Healthy Desserts For the Sugar-Obsessed

Healthy Desserts For the Sugar-Obsessed

Don’t ignore your dessert cravings! When that sweet tooth calls for a lusciously decadent treat, feel good reaching for these healthier alternatives that’ll offer a bit of nutrition and that sweet taste your taste buds lust after u2014 you won’t be disappointed!

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If you’re craving something rich and creamy like a milkshake, a smoothie makes a healthier option. To give fruit smoothies a more creamy consistency, add protein powder, yogurt, or soy milk. Here’s a vegan smoothie recipe that tastes just like a vanilla milkshake. Or if you’ve got a chocolate craving, go for this chocolate banana cashew smoothie.

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Pancakes and waffles aren’t strictly reserved for the breakfast table. If you’re craving something like a cupcake, turn to recipes like fruit-covered French toast or whole wheat sweet potato pancakes topped with honey nut yogurt instead. Make a big batch and keep a few in the freezer for when cravings strike.

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If ice cream is your weakness