12 Reasons Why Tammy Hembrow Will Be Your New Fitness Inspiration

12 Reasons Why Tammy Hembrow Will Be Your New Fitness Inspiration

If you’re in need of fresh inspiration to ignite your motivation for a new workout routine| it might pay off to follow Tammy Hembrow. Many of Tammy’s followers| her Instagram account has over a million| already describe her as “”goals.”” And it’s easy to see why u2014 the Australian beauty has an amazingly fit body: killer abs| strong quads| and a remarkably toned tush. Tammy has even turned her massive social media following into a business. Users interested in learning some of Tammy’s secrets purchase access to her separate fitness account. But followers on her public account still get to see Tammy’s passion for fitness| alongside pictures of her adorable family and edgy sense of style. Here are all the reasons why anyone looking for more fitness inspiration on her Instagram feed should be following Tammy.

| She’s Got the Bikini Body Down

Tammy is a beach gal at heart and is always hitting the beaches of her native Australia. With that said| Tammy’s followers should expect to see a lot of Summer body inspiration pictures.

| She Loves Her Protein Shakes

Tammy shares on her Instagram that she has a protein shake after every workout. She goes as far as to say that they keep her booty growing.

| She’s Got Killer Workout Style

Right off the bat| you’ll notice that Tammy always has great style. But we love getting to see her stylish workout gear. Because who said you can’t look good while putting in work at the gym?

| She Values a Good Sneaker

Like most fitness girls| Tammy is a total sneakerhead. She often posts some of her favorite kicks from her collection u2014 like this fresh pair of Yeezy Boosts.

| She Knows How to Take a Good #Belfie

Tammy totally knows how to work her angles| and even though she takes her fair share of selfies| she’s not afraid to get cheeky in her pictures.

| She Snacks Healthily

A simple yet delicious bowl of fruit seems to be Tammy’s favorite healthy snack. And Tammy doesn’t discriminate u2014 she’s always munching on a colorful variety that instantly makes us hungry.

| She’s Real With Her Eating Habits

Even though she’s on a strict workout and eating routine| Tammy admits that she likes to occasionally indulge her sweet tooth| and doughnuts are her favorite. She’s just like us!

| She Works Out as a Family

Tammy is blessed in having a handsome trainer for a fiancu00e9. Talk about #relationshipgoals! And we’re sure that both parents will pass down their fitness habits to their adorable baby| Wolf. Because a family that works out together| stays together.

| She’s Dedicated to Her Workout Routine

Tammy’s posts often highlight the importance of sticking to your workout routine. She says the secret to getting her body back after having her baby was sticking to her five-day workout schedule up until the day she gave birth. Now that’s commitment.

| She LOVES Her Squats

With a booty like hers| it’s an easy guess that squats are a big part of Tammy’s workout routine. But she also incorporates weights to help tone the rest of her body.

| She Finds Different Ways to Get a Workout In

When she’s not at the gym or at the beach| Tammy finds other ways to stay active. She often posts pictures of herself on walks with baby Wolf.

| She Proves That Hard Work Pays Off

Tammy loves to inspire her followers to work hard to reach their desired body goals. Tammy admits that| even though she was working out in 2014| she wasn’t doing the correct exercises. She shared before and after pictures to prove the effects of over a year of having a proper booty regimen.