Safari tech preview Free Download

Safari technology preview is a Safari browser designed for browser . Safari technology preview allows developers to view new Web technologies for OS X and iOS platforms in advance, including the latest layout technology, visual effects and other development tools.

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Safari tech preview is perfectly compatible with iCloud, as opposed to WebKit Nightly previews, which allows users to access iCloud Tabs, Reading List, Bookmarks, and other iCloud features.

Safari tech preview is available through apple’s Mac App Store every two weeks, which means developers can skip the tedious steps and use browsers with the latest technologies including HTML, JavaScript, CSS and WebKit more easily. It also allows developers to access the latest Web Inspector and responsive design patterns, which are typically used to help developers build cross-platform applications from desktop to mobile devices.

Safari technology preview

other new features, the browser version is provided through the ripped signature and verification, and other functions. While the lack of support for iCloud has long been a major headache for Web developers using Safari as their primary browser, developers now have different options and can still use their bookmarks and favorites and access their reading lists when visiting other devices.

Safari tech preview is a standalone application, so it runs concurrently with the normal Safari browser, and can easily switch between the two versions

Safari tech preview Free Download

Go the FTP Mac version Free Download

Go FTP Mac is an effective tool for accessing FTP servers on the Mac platform. Go FTP Mac version has the characteristics of small size, fast speed, high efficiency and stable performance. You can use it to upload and download files easily.

Go FTP Mac version

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Go FTP Mac version complete with FTP/FTPS/SFTP protocol support, support for high-speed transmission, support drag and drop to upload and download, A secure storage connection is provided. Go FTP Mac version of the interface is simple and clean, easy to use the whole, complete functions.

Go the FTP Mac version Free Download