Altitude Intimates April 2018 Recap

Kixies' Samantha DeMartini with Tara Stravinsky of Tyes by Tara

Above: Kixies’ Samantha DeMartini with Tara Stravinsky of Tyes by Tara.

“It was a relaxing environment and I felt like I could talk to buyers about anything and get to know them a different level.” – Colette Khalil, Colette & Sebastian.

There’s one moment from last month’s Altitude Intimates trade show that’s engrained in my memory: two exhibitors, Samantha DeMartini of Kix’ies and Tara Stravinsky of, hugging underneath the glow of the Paris hotel’s Eiffel Tower with buyers and fellow designers enjoying a pool-side networking party.

Altitude Pool Party. Photo by David Cherkis

Photo by David Cherkis.

“It was amazing to see everyone together, getting along and having fun after an intense day,” said Colette & Sebastian founder, Colette Khalil. “It was a relaxing environment and I felt like I could talk to buyers about anything and get to know them a different level.”

Altitude Intimates April 2018 Runway Show

Allure at the Altitude runway show. Photo by David Cherkis.

Allure at the Altitude runway show. Photo by David Cherkis.

Earlier that day, Altitude kicked off its third edition with a lingerie fashion show at the Paris ballroom featuring 60+ looks from 11 lingerie, accessory and menswear brands. Retailers snapped photos and enjoyed the hour long presentation that playfully spilled into their seats.

Rago at Altitude Intimates. Photo by David Cherkis

Above. Rago at Altitude Intimates. Photo by David Cherkis. If the voice announcing brands sounded familiar, that’s because it was Coquette’s Marcus Horea on the microphone.

“The Altitude show has been a breath of fresh air! The manufacturers have done a tremendous job in creating a new show where the industry can mingle, learn and work.” – Pilar Quintana-Williams, VP of Merchandising,

The brand-owned trade show is becoming a community event drawing in a wide spectrum of buyers thanks to highlights like the Altitude pool party, runway show, and seminars that educate retailers and speak to their real-world concerns. Amenities like free breakfasts and lunches continue to cement visitors’ and exhibitors’ appreciation.

The five seminars drew in about 100+ attendees and topics range from Lingerie Trends to Intellectual Property.

Altitude Intimates April 2018 Visitors

Oh la la Cheri booth at Altitude Intimates. Photo by David Cherkis

Above: Oh la la Cheri booth at Altitude Intimates. Photo by David Cherkis.

From April 17 – 19, 2018, Altitude said it hosted 78 exhibitors and drew in approximately 1,200 buyers. Brands like Allure, Entrenue, Hoss International, G-World Intimates and Escante amongst others showcased a variety of intimate apparel styles, accessories and pleasure products.

Adore Intimates Peline Kurtdarcan with buyers at Altitude

Above: Adore Intimates Peline Kurtdarcan with buyers at Altitude.

“I am 100% satisfied with the show — it blew me away,” said Coco & Lola’s General Manager, Kayla Parker. “Our vendors stepped up their game at the show and we went in big with brands like Oh La La Cheri, Coquette, Colette & Sebastian, Fantasy Lingerie and Mapale.

Buyer Reactions

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Above: AJ Johnson, manager at the Adam & Eve in Greenfield, Massachusetts, gives her impression of Altitude.

Scott McGregor, owner of the Adam & Eve in Greenfield, Massachusetts added that he felt this year’s show was more organized and noted some of the brands his shop was bringing in from Altitude include Rago, iCollection, Glitter, Dreamgirl, Music Legs, Shirley of Hollywood, and Male Power.

Exhibitor Reactions

Seven til Midnight at Altitude Intimates. Photo by David Cherkis

Above: Seven ’til Midnight at Altitude Intimates. Photo by David Cherkis.

Exhibitors were also pleased by the results at Altitude and it was clear that visitors were doing business at booths. Several brands like reported orders written at the show. “I walked into the show early one morning and the buyer’s at Aren’t We Naught in Toronto were there to place an order.” said founder, Tara Stravinsky.

Colette Khalil of Colette & Sebastian said that thanks to the show, her brand is now stocked at 12 new locations. “The buyers you meet at this show are different. They are ready to try new brands and give you a chance,” said Colette of her experience.

Looking to the Future

Fantasy Lingerie booth at Altitude. Photo by David Cherkis

Above: Fantasy Lingerie booth at Altitude. Photo by David Cherkis.

Several brands and buyers we talked too have already committed to going back to the show and expressed hope that there will be a Fall show or a combined effort with the New International Lingerie Show. We’ll announce the new Altitude Show dates as soon as the organizers release them on their website.

