Inspire Psyche Terry Teams with the Curvy Fashionista for Photoshoot

Inspire Psyche Terry Teams with the Curvy Fashionista for Photoshoot

“Marie Denee is a beautiful woman and she embodies what we believe in…” – Psyche Terry.

As part of its debut, Inspire Psyche Terry teamed with well-known fashion and lifestyle blogger, Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista, for a photoshoot featuring the new collection.

On her blog, Denee expressed an initial hesitation towards the idea of posing in lingerie, but embraced the opportunity and was pleasantly surprised with the results.

“I needed to do this for myself, to face this and to show myself I could,” she writes in her post on January 9. “Even before I saw my pictures, I felt sexy, confident, bold, silly, and playful. All at once. Add to the fact that the lingerie was comfortable and sensual? Listen! What a better way to start my new year, than with a campaign that literally threw me out of my comfort zone, into a new place of self-exploration and confidence.”

Inspire Psyche Terry Teams with the Curvy Fashionista for Photoshoot

Chief inspiration officer, Psyche Terry, says the post received some of the highest views and comments The Curvy Fashionista has recorded to date. “I think that’s because a lot of women were able to open up and respond to the fact that she took a risk and put herself out there,” she says. “She went after this goal of posing in lingerie.”

Terry initially reached out to Denee to do the shoot because she wanted to showcase the collection with women who truly embodied the brand. Inspire Psyche Terry is an inclusive lingerie collection. It touts a unique design process in which styles are designed for a size 20 and then scaled down all the way to a size four. “Inspire Psyche Terry is all about innovation and fit and emotional engagement with the customer,” Terry says. “It’s really engaged around the woman’s body and how gorgeous her features are at every stage.”

“Marie is a beautiful woman and she embodies what we believe in,” she continues. “We believe in entrepreneurs, this millennial generation that goes through the process and gets what they deserve, what makes their heart tick.”

Inspire Psyche Terry Teams with the Curvy Fashionista for Photoshoot

In her post, Denee shares a similar view of the collection and its creator. “For me, having sat with and chatted up Psyche on more than one occasion, you can hear and see her passion to bring fashionable, functional, and accessible lingerie options to women,” she writes. “For her, it is more than just a lingerie line, it is reaching deeper, below the surface and celebrating the essence of who we are. Which, interestingly, is what I had the chance to do for myself, with this campaign.”

Due to the success of the blog post, Inspire Psyche Terry also ran an online contest urging women to post photos in their lingerie. “They tagged photos to @InspirePsyche and we picked a winner for the babydoll Marie posed in,” says Terry.

Terry says that they have received a flood of interest from other online influencers wanting to pose in the collection. “Other people want that romantic feeling she gave off in those photos,” she says. Future plans for the company do include working with more online influencers for an online television show called, “Lingerie Confessions”. For this project, Terry and her husband will work with a woman to give her a lingerie makeover.

Inspire Psyche Terry Teams with the Curvy Fashionista for Photoshoot

The line is available at and will be sold at this spring.

Learn More

Contact: Psyche Terry



Striking a pose and sharing some laughs with Natalie Hrassnigg, Sales and Marketing Assistant at Anita. I wore a Mesh corset by Phaze Clothing paired with Peek-A-Boo Black Balcony Bra by Dear Scantilly and a sheer bolero from my personal collection. I collaborated with both lingerie brands last year and I wanted to show that you can wear Lingerie as outerwear and create a chic professional look.

Last month I had the pleasure of attending my first CURVEXPO in Las Vegas that took place at Mandalay Bay from February 21 – 23, 2017. CURVELASVEGAS was hosted by Project Womens and was part of the Magic Show where clothing brands from all over the world were exhibiting as well. I was thrilled when I found out that The Lingerie Journal granted me two press badges for myself and my husband, Jason Kamimura Photography so that I could get you the best lingerie insights for fuller figure and fuller bust gals. Pleiades of lingerie and swimwear brands were part of the event, but I decided to focus on the ones that gave me private interviews and exclusives on the release of their new collections.

On the first day, I stopped by the Anita booth and I even got a chance to get fitted and found out that I was a size 36H in their lingerie. It’s always interesting how sizing varies from one lingerie brand to another and it can be a little daunting. But the entire team was very helpful and was able to answer all of my questions. I met with Natalie Hrassnigg who is the Sales and Marketing Assistant at Anita. This year they are celebrating Anita’s 130th Anniversary, the German brand started in 1886 in Dresden. I was immediately intrigued as I am always fascinated by brands with a long history, I think that’s the vintage aficionado in me.

Anita is known to be a lingerie brand specializing in both nursing bras and post-surgical lingerie, but what was presented to me was both sexy, practical and sleek. I especially loved the Comfort Corselet in the gorgeous Fiore color that would complement a lot of women’s skin tones.


Presenting the Comfort corselet available in Cups B through E at the Anita booth.
Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography.

Pin Me Up Las Vegas

I loved the simplicity of this Black lace lingerie set, with the detail of a red bow on both the bra and the high waist panties. It probably is the pin-up in me but this is the most classic set one could ever get. As Dita Von Teese once said, black lingerie looks great on every woman.

