Lea Michele’s New Exercise Obsession Will Give You Workout Envy

Lea Michele’s New Exercise Obsession Will Give You Workout Envy

With or without her buddy Emma Roberts| Lea Michele is committed to her Pilates workout. While filming Scream Queens in New Orleans| the fitness-minded actress has been working out at the gorgeous Romney Pilates studio.

The costars are hanging out on a piece of Pilates equipment that looks like something straight out of Fifty Shades of Grey| and its name| Trap Table| doesn’t improve this impression. But “”trap”” is short for trapeze.

| It’s a Trap

The machine’s namesake| “”trapeze|”” is hanging from the top of bars and Lea Michele is putting it to good use for some serious stretching. But this contraption is also affectionately called the Cadillac because it has so many cool attachable accessories.

| Getting (Upside) Down

These fuzzy loops are just one of the accessories you can use on the Cadillac. And think how fun it is to hang upside down u2014 very! And it’s good to for boosting your mood; Lea Michele says hanging out upside down has “”great benefits for energy and blood flow!””

| Pilates Will Reform Your Plank

Doing a side elbow plank on the Reformer is no joke! Lea Michele says of her costar and workout buddy: “”Only @emmaroberts could make working out this hard so much fun! Love you lady! So happy we are here on this adventure together!””

| Challenge Your Balance

We agree! Working out with a friend is a great motivation. And having someone lovely to look at helps your balance too. Another reason to bring a friend and turn your private session into a duet.

| A New Way to Step Up

Lea Michele is all about trying the different Pilates machines| and the Wunda Chair is great for toning the butt. This is a great variation on step-ups. It takes balance and poise to do this exercise without holding on to something.

| A Barrel of Fun

We all know Pilates works your abs| and at the end of the session it feels so good to stretch them out on the Barrel. This piece of equipment is so great for increasing your flexibility.