Learn More about the Altitude Show

For further information about the upcoming Altitude Intimates show please contact Alanah Bushfield at (615) 924-4822 or email


Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection

Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection

When it comes to handmade to order lingerie, Sandmaiden is well known within the independent lingerie market, and has been a staple to handmade lingerie lovers since 2009. Amanda Boyd, the designer and owner behind the Seattle-based brand, has been selling her beautiful crafted creations on Etsy ever since, growing to be one of the most popular handmade lingerie brands to sell on the Etsy marketplace.

Amanda creates beautiful lingerie and nightwear using natural fibers such as cotton, cashmere, silk yarn, and merino wool. Her designs offer something for every taste, from lace underwire bras and matching panties to soft flowing mesh babydolls to soft bamboo kimono robes. She has garnered a following of dedicated lingerie lovers and her Etsy shop’s popularity has grown consistently throughout the years as she adds new collections, designs and an array of beautiful natural colors to her collection, such as lovely olive green and rich burgundy.

Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection

Comfort is important to Amanda, which is why she decided to create Sandmaiden. She wanted to offer other women like her a place to find beautifully made garments that were not only pretty, but were comfortable enough for wear for both day and night. She believes in creating eco-conscious items, and sources mostly natural fibers for all of her creations. Amanda focuses on the inner sensuality, allowing women to feel beautiful in her designs by crafting what she calls garments designed as “a celebration of every day occasions”. With sizes ranging from XS-XL, Amanda also offers extra options on items including “petite” and “tall”, and offers bras in band sizes 30-40 and cup sizes B-D.

Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection

The brand offers a variety of different lingerie collections for each season, including their best-selling Nouveau bamboo collection, Ruffles sheer mesh collection and their Cupid collection of lace lingerie. Each collection is cohesive with the brand’s aesthetic but also works as a collection on it’s own, offering a full range of styles in each collection. You can also shop past seasons’ collections often at discount.

Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection

Sandmaiden was one of the first indie lingerie brands I discovered back in 2009. Back then, the market for handmade lingerie was just starting and Sandmaiden was definitely part of the forefront. Her beautiful nightwear and loungewear is elegant and comforting, while maintaining beautiful feminine designs that can be worn and layered as daywear or worn for lounge and nightwear. I love that the brand uses many eco-friendly materials and fabrics, and even hand-dyes some of their pieces. It’s such a special way to buy lingerie for yourself or someone that you love. By choosing to shop small through this woman-owned business, you are not only helping a small business but you are adding a lovely piece of lingerie to your wardrobe that is aesthetically pleasing and ideal for mix-and-matching with other pieces in the Sandmaiden collection.

While each collection stands alone, many of the pieces are so cohesive that you can mix and match the perfect nightwear look using pieces from Amanda’s different collections. Her Romantic collection, made of sheer soft mesh would look lovely paired with pieces from the silk chiffon collection entitled, Brook.

Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection

Sandmaiden has something for every season, whether you’re looking for a cashmere robe to keep you warm or a merino wool shrug for the cooler months, or are looking for something light and breathable like the bamboo romper from the Cathedral collection or the light organic cotton tap pants from the Myrtle collection.

Sandmaiden has created a shop for those who love both beauty and comfort, and her wide variety of products are suitable for any time of day and any season. You can shop the entire range of collections at Sandmaiden on Etsy.

To learn more about Sandmaiden contact


Sandmaiden Gallery
Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection
Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection
Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection

Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection
Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection
Sandmaiden Lingerie Collection

Rihanna Launches SavageXFenty

Rihanna Launches SavageXFenty

“We want to make people look good and feel good,” – Rihanna.

The long-awaited collection by superstar Rihanna, SavageXFenty, was released today, at exactly 12am EST. Fans and lingerie lovers from all over the world have been expecting the launch since last month, with hints that have been dropped by the brand’s and Rihanna’s instagram accounts. After the success of Fenty Beauty, the star’s beauty line, it’s no surprise that her lingerie line carried the same hype and attracted so many followers. As expected, some styles are already sold out this morning.

Rihanna Launches SavageXFenty

Rihanna, as always, brings diversity to her products, featuring a wide range of models. Buyers have clearly been looking for brands that represents them not only with different faces than the average European-looking models but also with a large range of sizing. SavagexFenty have listened and, together with a line that have seven colors categorized as nudes (Bare, Honey, Tobacco, Brown Sugar, Spiced, Cocoa and Caviar) but also sizes that go up to, at least now, 44DD and 3XL, which is plenty to a new lingerie line. “We want to make people look good and feel good,” Rihanna on the website, and her fans definitely think that she achieved it.

Rihanna Launches SavageXFenty

Featuring pieces that range from everyday basics, such as the t-shirt bra, to boudoir essentials, the line has styles for every taste, with an everyday sexy vibe, that aims to make wearers feel sensual but also comfortable. The quality have not been tested yet by customers or bloggers that we know of. Prices start at $16.50 for some microfiber panties and go up to $97.80 for the lace corsets.