As we looked at other bra sets, the fiery red sport set from Anita Active really caught my attention. I have been trying to make healthier choices for the past year and I have been attending spin classes diligently at least 3 to 4 times a week. To this day I still don’t own good sports bras simply because I couldn’t find one that looks good enough and is in my size.

I usually wear gorgeous lingerie sets on a daily basis, so finding a set that is in such a rich shade of red and with high waist panties really got me excited. This lingerie set is part of a limited edition and I would definitely suggest that you keep your eyes on that one, as this will give you maximum support and keep you fierce and glammed up for any workout. Red certainly evokes confidence and seduction, two feelings we don’t always feel while working out.

This style is coming out on August 2017 and will be available in Cups A through G. I can hardly wait to get my hands on that one.

Named 255 Limited Edition as part of the Anita Active line. Photo Credit: Jason Kamimura Photography.

I loved that Anita had two models with two different body types. Diversity is so much needed in the industry, as customers want to be able to relate to the models they see when they shop. Seen here are Hope McBane @hrmtalent and Amber Coyne @ambercoyne
Photo by Jason Kamimura Photography

With Steve Chernoff Chairman of Rago Shapewear.

Since we are talking about lingerie with a history, I had to make a stop by the Rago Shapewear booth. If you are passionate about vintage or achieving that perfect hourglass silhouette from the 1950s, this brand will resonate with you. Rago Shapewear has “ over 65 years of experience for creating beautiful, high-quality, made-in-the-USA body shaping garments, Unique designs, best materials, excellent workmanship, and perfect fit.”

As a pin-up model I cannot tell you how excited I was when I was able to get a meeting with Steve Chernoff, Chairman of Rago Shapewear. He gave me a full presentation about the history of the brand and shared video clips with me from shows such as Dr Oz, Mad Men, Masters of Sex, Boardwalk Empire, The View and media such as Instyle Magazine, Glamour or Oprah Magazine. I used to watch Mad Men, which was a show set in the 1960s that had gorgeous actresses such as Christina Hendricks wearing vintage and vintage inspired lingerie. I do remember seeing Rago Shapewear on that show and being able to meet someone from the brand was one of the highlights for my first time attending CURVELASVEGAS. I couldn’t pick everything that was presented to me, so I decided to focus on the products that were shown to me on their lovely model. All Rago products come with what Steve calls “The no roll guarantee” meaning that if you wear their shapewear underneath your clothes you will not see any rolls.

Their model was wearing the Long Leg Shaper paired with a long line bra and a lace waist cincher. I have never owned any of the Rago Shapewear lingerie but I have been dying to purchase a few products for the tummy control. My tummy is still my most troubling area. Thankfully Rago has everything from cinchers, to high waist panties that will help with that. I also do have my eye on their gorgeous corselette but I have yet to figure out the sizing. There weren’t any new releases presented to me that day, as they were all lingerie designs that are part of their permanent collection. I hope to collaborate with them in the future and do a full review on some of my favorite pieces from them. So Stay tuned!


Here with Chelsea Shagi The Marketing coordinator at Eveden Inc. I am wearing a black bodysuit designed by Ashley Graham for Addition Elle. I reviewed it in my previous column and you can see it here worn as outerwear and paired with a sheer tie top by Loco Lindo and black pencil skirt.

The Eveden Inc. booth that gathered Freya, Fantasie, Goddess, Huit and Elomi, occupied most of our time on the third day of attending CURVELASVEGAS. We sat down with Chelsea Shagi, the Marketing Coordinator at Eveden Inc., who gave us a full two-and-a-half-hour presentation. The amount of information was so broad and we are so grateful to have had a private appointment to share on The Lingerie Journal. I made sure that my favorite lingerie and swimwear sets were photographed and I cannot wait to share them with you.

To begin with, I loved all the jewel tone lingerie sets from the Goddess collection, their model Jihan Amer who is a Canadian Curvy model, based in Los Angeles (Instagram: @jihanamer ) got me hooked on every single set, because of her sassy attitude while she presented each set.

Miss Jihan Amer is the face of the entire Autumn/Winter 2017 Goddess Collection, and you can see her flawless beauty on the cover of their catalogue and throughout the pages.

I have to say it’s exciting to see some diversity and I love that Eveden Inc. chose her as she truly embodies what a true goddess is.

Jihan Amer @jihanamer is the face of the Goddess Lingerie brand part of Eveden Inc., wearing The Kiera bra in a gorgeous Plum colorway pairs a semi-sheer top-cup with a luscious satin fabric. This bra is available in many different colorways, including a Scarlet and Chocolate.

I got really excited when I saw Goddess’s “Bustier Basque”, which is their oldest design. I own a Bustier Basque that is vintage and I can’t stress enough how flawless the construction is. This staple that evokes the 1950s pin-up would be my go to bustier to wear underneath any dress or pencil skirt, or even on your wedding day. Available in UK sizes 32 through 44, up to a HH cup. I love the shape of this simple, but chic lingerie staple that every woman should own. I love that it offers lower coverage at the neckline, firm support and boned cups for a super fit and hold. While I was visiting the Eveden Inc. booth I received a second bra fitting session from Teresa Anderson-Sharma and found out I was a 34HH in their lingerie.

Bustier Basque from the Goddess brand, is a long line strapless bra that has been around since the 1950s.

