Restricted only Mac version Free Download


MAC browser version is restricted only cloud browser is the domestic independent kernel desktop browser products, the first dual-core browse mode, on the basis of safe, fast, to ensure the compatibility of online banking, online shopping sites, travel 3 in-browser cloud advertising filtering system, powerful and easy to use, to ensure that the user is in when browsing the web without any advertising.

software feature

stable and high-performance browsing experience

based on mature core, browse the Internet speed increase. Optimized for user habits.

at any time synchronization network favorites

will be collected through maxthon account storage cloud, anytime and anywhere to enjoy synchronization services.

cross-platform personal account system

whether you are using Windows or Mac, you can manage with the same account.

intimate security and privacy protection

account data encryption storage, providing thoughtful use of trace cleaning mechanism, comprehensive protection of Internet privacy.

cloud service

cloud push – support cross-platform device (Windows, Android, iOS) transmission of text, pictures and links And supports various file formats to download

cloud tag – open tag content on other devices at any time. At present, it supports arbitrary synchronization with Windows, Android and iOS multi-platform devices.>

super drag

page can drag and drop links open in new TAB page

drag and drop images can view the pictures in the new tag or directly save to the desktop

drag and drop text using the default search engine,

mouse gestures

the right mouse button to draw a simple trajectory can be done browsing the web need operation, such as refresh, closing tag,

custom track and operation


0 support Flash game page


plug-in feature

plugins center provides many practical function extension

compatible with other vendors plug-in


close security privacy

encrypted storage of account data

Restricted only Mac version Free Download

Ten thousand people grab a ticket alliance Mac version Free Download

million ticket snatching alliance Mac version is a ticket snatching software produced by qunar travel on the Mac platform. The Mac version of the alliance connects directly to qunar, helping users snap up train tickets with a success rate of up to 80 percent.

software features

as long as you purchase the train ticket, then you can use SMS verification code to log in your account on your MAC computer.

ten thousand people rob ticket alliance Mac version

all men, grab your ticket rob ticket speed x3

ticket to the alliance members help each other,

where ten thousand people rob ticket alliance for Mac

hang the longer, the higher success rate

hang up, the longer the alliance will allocate more members get ticket for you

Ten thousand people grab a ticket alliance Mac version Free Download