5 Things You’ll Learn About Yourself When You Go on a Cleanse

5 Things You’ll Learn About Yourself When You Go on a Cleanse

Feeling tired| bloated| and lethargic from the holidays? Many people think going on a cleanse in January is a good post-party solution for dropping unwanted pounds fast. But going on an elimination diet u2014 where you remove certain foods| like anything with gluten| dairy| caffeine| and alcohol and focus on eating only fresh| whole foods u2014 is more than about fitting into smaller jeans. While all-juice cleanses can be calorie restricting| a proper elimination diet ensures you eat enough of these nutritious foods to stay healthy (read more about what to expect on an elimination diet here). So if it’s not about weight loss| why should you cleanse? Read on for reasons to try an elimination diet!

| Gives You More Energy

Most people who do a cleanse-like elimination diet report feeling more energized after following the program for a few days. Although elimination diets forbid normal energizers like caffeine| eating a diet full of leafy greens and whole foods can supply your body with the nutrients it needs to keep you energized. Also| if you have sensitivities to certain foods it can make you feel foggy-headed and sluggish as well.

| Beats Cravings

Your taste buds get accustomed to fatty| salty| or sugary foods. As you remove these unhealthy items from your diet| your cravings for these foods will diminish.

| Opens Your Culinary Mind

Cooking on a strict diet plan has its downfalls u2014 you can’t just reach for your go-to recipe on a busy weeknight. But instead of thinking of your new diet as a hindrance| view it as a challenge to get creative in the kitchen (or when you dine out). You may find you have a passion for being trying new nutritious ingredients.

| Tests Your Self Control

Two weeks without a cup of coffee may sound like a ridiculous feat before you set out on your elimination diet| but once you start on your journey it can be a way to prove to yourself that you’ve got all the self control you need to reach your normal dieting goals.

| Identifies Food Sensitivities

If you think that you have certain sensitivities to something in your diet| an elimination diet is one of the best ways for you to find out which types of foods you should be avoiding. Once you are done with the program and want to get back to your regular eating| slowly reintroduce eliminate gluten| dairy| alcohol| and other formerly forbidden foods to see if you can identify foods you should be avoiding.