Elomi “ Beautiful lingerie for the curvier figure” really lives up to its name with this stunning purple and hot pink set. The Mathilda by Elomi has an embroidered top cup that emulates rows of beads in a gorgeous shade of violet and fuschia, one of my favorite color combination.
Model is Jihan Amer @jihanamer

The Cate bra and matching panties in a gorgeous Stormy blue colorway pairs a semi-sheer top-cup with a luscious satin fabric and stunning Art Deco detail. This is part of The Elomi collection, that looks pretty similar to Goddess. Model is Jihan Amer @jihanamer

From the Freya collection the one model that caught my attention was the Bralette in Soiree Lace. Crafted from a rich stretch geometric lace, the whole collection is a true show stopper. However, the longline bra was probably one of my favorites that was presented to me that day. The whole set looks like a spiderweb print and I know my retro aficionados will love that print that is always so popular among us pin up gals and beyond .
Available in sizes 28-36 up to a G cup.


We ran out of time and I wasn’t able to see any of the Fantasie lingerie sets, but when I flipped through the pages of their catalogue I was floored. I love their Elemental collection that hommages nature and uses soft hues, such as light pink and cream. I especially loved The Marianna set and its mix of cornflower colorway and light pink.


This leads us to swimwear and the two brands from Eveden Inc. that caught my attention were Freya Swim and Fantasie. Let’s start with Freya because a lot of the collection reminded me of my French background. I especially loved the Drift Away sets that evokes Saint-Tropez as it was portrayed back in the days with Icons like Brigitte Bardot. These sets have a lot of navy stripes and I love their simple and chic feel. I only regret that this collection doesn’t include any high waist bottoms as they were a big deal in the 1950s and they are my go to style for perfect tummy control.

The bras are available from size 30-36 G or HH depending on the models presented. Some of the bottoms go up to a size XXL.

The bondi set lives up to its name and really reminded me of the 1960s Bond girl, Ursula Andress or more recently Halle Berry. I wish that some of these sets were presented to me, as I feel so inspired looking at them now and I could see myself wear them. Sadly, the bottoms only go up to XL but the bras go from 30-38G.

Something that really stuck with me from Eveden Inc. and most of their swimsuits is that they had an underwire. I can’t stress enough how annoying it is to purchase a swimsuit that is supposed to be plus size but doesn’t include support for the girls. Now I know not every plus size gal has a big chest, but a lot of us do. So I thought it was fabulous to see that the girls would receive full support in a bandeau or one piece swimsuit.

From the Fantasie swim collection, the Mustique print was my favorite. It exists in three different styles. And I love the one piece as much as I love the bikini set. This gorgeous collection is botanical inspired with gorgeous fuchsia hues and jade green accents.

Special note on the gorgeous matching pareo that can be worn over your swim set or as a dress. I am dying to add this one to my growing swimwear collection. This will be perfect for a tropical vacation or to head to Catalina Island if you are from the West Coast and don’t want to go too far.

Bandeau Adjustable side suit from the Fantasie Swim collection.

I can’t tell you how helpful it was for me to attend CURVELASVEGAS as I discovered new lingerie brands and found out that my options to look fabulous in lingerie and swimwear were much broader than I thought they were. And I really want for this column to be about opening you up to a variety of options to dress your bodies in pretty lingerie and swimwear, especially as fuller bust gals. The media always seems to perpetuate the misconception that pretty lingerie sets are only for certain body types and my mission with Pin Me Up is to defeat that.

I hope that you will feel inspired by the lingerie and swimwear brands shared on Pin Me Up.
I encourage you to try new styles and experiment, as it is a lot of fun to do. I think I have said it in the past, wearing lingerie is a celebration of ourselves as women and embracing all of our bodies! So just go for it and keep owning who you are, as there is something for everyone.

With love Jenny �

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Overview of CURVELASVEGAS at the Mandalay Bay. Photo Jason Kamimura Photography.

London Lingerie Tour

By Manoela Marandino

London is a city made for those who adore underpinnings.

London Lingerie Tour

Whenever I step outside with my Oyster card, ready to take the town, my days turn into a mixture of beautiful pieces, antique lace, prosecco in fitting rooms and stores that make me feel at home.

Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty sure any person, no matter their style or preferences, could have fun in London all year round, but the city surely does a good job fulfilling all my lingerie dreams.

London Lingerie Tour

This February, I arrived once again in London, making it the 7th time around the city. This time, I aimed to do a little bit of research on brands for my final college work and, as always, keep track of what’s happening on the lingerie world in terms of materials used, fit of the pieces, stores and all that.

My first stop was at my favourite spot in the city: Coco de Mer.

London Lingerie Tour

I am, particularly, a lover of all things that feature aesthetics inspired by erotic elements. I am definitely not a collector or an expert, but my appreciation for it makes me love Coco de Mer not only for the beautiful pieces they sell and make, but also for the store decoration and all the great things they promote. The spot, near the very touristic center of the city, is heaven for erotic lingerie lovers.

I had the chance to see and buy a couple of pieces from their 50 Shades Darker collection, which was fantastic for me, as this is a beautiful collection that retails for a low price and still carries the Coco de Mer fashion. A set by Pleasure State grabbed my attention, too, and I could not resist buying it when I tried it on in their fitting room. A good fitting room is essencial to a store and Coco de Mer does it in a perfect way.

