and even whole squashes.

| Immersion Blender

If you’re a creamy-soup-lover| this little gadget ($60) enables you to puree your recipe right in the pot| which is so much easier (and safer!) than pouring small patches of boiling hot soup into your blender or food processor. This means you can throw in tons of healthy ingredients like canned beans| kale| and silken tofu| and all you’ll taste is the delightful smooth texture. It can also be used to quickly mash potatoes or bananas for bread| or to chop ingredients for recipes such as veggies or nuts.

| Cast Iron Pan

If you’re freaked out by the chemicals in those nonstick pans| get your hands on a good cast iron pan (or better yet| one small and one large one). Once the pan is properly seasoned| you’ll love how it distributes heat evenly| requires less oil| can be used directly on a grill| and boosts your iron intake. It’s perfect for stir-fries| one-pan dishes like this spaghetti squash with roasted broccoli| eggs dishes like these spicy baked eggs| and skillet breads.

| Good Knives

If you’re aiming for a healthy diet| that means eating tons of fruits and veggies. So you’ll need a good set of knives ($300) to slice and chop everything from delicate tomatoes to tough squashes.

| Glass Mason Jars

A little organization and prep can make all the difference in eating healthy. If you store whole grains and dried beans in mason jars| having them all lined up and at eye level when you open your pantry will inspire you to use them more than if they’re tucked away in the plastic packages they came in. Jars of all sizes can also be used to store a week’s worth of salads| bring your morning smoothie or overnight oats to work| make fresh sprouts| or pack healthy snacks.

| Spiralizer

If you’re interested in cutting down on carbs| a vegetable noodles made out of zucchini| butternut squash| carrots| and sweet potato.

| Silpat

While this definitely isn’t something you have to have| a reusable baking sheet like a fruit leathers| crispy baked spinach chips| crunchy carrot chips| and baked tofu.