The Quick-to-Make Pizza Crust Your Diet Needs

If you’re craving pizza (heck| who isn’t?!)| here’s a high-fiber crust powered by the tiny yet oh-so-amazing chia seed. A one-tablespoon serving offers four grams of fiber| two grams of protein| and 150 percent of your daily omega-3s. If you’re not into the gelatinous consistency when it’s added to smoothies or made into pudding| then you’re going to love this recipe.

When baked in this basil-garlic whole-wheat crust| chia seeds add a subtle yet satisfying poppy crunch with each bite. Other than that| this tastes like regular pizza dough| but because it’s made without yeast| it takes less time in the kitchen since the dough doesn’t have to rise. This makes for a slightly denser and drier crust| but equally delicious. Get creative with toppings| and enjoy!

Chia-Seed Pizza Crust

From Jenny Sugar| POPSUGAR Fitness

Chia-Seed Pizza Crust


This recipe makes one pizza with regular crust| but you could split the dough and make two thin-crust pizzas instead.