After that, I really needed some rest from the highly sexual pieces, and travelled all the way to Notting Hill to meet Maz, spokesperson for Emma Harris Lingerie – a brand that I deeply admire for their timeless pieces and high skilled craftsmanship.

London Lingerie Tour

The hard work focused on reintroducing artisan skills in luxury lingerie, combined with the finest materials (silk, Nottingham lace and leavers lace) and the service provided (all lingerie is made to order on their factory!) result in exquisite pieces that seem to reveal the true meaning of elegance.

Maz, who always greets me with the biggest smile and a hot cup of delicious english tea, showed me the latest collection, featuring classic pieces in champagne and powder blue. After showing me the pieces and telling me more about the brand and the fabrication process, she asked me if I would like to play dress up with the pieces. Oh, what a lovely way to spend a cold London afternoon, tea and lingerie!

London Lingerie Tour

Speaking of Notting Hill, which is one of my favourites spots in London, it was on the Portobello Road Market that I discovered Eleven Black Bow, an independent lingerie brand founded by two women and sold in one of the market stalls. I am a lover of independent lingerie brands (specially being a designer myself since 2014!), and to be able to discover new people making beautiful work is always a great pleasure. I bought myself a pair of panties, very happy to be contributing to the work of people who love lingerie as much as I do.

London Lingerie Tour

Another spot, by the middle of Oxford Street, which is impossible to ignore is Selfridges. Their now Body Studio, which was once the Lingerie Department, features tons of beautiful, well-known brands and some smaller ones. Roaming around the shop is pure joy – the minimalistic decoration contrasts with the pieces full of details, from brands like Gilda & Pearl, I.D. Sarrieri, La Perla and even basics like Calvin Klein.

London Lingerie Tour

Although I always seem to think that 14 days is not enough to fully experience the city, I had plenty of time to buy new great pieces for my closet. Hopefully I will be able to come back soon, always in the quest for new pieces, amazing details, information and good times.

Curvy Couture Sport Launches

Curvy Couture Sport Bra in Black

Comfort, style and support come together in the new line of plus-sized sports bras from Curvy Couture.

“We’re really trying to end the whole stigma of plus-sized women having to wear two sports bras to the gym,” says Summer Rose, director of digital marketing and ecommerce. “That can end with these bras. We’re excited and the feedback so far has been positive.”

Curvy Couture Sport: Ultimate, Zip and Confident Fit

Curvy Couture Sports Bra Collection
The collection includes three bras. The Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports bra and the Zip Fit Underwire Sports bra are available this month. The Confident Fit Wire Free Sports bra will be released in July. Each is made from a performance, moisture-wicking fabric and breathable mesh panels.

The Ultimate Fit Underwire sports bra is meant for super high impact activity and features cross-back straps and molded cups with zones compression. It comes in black and heather grey. “Our new breathable stretch mesh helps give her more comfort,” says Rose. “This allows for the bra to lay softly and makes her experience more comfortable.”

Curvy Couture Sport Bra in Dusty Blue

The Zip Fit bra is a medium impact sports bra perfect for activities such as hiking and cycling. It comes in dusty blue and black.

Curvy Couture Sport Zip Fit Underwire Sports Bra in Dusty Blue

“Inside the bra you have two hooks that latch before you zip it up,” says Rose. “This helps to make sure everything is in place and that it goes on more smoothly. She adds that the bra goes on like a vest, rather than having to be pulled over the head and shoulders. “Having it be front closure was a solution we haven’t seen in plus sizes,” she says. “The straps are adjustable in the front, so you don’t have to reach around back to adjust.”

Questions about Curvy Couture Sport?

For more information about the bras please visit, or email for wholesale inquiries.

Lingerie Selection February 2017 Recap

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Recap Layneau detail

Above: Layneau.

Lingerie is an intimate experience.

From walking into a boutique, guiding a hand over eyelash lace and taking a few pieces into a fitting room, shopping for intimates can be a sensuous and relaxing process for consumers.

Last year, three designers — Maggie Gillette, Alessandra Baker and Melissa Franchi — wanted to make the buying experience for retailers just as special with the launch of the Lingerie Selection (TLS).

the Lingerie Selection Founders

Above and from left: Melissa Franchi, Nevaeh Intimates; Alessandra Baker, Alessandra Mackenzie and Maggie Gillette of the Giving Bride.

Crafted as exclusive trade experience, TLS’s first show bundled three luxurious brands in a relaxing setting in which buyers could connect with designers and their creations on a deeper level.

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017

“[Retailers] are looking for some place interesting where they can pick up unique garments and understand the story behind the brand…” – Maggie Gillette.

It was a success and February’s TLS at Daylight Studios in New York City featured eight brands: Suzy Black, Faelyn, Erica M., Layneau, Madalynne Intimates, Nevaeh, The Giving Bride and Alessandra Mackenzie.

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017

For two days, buyers, press and designers met in a regal setting away from the noise and clatter of the city streets and a crowded convention center.

“Visitors commented that it was nice to have a large selection of lingerie, sleepwear, loungewear, bras, basics, high-end lace in one location.” said Maggie.

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 EricaM with Model

Above: Erica M.’s founder Erica Young with model at TLS.

Buyer traffic increased from the last edition and Maggie and Alessandra credit the show’s format as the driving force behind the improvement.