Rihanna Launches SavageXFenty

SavageXFenty is sure to shake up the lingerie industry, proving, just like Fenty Beauty did, that models with different skin tones and sizes are desired by customers as they want to feel represented.

Rihanna Launches SavageXFenty

Learn more about SavageXFenty


Bumbrella Panty Slip Product Review

bumbrella two in one panty slip

“As promised, the bumbrella ‘conceals without the squeeze.’ The waistband stays up without giving the wearer that dreaded mid-stomach seam that ruins those light and sheer dresses of summer.”

As a lingerie-aficionado, I’m always excited to try out new silhouettes and innovative pieces to see what the future holds for the worlds of intimates. So, as you can imagine, I was excited to review the reimagined half-slip from buzzworthy brand, bumbrella.

With a new, patented design, the brand has created a modern half-slip known as the bumbrella. As Tara Gallagher, President of CiCi Soleil Ltd, explained to The Lingerie Journal in a previous article, “The bumbrella features an integrated panty that keeps the slip in place so it won’t twist, turn or creep up.”

Available in three shades—nude, black and true blue – I received the black half-slip in both the thong and hipster brief styles.

With summer around the corner, the idea of streamlining my undergarments sounds magical. However, a two-in-one product always fills me unwarranted hesitation. I always wonder, “Will one of its functions be compromised in order to fit in two separate functions into one garment?” So, I held my breath when I opened my two packages from bumbrella and prepared to try them on.

Bumbrella Hang Tag. Photo by Rachel O'Donnell

The hangtag on the garment is very cute with a blue and white umbrella inspired design. The tag reads, “Sunshine can illuminate ideas at unexpected moments. The bumbrella was born after realizing my black dress was transparent in the sunlight. The bumbrella’s modern silhouette conceals without the squeeze. It offers a cool solution for all women, curvy or slip, to feel confident and free. CiCi says embrace your shape…be authentic…just be”.

Bumbrella Hipster Brief. Photo by Rachel O'Donnell

“The lightweight half-slip was certainly soft to the touch and very breathable.”

So far, so good! I love the inclusive message and branding. It is definitely much more hip and relatable compared to the slips offered at most department stores that are only sold as “solutionwear” and are purely functional.

Bumbrella Product Review

The lightweight half-slip was certainly soft to the touch and very breathable. The biggest difference I noticed with the bumbrella compared to most slips was the soft waistband. As promised, the bumbrella ‘conceals without the squeeze’, although elasticated, the waistband stays up without giving the wearer that dreaded mid-stomach seam that ruins those light and sheer dresses of summer. Since bumbrella’s aim is to conceal, it does not provide any sort of shaping. If you are looking for a more heavy duty shapewear inspired half-slip, this may not be ideal. But, as someone who is looking for as little VPL (or VSL in this case) this is a major plus for me.

Bumbrella Product Review

The bumbrella reaches right below the navel and its hemline reaches around mid-thigh for most wearers. As an unexpected, but delightfully appreciated perk, bumbrella is also great for mommy’s-to-be! Their website size guide explains, “Bumbrella works well with growing baby bumps, too! Simply position the soft-edge waistband where it feels most comfortable. We recommend wearing the waistband beneath your bump for optimum comfort, but you know your body best!”

For those not expecting, it’s still important to find the right size for you and your body type. As the company advises, “If your bumbrella doesn’t hang freely around your hips in it’s comfortable A-line shape, you risk the nuisance of ride-up or visible pantylines. The slip portion will pull tightly across your bum and creep up when you walk…Don’t be afraid to size up!”

As someone who wears a dress-size 2 or 4, I selected the size small and it fit great!

Bumbrella Product Review

Bumbrella also comes with a thong or hipster brief option. I was more partial to the hipster brief option as a matter of personal preference but the thong bumbrella option is also nice. The thong is a nice standard width and not a teeny-tiny little string, adding to the comfort for all-day wear! Both styles feature a cotton gusset, which is more breathable and hygienic, especially during the summer!

As with most high quality intimates, the bumbrella is hand-wash only. Oddly enough, it’s the garments that you hand-wash that last the longest, not the machine wash items, so give your bumbrella the love and care it deserves and it’ll be your go-to half-slip for years to come! And with three different color-ways and two different panty styles, there’s an option for everyone, no matter the occasion or season!

Learn More About Bumbrella


Wonderform Intimates Balconette Bra Review

Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra Review

“This bra was designed to be the perfect layering piece. How cute would this be under a white buttoned down and a pair of jeans?”

