5 Ways to a Healthier Frozen Dinner

5 Ways to a Healthier Frozen Dinner

Frozen meals are certainly convenient| but they’re not exactly the most nourishing option. Although some brands do focus on healthier ingredients| you can definitely step up your satisfaction by adjusting your frozen meal habits. Regularly hit the freezer for dinner? Learn how to improve the quality of frozen meals by making these five easy tweaks to your TV dinner routine.

| Amp Up the Protein

The issue: Frozen meals tend to be heavy on the carbohydrates| but protein? Not so much. Quality can also be an issue u2014 who hasn’t fallen victim to rubbery| chewy chicken bits?

How to make it healthier: Improve your frozen dinner by adding organic grilled chicken or baked tofu. Not only will the extra protein help you to stay satisfied| but it will also make up for the lacking nutrients.

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| Slash the Extra Sodium

The issue: Plenty of preservatives can translate to sky-high sodium levels| and excess sodium leads to a range of health issues.

How to make it healthier: Monitor sodium levels by checking the nutrition label right away. Notice that the content is a bit high? Skip buying the meal altogether. If you do pick a sodium-packed dinner| consider eating only half and don’t add any extra salt.

| Boost the Nutritional Value

The issue: Frozen meals often contain just a handful of ingredients| which means an absence of necessary vitamins.

How to make it healthier: Toss fresh veggies| herbs| and spices onto your frozen dinner to amp up the vitamin factor. Even if you’re short on time| just a handful of fresh basil or a few brussels sprouts will boost both flavor and nutrition.

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| Practice Portion Control

The issue: Most frozen dinners are on the smaller side| but if the dish consists mainly of noodles and sauce| it doesn’t qualify as a balanced meal.

How to make it healthier: Consider dividing or sharing the meal| then add a side salad or simple steamed vegetables to create some balance. Even better? A variety of tastes is more likely to leave you satisfied so that you’re not tempted to grab a snack later on.

| Think Beyond the Calories

The issue: Just because a meal is low in calories doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for you. That “healthy”” macaroni and cheese may clock in under 400 calories| but the dense| carb-packed dinner can be high in unwanted ingredients u2014 and 7 Recipes That Kick the Carbs Out of Pasta