“[Retailers] are looking for some place interesting where they can pick up unique garments and understand the story behind the brand,” said Maggie. “So I think for buyers who are really looking to connect with designers, TLS is a great option for them.”

More than a Trade Show

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Suzy Black

Above: Suzy Black’s founder Diondra Julian.

With the goal of creating a great trade experience under their belts, the Lingerie Selection is also becoming an extension of its founders’ desire to help independent brands grow their business.

“Our exhibitors appreciated that they were showcasing with other independent designers,” said Alessandra. “They got to know each other, talked about challenges and successes of running an independent label — things that other people wouldn’t understand.”

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Faelyn

Above: Emily Bertovich, founder of Faelyn.

The show organizers noted that TLS becomes a collaborative effort between the brands with each designer learning from each other and folded into a growing network that includes visiting buyers and press.

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Madalynne

Above: Madalynne Intimates.

“It was inspiring to be next to these ladies, all of us supporting and rooting each other on,” said Maddie Flanigan of Madalynne. “The first day, we hung out by our rack chatting with buyers. My favorite boutique was Étaín in Portland, Maine.

If you missed TLS in February, don’t worry, the show returns to New York City from August 8 – 9, 2017 at Daylight Studios (450 West 31st Street, 8th Floor).

Lingerie Selection February 2017 Recap

Interested buyers and press should register to attend in order to receive updates. And brands thinking about exhibiting with TLS should email:

The show is a gem of an experience during the trade show season. Daylight Studios is extremely close to Javits so it isn’t out of the way.

“TLS is something that’s going to continue to grow as buyers look for ways to differentiate products that are coming into their boutiques,” said Maggie. “We offer an event that’s totally different and essential for retailers.”

Learn More


Lingerie Selection February 2017 Recap Gallery

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Suzy Black
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Suzy Black
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Neveah Melissa Franchi

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Nevaeh
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Madalynne
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Madalynne

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Layneau detail
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 the Giving Bride
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 the Giving Bride

the Lingerie Selection Founders
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Faelyn
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Faelyn

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 EricaM with Model
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Erica M
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Erica M

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Alessandra Mackenzie
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017 Alessandra Mackenzie
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017

the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017
the Lingerie Selection Feb 2017


CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Rya Collection Embroidered Fringed Flower

Above: Rya Collection. Photos by Krystal Peto for the Lingerie Journal.

“Design-wise, this was one of the more exciting [CURVE] shows I’ve been to within the last few seasons.” – Cora Harrington, the Lingerie Addict.

Fringed embroidered flowers, hand-covered satin buttons, roses seemingly brushed on fabric and a star chart stitched on a pair of sheer knickers.

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Va Bien star chart set

These are some of the visual and tactile memories from CURVENEWYORK that stand out for me weeks after the show ended in early March.

It was a treat (and refreshing) to see highly creative and unique designs from brands like Rya Collection, Amoralle, AJOUR, Ginia, Nüdwear, Adina Reay, and Va Bien — amongst many others — at the show.

amoralle bodysuit

Amoralle’s founder, Inese Ozola, said each satin button on this bodysuit is expertly hand-covered.

“After years of neutral t-shirt bras and iterative bondage-style designs, I felt like brands were making more of an effort to connect with their historical and aesthetic roots,” said Cora Harrington, founder of the Lingerie Addict. ”There seemed to be an overall sense of ‘Playing it safe isn’t working, so let’s see what happens when we get a little creative.’ Design-wise, this was one of the more exciting shows I’ve been to within the last few seasons.”

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Dominique Booth

Above: Dominique Intimate Apparel. The brand showcased their updated Aimee Bra at the show

Antonia Townsend, founder and Chief Knicker Officer of the Enclosed said of the show: “I like how designers are taking risks. AJOUR caught my eye with a hot fuchsia set that’s wonderful and unique which is exactly what we’re looking for — things women can’t find at a department store.”

Decades of Lingerie

Lingerie Brands Celebrating milestones

Brands like Hanky Panky, Natori, the Little Bra Company and Oh La La Cheri also celebrated huge milestones from 10 to 40 years in business at the same time as CURVEXPO.

And this is what continues to make CURVE a great business opportunity – they help connect brands with buyers. The show has been doing this for years now — 10 in fact.

At this edition of CURVENEWYORK, the organizers celebrated their 10th Anniversary. To highlight their Lingerie Tin, CURVE partnered with seven exhibiting brands for a retrospective exhibition at Javits.

Lovely visit from @ASOS buyer Rachel with our CEO/Founder Dora Lau at the Curvy Couture booth! @curvexpo

— Curvy Couture (@CurvyCouture1) March 2, 2017

Visitors browsed through styles and best-sellers that have become ubiquitous in the lingerie market from Anita, Chantelle, Eveden, Hanky Panky, Leonisa, Lise Charmel, Montelle, Panache, Simone Perele and Wacoal. Also featured were the top trends over a decade by Cora from (pictured below).

CURVENEWYORK 10 Year Exhibition

The celebration continued with the CURVE 10 Year Anniversary Gala to honor the community brought together a decade ago by the CURVE founders, Laurence and Jean-Luc Teinturier. The gala was also a nonprofit occasion and CURVE, in support of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), donated all gala proceeds to BCRF.