It looks like summer is finally here! And after the past few days of horrendous rain, what is a girl to do? I will cross my fingers tightly and hope the sunshine and warm weather is here to stay.

Seems a little silly, but I would venture to guess I’m not the only one partaking in this. Here we are, transitioning from one season to the next. This is a time filled with warmth, rays of sunshine (again, my fingers are crossed) and countless amounts of outdoor parties. I’ll be nosey and go ahead and ask if you’ve treated yourself to a new set of summer lingerie? I’m not referring to your basic sets (although, those are important too), but something that is fun and vibrant. A style you could show off by layering underneath your top. It is summer after all.

An Unforgettable Balconette Bra

Wonderform Intimates  Unforgettable Strappy Balconette bra
If you haven’t found a set that has caught your eye yet, don’t sweat it. I’ll be happy share with you one of my latest obsessions – the Unforgettable Strappy Balconette bra and thong, in blue/black, by Wonderform Intimates. They were kind enough to let me try out one of their products to try and review. And let me start off by saying the “unforgettable” title is entirely accurate because once you put it on, you won’t want to take it off. What’s more, it totals out to less than $50 (you just can’t beat it). I am wearing a 32D bra size and medium panties.

Comfort, Style, and Coverage

Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra Review

“This bra was designed to be the perfect layering piece.”

Personally, I am all about my lingerie pieces having a multi-purpose. What is the point of spending time and money picking out an item you only wear once? Ladies, It’s so important to find pieces that are comfortable, pretty, and highlight your best assets. Something that you won’t dread wearing all day at work and then well into the night for drinks with co-workers. And this piece is perfect for providing the comfort and coverage by day, with the splash of fashion by night.

This bra was designed to be the perfect layering piece. It features cute strappy details paired with a blue lush lace. How cute would this be under a white buttoned down and a pair of jeans? You can even open up a button, or two, to show off the style a little bit. Or would that push the limits a touch too far? Hey, whatever works for you.

Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra

Balconette bras are widely known to have shorter cups, which ultimately leads to less coverage. They round out the breast, and push them up ever so slightly to create a little bit of cleavage. And yes, this bra will give you just that. Do not become discouraged by the term “shorter cups,” they completely covered my nipples with no issues.

If you were to take a look at the inside of the cup, you’d notice there are multiple seams. This is what the industry would define as a cut-and-sew bra. That means various pieces of fabric were used to create one full cup. It’s intended to help conform to the shape of your breasts, in this case giving you a little extra cleavage. Typically, it represents a higher quality bra.

Quality Construction

Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra Review

Let’s get into the band, which is a highly important feature as a majority of the support is placed here. This particular band is built to last, combined with the double layer of mesh and slightly snug fit. Remember, the garment will stretch over time due to wash and wear so it’s better to get an option that is a little tighter from the beginning.

Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra Review

The matching thong is also cut from the same durable mesh as the band. Except it is constructed with a single layer. It does stretch a bit but fits me better as a low-rise piece. I think a large would have been a better option, to lie nicely over my hips. However, this is a personal struggle, and my panty size literally varies from one brand to the next.

This set is also available in a white option, which can be beautiful for a bridal moment, or for a brighter alternative to the blue and black. Either color, you won’t regret treating yourself to this lovely and unforgettable style.

Learn more about Wonderform Intimates

Call Toll Free: 1-844-388-5010

Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra Gallery
Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra Review
Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra Review
Wonderform Intimates Unforgettable Strappy Balconette Bra Review

Bra Fitting Guide

Curvy Couture Bra Review

We’ve probably all heard the statistics – “80% of women are in the wrong bra size” and while that may sound unbelievable, as a professional bra fitter, I can vouch for the fact that it’s true! Why? Well, firstly, a lot of us have grown up not really knowing how a bra is meant to fit, and secondly when we have had a bra fitting, it has often been undertaken with a tape measure – which is rarely accurate.

The most experienced and skilled professional bra fitters use the ‘fit by sight’ technique. This means they are able to look at a customer and instantly tell them the bra size they need – and actually it is the most accurate way of fitting! Plus, once you understand how bras are made, it becomes fairly simple.

Most bra manufacturers use the same size bra underwire to cover more than one size. For example, the wire that is used for a 34B is also used in a 36A and a 32C bra. This means that the volume in the cup of each of these sizes is the same, and the main difference is the firmness in the back.

