4 Basic Ways to Make Your Nose Look Smaller

Raise your hand if you feel happy with the shape of your nose. The chances are that you’re experiencing some dissatisfaction about it, just like most people. The perfect nose requires an ideal genetic combination, which doesn’t happen that frequently.

Even if you’re not in love with your nose shape, there are things you can do about it. Plastic surgery is a last resort option since you can give various other non-invasive possibilities a try.

Expert Level: Contouring

Expert Level- Contouring

Expert Level- Contouring

The clever use of makeup, light and shadow is an ideal possibility for visually “reshaping” your nose. This technique, however, requires creative skill and a lot of practice for perfect results.

Intense contouring will deliver comic results, so it’s important to master this art form before leaving your home. Contouring is all about choosing quality products and having a good makeup application technique.

Shimmery and sparkly contouring powders and shades should be avoided. Matte makeup is a much better possibility, and it will make the outcome look natural.

Now that you’ve chosen the right matte powders, it’s time to learn how to contour your nose.
YouTube has dozens of videos that you can explore to learn the techniques of others. Keep in mind that many famous ladies use contouring to reshape their faces and make their noses look petite. This option is very popular because of the spectacular results it produces. The more you practice, the better you’re going to get at it.

The most basic option involves drawing two darker lines along the sides of the nose. Use highlighting powder in the center. Blend the contour nicely, and you’ll get a much thinner nose without plastic surgery!
Here’s a final tip – check the appearance of your makeup in the sunlight. Everything may look perfect in front of your bathroom mirror but once you go outside, you may find yourself terrified by the results.

The Power of Powder (and Foundation)

The Power of Powder (and Foundation)

The Power of Powder (and Foundation)

Covering some of your facial imperfections will draw attention away from your problem areas and to your most beautiful features. If you don’t have time to do contouring, you can always rely on a bit of foundation and powder to give your face a flawless complexion.

Beautiful skin tone and emphasis on your lips or your eyes will make your nose much less noticeable. You’ll simply need to have a couple of makeup products with you at all times. Getting the perfect skin and hiding those pimples or dark spots isn’t a challenging task.

① Give primer a try, as well. This product is applied before your foundation, and it’s the perfect possibility for correcting a skin problem that you have. Primer is great for covering excessive redness or minimizing visible pores.

② Matte powder will add the finishing touch. A beautiful finish will brighten up your entire face in an instance.

Makeup Artist Level : Bronzing

Makeup Artist Level : Bronzing

Makeup Artist Level : Bronzing

Bronzing is probably the second most popular technique after contouring when it comes to changing the shape of your face or decreasing the size of your nose.

Use your bronzer and an eyeliner brush. Sweep some of the bronzers on both sides of your nose’s bridge. The next step, just like in the case of contouring is… you’ve guessed it – blending!

Brush the bronzer away from the bridge to create shadow there. The central part of your nose will remain the lightest one, which will obviously create the optical illusion of a smaller nose.

① To put even more emphasis on the central part of the nose, you can use a bit of highlighter. You’ll once again have to make sure that your nose is perfectly blended.

② Bronzer can be used to slim down your face because it creates shadows. It’s very easy to transform those round cheeks or get the perfect cheekbones with it.

③ To get the same slimming result, you can also rely on the power of self-tanning products. There are many online videos you can use to learn how self-tanners are applied and which little tricks will make your shape look much slimmer.

Your Other Beautiful Features: Shift the Attention

Your Other Beautiful Features- Shift the Attention

Your Other Beautiful Features- Shift the Attention

Which part of your face do you like the most? That’s the one you should be highlighting rather than worrying about your nose.

① A smokey eye or a bit of dark red lipstick will immediately point all of the attention towards this attractive facial feature. Drawing attention to the part of your face that you like the most is much easier than hiding that imperfection.

② Finally, choose the right hairstyle. Loose curls, and lots of volumes will make your face look smaller. Avoid ponytails and buns because these will draw all of the attention to your face (meaning your nose!).

Find the Balance
These makeup tricks will work for wide noses but girls that have a sharp nose will need to approach the problem in a different way. Keeping makeup soft and finding the perfect balance is going to deliver the best results.

Finally, learn how to embrace your face and all of its features. Confidence is sexy, and if you love the shape of your nose, you’ll make the rest of the world fall in love with it, as well.