Innerwear & Outerwear Blurred

Loulette Malva Lace Crop Top

Above: Loulette Malva Lace Crop Top.

Walking the event, the Lingerie Journal team also found that several brands like Loulette and Arianne were incorporating ready-to-wear pieces into their collections or helping retailers visualize how consumers should think about their lingerie as fashion foundations.

This is notable because so many buyers like those from Belle Mode Intimates naturally come to CURVE with this mentality on behalf of their customers:

Loving this versatile bodysuit by @HankyPankyLtd at @curvexpo meant to crossover as an outerwear piece! #fallfashion #lingerie #curveny

— Belle Mode Intimates (@BelleModeVA) March 1, 2017

Arianne’s Melitta Boisvert echoed these sentiments saying, “[Retailers] want to see how a bra works under a shirt. I show them how our tops can be layering pieces for their customers.”

Arianne Lace Tops

Above: Arianne Lace Tops.

CURVENEWYORK FW17: Ones to Watch

There were quite a few brands at CURVENEWYORK that made more than a few people do a double take and spend some extra time at their booth. We wanted to take a second here to showcase a few of those brands for our readers just in case they missed them at Javits.

Mayana Genevière

Mayana Geneviere

When I was walking the show, my wife was still pregnant with our son and maternity and nursing intimates were defiantly on my mind. And quite a few brands perked my interest, but I was truly impressed by Nadine M. Woods’ vision for her brand, Mayana Genevière.

Described as, “…a high luxe, intimate apparel line designed to celebrate and support the journey of womanhood. Initially created to bridge the gap between fashion lingerie and maternity undergarments (with a focus on the restoration required during postnatal recovery), this innovative intimate apparel brand has evolved into a versatile line capturing the essence and needs of a woman as she transitions through life’s many stages.

Uwila Warrior

uwila warrior

Underwear is fun. Sometimes we lose sight of this and it’s great to see a brand like Uwila Warrior bring color, vibrancy and whimsy into their design process.

The brand was founded on one simple belief: Women shouldn’t have to twist their bodies and lifestyles into underwear that only fits sometimes – they should have unapologetically colorful, beautiful, and comfortable underwear that fits every moment of their lives.


CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Giapenta Bra

Coming off a successful Kickstarter Campaign, Giapenta showcased their luxurious collection intimates at CURVE. The brand’s collection is beautiful and there’s some serious fabric tech behind each piece. Giapenta is designed to proactively balance body temperature and incorporates other design solutions to their intimates more comfortable and fit better.

CURVEXPO Summer 2017

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Eberjey booth
Our coverage of CURVE continues with our new Buyer’s Guide coming out in the next few days and if you missed CURVELASVEGAS, Jenny Rieu put together an amazing recap of the Vegas show that you can ready HERE. So stay tuned for more on the show from TLJ and mark your calendars:

CURVENEWYORK returns to Jacob Javits this summer from August 6 – 8, 2017.


CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Dominique Booth
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Rya Collection Embroidered Fringed Flower
CURVENEWYORK 10 Year Exhibition

Loulette Malva Lace Crop Top
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Va Bien star chart set
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Giapenta Bra

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Eberjey booth
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Triumph Bodysuit
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Trasparenze booth

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Simone Perele Models
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Rya Collection floral set
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Rya Collection Embroidered Fringed Flower detail

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Rya Collection 3
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Rya Collection 2
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Panache Sports Bra

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Panache Bra
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Nudewear robes
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Nudewear robes close up

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap nudewear booth team
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Nubian Skin model
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Nubian Skin display

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Naked Princess Thongs
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Montelle

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Lise Charmel model
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Les Jupons de Tess panty

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Les Jupons de Tess booth
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Knicker Luxe
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Just Sexy Lingerie

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Hanro booth
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Glamory and Knicker Luxe

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Felina cami robe set
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Escora Model
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Empreinte Booth with buyers

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Edge o Beyond
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Eberjey x Rebecca Taylor
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Derek Rose

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Curvy Couture Booth
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Charnos bra
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Changewear details

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Antigel bras
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Amoralle set
CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Va Bien booth

CURVENEWYORK FW17 Recap Triumph Models

PARFAIT Launches “Lingerie Success” Podcast Series For Retailers

Lingerie Success Podcast

PARFAIT is thrilled to announce the launch of their “Lingerie Success” podcast series, designed to help intimates retailers grow and maximize their selling success in today’s increasingly competitive retail market. Produced in-house, the weekly series features a dynamic 30-minute podcast committed to offering insight and guidance to brick & mortar lingerie boutiques and specialty shops.

The series kicked off this past week with the first episode, “Using Google to Drive Business to Your Lingerie Store.” Retailers can listen in via Soundcloud, Google Play or iTunes, and all podcast episodes are further housed online at:

Parfait FW17 Lingerie Collection

Above: Parfait FW17.

“We are big believers of providing value to the lingerie business community,” says Kristoffer Cardona, PARFAIT’s Marketing Manager. “After speaking with hundreds of lingerie boutiques about both challenges and successes, we decided to launch this podcast series to offer a further resource of tips, strategies and information tailored specifically to the needs and goals of the lingerie store owner.”

