This Snacking Habit Is Fewer Calories Than You Think

Surprising news: we may be overestimating how many calories we eat. The New York Times reports that, according to nutrition experts, healthy eaters may be consuming several hundred calories fewer than they think.

The problem lies in the way that calories are counted, which is based on a system from the 1800s that fails to take into account how many calories are lost when we digest foods that are harder to break down, especially those that contain a lot of protein or fiber, like nuts. If your healthy snacking habits include a handful of nuts (and there are many weight-loss reasons to eat them), here’s the good news: one serving of 23 almonds is actually 120 calories instead of 160 calories as they are currently labeled ¡ª 40 fewer calories than previously thought. While these calorie savings shouldn’t give you license to grab a second helping all the time, if you’re trying to lose weight by eating right and counting calories, small savings like this can help you reach your goals.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Nicole Perry