This principle is called ‘cross matching’ or ‘sister sizing’ and is explained on this easy to use chart

Bra Fitting Guide

Why does it matter? Well, quite simply, after years of bra fitting, I can confidently say that the most common thing I see is women wearing a back size that is too loose and as a result being able to fit their breasts into a smaller cup size than is ideal. For example the 32d woman who doesn’t realize how securely a bra should fit in the back may wear a loose back e.g. a 36. In a 36 back she will only need a b cup to accommodate the volume of her breasts – BUT usually doesn’t realize that it accommodates her breasts very badly and she’s actually getting very little support and no shape at all! Here’s an example:

Bra Fitting Guide

If this all sounds a bit like a mystical art – don’t despair! As someone who trains professional bra fitters, the good news is there are a few top tips I can share to enable you to have a go at fitting at home! All you need is:

1. A mirror that allows you to see the top half of your body from the front, side and back
2. To wear one of your newest , best fitting bras, fastened on the loosest hook with the straps adjusted
about half way up – make sure you know the exact size of the bra you are wearing
3. To follow the 2 Step Formula below

The 2-Step Formula to Bra Fitting

The simple formula for bra fitting is:

1) to determine the back size (e.g. 32, 34, 36) and then
2) to determine the cup size (e.g. b/c/d/e) that you need.

The first step will determine the back size. If, after you have followed this step, you find that you need to reduce the back size by 1 or 2 sizes, you will need to automatically increase the cup size by the same number of sizes otherwise the cup will be too small.

You then need to make further changes to the cup size if you spot any of the other signs that the cup
size is wrong in the next step.

How to Do It:

Stand in front of a mirror that shows your top half clearly. With your top off, but your bra on, you
are going to simply observe the fit.

Step 1: Work out the Back Size

Stand side on in the mirror and look at the band of your bra: Your bra band should form a straight horizontal line across your body when you look at it side on. You should be able to put two fingers underneath the band but not pull it out any more than that.

– If the band is higher at the back than at the front and/or you can fit more than 2 fingers under the band at the back, then the back size is too big. If it rides up a lot and has a lot of room in the back then it is probably 2 sizes too big!

– If you can’t fit any fingers under the back band and it feels uncomfortably tight, then the back size is too small (this is not a common problem though!)

Now face the mirror and look at the straps of your bra: Your bra straps should sit firmly in the middle of your shoulders without digging in or leaving indentations, and only require tightening half way. You should be able to pull the straps of your bra down and find your bra doesn’t really move
when it is ‘strapless’.

– If the bra straps are leaving indentations in your shoulders or falling off, and/or if your bra feels loose or moves around when you lower your bra straps, then the back size is too big. If it does these things when the straps are fully tightened, it is probably 2 sizes too big.

– If your breasts are well supported but the straps are digging in to your shoulders then this actually suggests the straps are too tight (this is not a common problem though!)

How to work out your new back size:

If you see any one or more of these signs, then the back size is wrong. Note down your new back size: e.g. if you are wearing a 36 back and the back band looks too big, go down to a 34 (or a 32 if it looks very big.)

The pictures below demonstrate this.

Bra Fitting GuideBACK BAND TOO BIG – the back band is riding up and the straps are digging in
Bra Fitting GuideBACK BAND TOO BIG – the straps are falling down,
indicating the back band is too big

Step 2: Work out the Cup Size

Work Out your new Base Cup Size: If your back size has changed, then your starting cup size will have changed too! If, for example, you have reduced the back size by 1 or 2 sizes, you will need to automatically increase the cup size by the same number of sizes before you start, otherwise it will be too small – so work out your new cup size first e.g. if you were wearing a 36b and have calculated that you need a 32 back, you will need a 32d.

Use our sister size chart to work out your new cup size easily:

Bra Fitting Guide

Now check, if you need to make any further changes to the cup size – facing the mirror look at the front of your bra:

The centre of the bra that sits between the cups should lie flat against your body, with no gaps. If the centre of the bra sticks out or there is any room between the centre piece and your body, the bra cup is too small.

Your breasts should be fully contained in the cups with no gaps and nothing popping out (i.e. no ‘double boob’ effect!). If your breasts spill out over the top or at the side of the cups rather than leaving a smooth line, the cups are too small.

The breasts should be fully contained within the wire, the wire should clear the entire breast at the side and feel hard to touch with no ‘squidginess’. If the underwire at the side of your bra is soft and squidgy to touch, rather than firm , the cup size is too small.

When you try a top on and turn side on to the mirror you should see a smooth line under your clothes, with no bumps over the top of the cup. If you can see lumps and bumps, the cup size is too small.

If there are gaps in the cup, even when you hold the back band as tight as possible, your cup size is too big – this is less common however and usually caused by the back band being too big so make sure you check this after holding the back band tight

How to work out your new cup size:

If you see any one or more of these signs then the cup size needs to be adjusted. If they are very pronounced then the cup size needs adjusting by 2 or more sizes.