Keys to Success

Parfait Charlotte Bra
Committed to producing powerful yet practical information, the podcast series centers around three key target areas:

1) How to reach new shoppers and drive more foot traffic into your store
2) How to drive repeat purchase ability and increased spend over time from the same shoppers
3) How to best share your store’s success to further grow and develop a loyal customer base.

Episode topics include best marketing strategies, selling tips and tools, retail news, industry interviews and more, presented in an efficient, easy-to-digest manner adaptable to each store owner’s unique needs.

Together with PARFAIT’s recently launched in-house blog, the brand now offers a complete set of resources for both the consumer and industry – all underscored by a core mission to inspire, educate, and engage today’s no limits woman through inclusive, positive and empowering messaging.

About Parfait
Dedicated to fit and innovative styling, Parfait collections are designed in both fit and silhouette to elegantly embrace and enhance the body, from petite to full figure. Styles range from bra and brief sets to bustiers and best-selling babydolls, available in sizing from 28-44 bands, A-K cups, and XS-4XL bottoms. The Parfait woman is independent and confident, fashion forward and discerning. She pays utmost attention to fit in her bras and lingerie and wishes for stylish, comfortable, quality pieces at an accessible price point. Now women can easily add confidence and style to her lingerie wardrobe just by whipping up a little bit of “Parfait!”

A press & celebrity favorite, Parfait collections have been worn by top actresses, models & performers around the world including Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone, Nicki Minaj, Ashley Graham, Nicole Scherzinger, Gabrielle Union, Alicia Silverstone, British soul singer Lianne La Havas and more. Shot in a Parfait bra on the cover of Allure magazine September 2012, Vergara is quoted saying: “When I find a bra that works for me…” Parfait collections are available at retailers and e-retailers nationwide and throughout the globe.

50 Shades Sexier

Natural Maison Close

Christina wears by Bellevue Thong Body V neck in Ivory by Maison Close.

Story and photography by Becky Yee, Around Digital Media

Around Digital Media is a women owned and operated photo/video studio and production company. The creative team creates amazing photos for e-commerce, lookbooks, publicity and branding and marketing images for intimates, lingerie, swim, activewear, music artist and solopreneurs.

What’s your shade of sexy?

Everyone has their own definition and with over 6 billion people on the planet, that’s a staggering spectrum of sensuality. Lingerie is a great way for everyone to express their own version of sexy. I recently teamed up with brands from around the world to reimagine what sexy can be.


Christina wears Jolidon’s Black Ivy Clandestine Triangle Bra and Suspender in Black.

So check out out some of these looks we pulled from Hanky Panky, Pleasure State, Lou, Bijoux Indiscrets, Mapale, Juana De Arco, Jolidon, Maison Close, Oh La La Cheri, and Britta Uchkamp to inspire you on what sexy can be.

Antique Sexy

Antique Sexy Oh la la Cheri

Oh la la Cheri inspired us with their mesh and lace striped body teddy with cap sleeves for an Antique sexy. The plunging neckline is definitely not your grandma’s lingerie but has classic retro vibe that we love.

Rebel Sexy

Rebe Sexy Mapale

Leather Cage Garter Set by Mapale; Pasties by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Any fans of Sons of Anarchy out there? We called it Rebel Sexy. We paired Mapale Leather Caged Garter set with some leather belts and burlesque nipple tassels. No biker outfit is complete without a cropped black leather jacket. But hard and sexy doesn’t always have to be paired with black leather.

Hard and Sexy Bijoux Indiscrets_Stocking Girl Transparenze

Maze H Harness and Suspender Garters in Brown by Bijoux Indiscrets, Maison Close Les Burlesques Nipples, Scorsese Stockings by Transparenze courtesy of StockinGirl.

Check out Bijoux Indiscrets Maze H-harnesses that come in brown all vegan polyurethane. These harnesses and garters let you channel your inner rebel with a dash of class. Pair this outfit with Scorese stocking by Transparenze courtesy of to give it a fresher rebel sexy look.

Lady Boss Sexy

Lady Boss Sexy Lou and Maison Close Stockingirl Transparenze Bijoux Indiscrets

Anna wears Bra by Lou; La Directrice skirt by Maison Close Skirt. Kristina wears La Directrice Bodysuit by Maison Close and and both wear Vinyl Masks by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Other products that we really loved from Bijoux Indiscrets, the laser cut vinyl reusable masks for our Lady Boss Sexy. We paired this with Maison Close and Babilonia Fancy Stripe and Dot Stocking, but it was the mask that give this look the hint of mystery while still maintaining a modern clean edge.

Modern Sexy

Modern Sexy Jolidon and Bijoux Indiscrets

Anna wears Black Ivy Clandestine Bodysuit by Jolidon and Erika Mask by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Speaking of modern the Jolidon Clandestine Black Ivy Collection is super modern. I fell in love with the H1998 Brazilian cut body suit and fringed panty set. It’s a new sexy that appeals to those with a more modern aesthetic

Urban Sexy

Urban Sexy Lou Pelush

Christina wears Faux Fur by Pelush; Tweed Demi Cup Bra and Boyshorts in Mango by Lou.

Even a brand like Lou can show a contemporary shade of sexy from its traditional french luxury roots. We were thinking outside of the box and made it Urban Sexy by taking their Tweed Demi cup and shorts in Mango and paired it with American luxury Faux Fur Coat by Pelush. The result a fresh new sexy that appeals to the urban market.