Note down your new cup size: e.g. if you started as a 32d and the cup looks too small, go up to a 32dd or a 32e if it looks very small. (If you are buying a range that doesn’t offer a dd simply go to the e cup)

The pictures below demonstrate this.
Bra Fitting GuideCUP SIZE TOO SMALL – the underwire is too far forward and
sitting on breast tissue & the centre front is not flat
Bra Fitting GuideTWO CUP SIZES TOO SMALL – the underwire is sitting fully on the breast with breast tissue poking out of the
cup and the centre front does not touch the chest wall at all

You’re Done!

And that’s it! Now you know your correct bra size, there’s only one more thing to do – go bra shopping!

Nobody is ever the same size in every bra so always remember to try each bra on and check the fit – and if you need any more help, or a phone or skype fitting, here are a few people, trained by Pudding, who can help:

And finally, if you need any more inspiration take a look at these before and after pictures. All these women have simply had a bra fitting – no surgery needed!

Before & After:

Bra Fitting Guide

Happy Fitting!

Mimi Holliday Core Bra Silhouettes

Mimi Holliday Core Bra Silhouettes

“No matter what you desire, Mimi Holliday has a bra for you!”

From bralettes to push ups adorned with eyelash lace, sheer mesh, high voltage colors, embroidered hearts and swans…the bras in the Mimi Holliday universe are as varied, eclectic and beautiful as the women who wear them.

Designer and brand founder, Damaris Evans, made sure her bras shared two qualities across the board: fit and comfort. This month, Damaris sat down with the Lingerie Journal to walk us through her brand’s core bra silhouettes.

Each of these styles is expertly crafted to provide a specific shape and caters to a customer’s needs and support demands proving that no matter what you desire, Mimi Holliday has a bra for you!

Triangle Bras

Mimi Holliday Core Bra Silhouettes

“Small cups already know that they can flip between the different styles, but larger cups may not realize that they too can enjoy a look with no underwire.” -Damaris Evans

Summer is the season of bralettes! Mimi Holliday is celebrated for their comfy and sexy Triangle Bras that provide a more relaxed shape for the warmer seasons. “There are a couple of variations on our Triangle Bra; naughty ones that fasten at the front, ones with a delicate lace creeping up to the shoulder; dainty cups and ones with underbands that wrap the body,” says the company. Damaris recommends trying out their Pina Colada D’or Triangle Bra or their Chi Chi Bleu Triangle Bra.

Mimi Holliday is often thought of as a brand for the small-busted. Damaris explains, “We have many followers for the 34B and 32C sizes, however, we create high fashion bras for sizes up to a GG cup. I understand pattern cutting as well design, which means we can create lingerie that fits for pretty much everyone.” The lingerie designer continues, “Fit is integral to Mimi Holliday. The reason why we are a number one brand is that our formula just works! Function, fit and fashion all rolled into one beautiful brand!”

Comfort Bras

Mimi Holliday Core Bra Silhouettes

One bra style that works for bigger busts from Mimi Holliday is the Comfort Bra. The style has been an international best-seller for over ten years and it’s no wonder. “From a 28B to a 40E and up to a GG in-between, this bra is serious business in the most delightfully pretty, sexy, lush, everything way possible,” Says Damaris. “Engineered to fit like it’s bespoke, the Mimi Holliday Comfort Bra is a one part, darted cup crafted from lace and pure silk. Completely supportive and offering gentle uplift and natural cleavage, the breast sits encased and comfortable in the sexily semi-sheer cup.” Ready to get cozy? The Beau Daiquiri Comfort Bra from SS18 will steal your heart!

Maxi Bras

Mimi Holliday Core Bra Silhouettes
Sometimes more is more, especially with Mimi Holliday’s Maxi bra. The Maxi bra is true to its name and provides “…maximum support, maximum comfort and maximum seduction,” says Damaris. Perfect for the fuller bust, the maxi bra features soft silk wide straps, a tri-panel design, extra hook closures on back and best of all power lace built into Mimi Holliday’s signature pure silk designs. This season, you can brighten up your lingerie drawer with the Coco Loco Maxi Bra, now available in a high-voltage color combo of electric aqua and fuchsia.

Padded-Pushup Bra

Mimi Holliday Core Bra Silhouettes

Looking for a boost? Mimi Holliday also provides padded options with its Padded-Push Up Bra. The padding in this piece is about 1cm worth of natural cotton, so it will smooth without dramatically adding to your silhouette. It also features a deep plunge, which exposes more of the décolletage than other cups. This bra style is perfect all sizes and is engineered to prevent spilling over the cups.

These are only a few of the fabulous bra shape options from Mimi Holliday. They have plenty of other exciting style options including the classic Balcony bra shape and their beautiful and supportive Shoulder Bra. Mimi Holliday continues to rule the lingerie universe with its focus on fit and fashion and we can’t wait to see what style and innovations this British brand will bring into the future!

Learn more about the Mimi Holliday Core Bra Silhouettes


Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

Melissa Cherniss wearing Allure Lingerie's Sienna Teddy

“Thankfully, the bodysuits sent by Allure have reminded me that there is no reason to want to look like anyone else and that my body is beautiful just the way it is.”

I‘ll go ahead and share with you a little secret. Bodysuits are probably my favorite piece of lingerie. I mean, is there a more natural layering piece?

They are so simple to style right into your everyday outfit. Better yet, they are practically perfect for just about any occasion. They are especially helpful for those mornings when you press the snooze button too many times, or when you’re looking to spice things up for date night. You know, something that will help make your partner wonder a bit.

But let’s face it; nailing the fit to any style bodysuit can be tricky. Not only do you have to take your dress size into account, but also your bra size and height.

We’ll use my body, for example: Bra Size: 34D | Dress/Pant Size: 6/8 | Height: 5’9

I have a constant dilemma of what size to order, even more so, now that I am struggling with my new body image. I haven’t knocked off those few pounds from this past holiday season. I’m not going to lie, these changes to my body have left me with insecurities. I’ve been reluctant to try out any new bodysuits that are a tad more revealing because I’m afraid that I won’t look like the models posing in the pictures.

Thankfully, the bodysuits sent by Allure have reminded me that there is no reason to want to look like anyone else and that my body is beautiful just the way it is. My worries about the size and fit were gone when I stepped into the first style. It makes sense that Allure knows how to make a bodysuit, seeing they are celebrating their 25th anniversary.

The Candy Teddy

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

“It is a fierce look—the mesh and faux leather fabric give the style a unique edginess.”

With the luck of the bodysuit, this was the first style I tried on. I was slightly apprehensive on the fit at first, because I was given a size s/m. So, I quickly slipped it on and immediately paired it off with black jeans and leopard booties. I walked over to my hotel mirror and stood there for a moment stunned. My instincts lead me to grab my purse and leather jacket to go out and explore Denver because for the first time, in a long time, I felt hot.

It is a fierce look—the mesh and faux leather fabric give the style a unique edginess. It’s quite easy to put on. Like other bodysuits, you step right in and then place the top half over your head.

Don’t worry, there is quite a bit of stretch in the faux leather. The stretchiness also allows the style to contour nicely over the body, highlighting your best assets. It doesn’t cut into your hips, whatsoever, nor does it give any VPL (visible panty lines). This means it can be styled with just about any bottom you can think of, like dress pants or pencil skirts. Ladies, it’s all about the pieces you can wear on multiple occasions. Oh, and let’s not forget about the shoulders. Again, the fabric is flexible and lies nicely over your shoulder area. No awkward arm bulge. Seriously, this piece is so flattering over every curve.

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

Can we address the front design for a hot second? Talk about a statement. And I am totally OBSESSED. The mesh actually continues well past the belly-button, ending closer to the pelvic bone. I love how it’s sheer over most of the body, but full coverage entirely over the breasts. Plus, it’s nice to have a thicker fabric during colder moments, if you know what I mean. There were zero issues with the placement of the covered material. I thought maybe after walking a block or two I would have to adjust myself. But a quick peek in the bathroom confirmed that everything was in place. The bottom half also held up during my walk. Briefs are typically a hard style for my body type. Usually, with every single step, a piece of fabric will slow ride higher and higher. Eventually turning the piece into the most uncomfortable garment ever to be made. But there is something about the material and design that keeps everything flat and secured. Sitting up and down, after ordering two Shirley Temple’s was not a dreadful experience.

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

Overall, this bodysuit would be a great addition to anyone’s lingerie collection. It’s versatile, flattering with a touch of edginess. What more could a girl ask for?

The Sienna Teddy

Melissa Cherniss wears Allure Lingerie's Sienna Teddy

“I’ve got to say, Allure really knows drama and how to make a statement.”

Allure was kind enough to send me a second style to try on and review. It’s quite the contrary to the Candy bodysuit, given the dramatic lace details. It has a much more romantic vibe, if you will. I think this would be an excellent pick for date night. You will undoubtedly, have your partner’s attention entirely focused on you. (But remember, it’s more important to feel confident for yourself, rather than trying to please someone else).

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

Just like any bodysuit, this one you step right into. What is unique to this bodysuit is that there is a fasten on the neck strap for easy access, making it much easier than trying to fit your head through the neck hole. And you do not have to worry about it stretching out too much. But getting the hook unfastened can be a bit tricky. So please do not get discouraged if it doesn’t unfasten your very first try (it took me a few times to get it undone). No need to panic, my trick is pretty simple. Start by laying the neck strap flat onto your neck. Then go ahead, and place your right hand on the hook, and your left hand over the loop. Now, push the hook all the way to the left side of the looped fabric. It should then easily slide right up and release out.