Kinky Sexy

Kinky Sexy Britta Uschkamp and Maison Close

YES! Bra from Britta Uchkamp; Chambre des Secrets Catsuit by Maison Close; Les Menottes Volupte Handcuffs by Masion Close and Maze Tassel Chocker by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Feeling frisky? Britta Uchkamp makes soft and kinky lingerie that ties with ribbons and plays with the softer side of bondage chic. Here we have her YES! Bra worn under a Maison Close Chambres Des secrets catsuit and feather cuffs.

Romantic Sexy

Romantic Sexy Hanky Panky and Pleasure State

Anna wears Wink Bralette in Marshmallow by Hanky Panky, Alexandra Tap Pants and D’arcy Delator Kimono by Pleasure State.

Traditions never go out of style so when you are feeling a little more on the romantic side you can always grab your Wink Bralette by Hanky Panky in Marshmallow of course and wear it with a Pleasure State Kimono. You will feel like you never left your honeymoon.

Natural Sexy

Natural Sexy Hanky Panky

Anna wears Bralette and Boyshorts in Chai by Hanky Panky and Hanes T-shirt.

Lets not forget natural sexy never goes out of style. Instead of overly retouched images I also love to see women as they are. Natural sexy and beautiful.

Sporty Sexy

Sporty Sexy Juana De Arco

Anna wears Pan Bra and Coral Panty by Juana De Arco, photo by Becky Yee.

For the active types check out Juana De Arco, their playful one of a kind lingerie screams active fun and whimsical. Sexy can be sporty and sporty can be full of colors and patchwork like the Competition Bra and Boxers.

Sporty Sexy Juana De Arco

Christina wears Competition Bra and Boxers by Juana De Arco.

Whatever shade of sexy you want to use as your muse be inspired and try some sexier shades of sexy.

Models, Anna Iaryn & Christina Knight Q models NYC
Photographer – Becky Yee
Art Director – Lizziee Jerez
Stylist – Kim Dillinger
Stylist Assistant – Adora
Hair & Make up – Benjamin Lamadrid
Production & Retouching by Around Digital Media

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Devon Trunk

This month, Peckham-based lingerie brand Dora Larsen, launched its latest marketing campaign: Lingerie As Art.

In an aim to explore different perspectives on lingerie, each artist and/or photographer was given a set of Dora Larsen and told to take a photograph in any way they please.

The brand exhibits each photo on a weekly basis, accompanied by an interview with each artist, examining their thoughts behind the photos.

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Lolly Orbell

Examples include: Photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz snaps a bra on the floor of her bathroom, using her signature flash film camera. Videographer Ceara McEvoy collaborates with friend Jess Woodley on a moody fashion shoot.

Regular contributor to ‘So It Goes’ magazine, Sophie Wright, hacks away at an image to uncover its different components.

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Ceara McEvoy

Dora Larsen aims to push barriers with marketing campaigns. In a lingerie world often saturated in the ‘hard sell’, the brand acknowledges the changing perspectives of the customer in wanting to develop a more personal relationship with brands.

Dora Larsen: Lingerie as Art
Photo by Sophie Wright

Learn More


Ayten Gasson Lingerie Boutique Milestone

Ayten Gasson Lingerie Boutique

A year ago, Ayten Gasson launched what many in this digitally-oriented world would consider a risky business — a brick-and-mortar lingerie boutique.

The store opened with a concept that set it apart — bringing together slow fashion and ethical manufacturing to life in front of customer’s eyes with designer and owner, Ayten Roberts, sewing beautiful garments from traditional Nottingham lace and Liberty print silks.

The result of this entrepreneurial move? Success!

Inside Ayten Gasson Boutique

The brand’s boutique celebrates a year of business with a celebration on Wednesday May 24, 2017 from 5 – 8pm at 32A Bath Street, Brighton BN1 3TB.

As a thank you to all their customers, fans, followers and friends there will be exclusive discounts and offers throughout the month for both the local guests and the online supporters.

Ayten Gasson © Tigz Rice Studios 2017.

Above: Holly Red Bra And Knicker Set By Ayten Gasson

For the celebrations, Brighton based jewellery brand Toba will be launching their new rose gold collection. The handmade pieces feature goldwrapped freshwater pearls and semi-precious stones.

Visitors will also find luxury stationary artisan Katie Housley, menswear label British Boxers, ethical beauty specialist Kiss the Moon, lingerie by fellow independent lingerie brands Playful Promises and Kiss Me Deadly, and hosiery by Hose.Tights.

Ayten Gasson © Tigz Rice Studios 2017.

Above: Faye Silk Camisole Set By Ayten Gasson.

Ayten added that since opening the boutique, her brand was also named Lingerie Label of the Year by ethical luxury publication Eluxe, as well as making the final four of Lingerie Insight magazine’s Independent Retailer of the Year.

“And online has benefitted from the bricks-and-mortar investment, with more choice in styles and month on month increasing sales coming from customers who value the label’s commitment to ethical production, transparency and store experience,” added Ayten. “Social media has allowed the full breadth of the customer base to follow the story of the brand and each garment from inspiration to production.”

Learn More about Ayten Gasson Lingerie Boutique