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

“These bodysuits have helped lift my spirits, to remind me that I am beautiful just the way I am.”

Also be sure to tie the ribbon tight, before putting on the bodysuit. It was a touch tricky trying to fight off gravity, holding my breasts, and tying a piece of string. Save yourself the agony and do it beforehand, trust me on this.

Overall, I found this piece to be extremely comfortable. So much so that I decided to lie around in bed all morning waiting for room service. (Don’t worry, I wore a robe when answering the door.) I know that we can be a little picky when it comes to our lace pieces. We’re looking for something that’s easy on the eye, contains a bit of stretch, and does not irritate the skin. That’s not too much to ask for, right? Well, I think this piece hits all of the criteria, and better yet, it forms nicely over the body.

Let’s get back into the beautiful neckline. I’ve got to say, Allure really knows drama and how to make a statement. The eyelash trim is probably my favorite little detail on this piece. But I am all about my garments having the added “je ne sais quoi” feature. Unfortunately, this piece was a little bit difficult to move around in. The moment I lifted my arm, a boob would pop out (not a cute look). With that being said, one size up (l/xl) would solve that problem.

I would highly recommend either piece from their 25th Anniversary Collection. These bodysuits have helped lift my spirits, to remind me that I am beautiful just the way I am. Everyone deserves a chance to capture that feeling. Thank you Allure! And ladies, go take your pick!

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Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Gallery
Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review
Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review
Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review
Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review
Allure Lingerie Bodysuit Review

Trouvai SS18 Collection – Intentional

Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional

Nigerian Premium Lingerie brand Trouvai has unveiled its SS18 collection – INTENTIONAL.

For this collection the brand’s Designer and Founder Abisola Latzel, created pieces that show the unapologetic beauty and confidence of todays’ modern woman who is not afraid to embrace and love her sensuality.

Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional

“The pieces are designed to blur the lines between lingerie and fashion. Lingerie that can be worn behind closed doors, as well as a part of everyday style. Thus taking you from one aspect of life to the next seamlessly.” said Abisola.

Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional

The INTENTIONAL Collection includes nightwear pieces, sheer mesh basque, harness bralette sets and delicate lace bodysuits.

“Strapping details that deliver on structure, and delicate modern lace designs in bold colours, make these pieces must haves for every season,” added Abisola.

Learn More about the Trouvai SS18 Collection – Intentional


Trouvai SS18 Collection – Intentional Gallery
Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional
Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional
Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional

Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional
Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional
Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional

Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional
Trouvai SS18 Collection Intentional

Lingerie Trade Show Booths

Lingerie Trade Show Booths Naked Princess Thongs

It’s amazing what a brand can do with a blank space. From transporting buyers to the runway to showcasing beautiful visual merchandising styles, lingerie trade show booths are inspiring!

Today, we’ve gathered images of some of the most striking lingerie trade show booths from the past two years from shows like CURVE, the Lingerie Selection, the New International Lingerie Show and Altitude Intimates. Scroll down to enjoy:

CURVENEWYORK Concepts Lounge

CURVENEWYORK February 2018 Concepts Lounge Elipse

Above: Ellipse Lingerie display at the CURVE.

I’m still talking about how well CURVE put together their concepts lounge and the images are still wonderful to look at.

the Lingerie Selection – EricaM

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Erica M

Above: EricaM at the Lingerie Selection.

At the Lingerie Selection there aren’t traditional booths. Each designer has a generous amount of space to showcase their collections. Last year, EricaM crafted this amazing display of her gorgeous hosiery collection. No matter from what angle you approached, you were sure to see her brand’s artistry in full display.

New International Lingerie Show – Just to Flirt

Just to Flirt

Just to Flirt thongs at NILS.

Cheeky! It’s the best (and most fun) word to use to describe how Just to Flirt displayed their colorful collection of thongs. The booth was surrounded by metal rings with thongs arranged beautifully on each one.

Altitude Intimates – Mapale

Altitude Intimates Mapale booth

Above: Mapale’s Runway Booth.

What better way to see a brand’s collection than on a model walking down the runway. This is what Mapale does each season with their beautiful runway booth. Buyers love the interactive nature of the show and gives them a chance for much needed time off their feet!

Altitude Intimates – Fantasy Lingerie

Altitude Fantasy Lingerie Booth

Above: Fantasy Lingerie.

Fantasy Lingerie had a great Instagrammable sit down area for buyers to relax in and take some photos with the Fantasy booth in the background and branding in the foreground.

Lingerie Trade Show Schedules

Interested in learning what shows are coming up this summer? Follow the link HERE to see show dates for CURVE (NYC and Las Vegas), the Lingerie Selection, the New International Lingerie Show and Altitude Intimates.