12 No-Cook Breakfasts That Support Your Weight-Loss Goals

12 No-Cook Breakfasts That Support Your Weight-Loss Goals

If you can’t seem to set aside the extra time to cook breakfast in the morning, these no-cook recipes will change your life. Light, delicious, and easy to throw together, all of the following sweet and savory options come together in under two minutes. With these quick recipes under your belt, you’ll never have to skip breakfast again!

| Yogurt Melon Bowl

This elegant melon bowl breakfast takes less than one minute to come together. Add your favorite yogurt to the center of a halved in-season melon and top it off with your favorite fresh fruit and nuts for a simple and refreshing start to your day.

| Ricotta Toast

Ricotta toast is a protein-rich healthy breakfast that goes both ways: sweet and savory. Top yours off with a drizzle of honey (pictured) and fruit of your choice, or chop up some fresh veggies, add spinach or arugula, and top things off with a dash of metabolism-boosting hot sauce or a dollop of tomato sauce. All these combinations are delicious on a whole-grain English muffin or some pita bread.

| Chia Pudding

Very few Paleo-friendly recipes require little to no prep, and that’s why we love this coconut chia pudding. Combine one cup of coconut milk with 1/4 cup of chia seeds and refrigerate it overnight. When you wake up, you’ll have a breakfast treat ready to go! All you need to do is top it off with your favorite nuts or in-season fruit; these chia pudding ideas will get your creative juices flowing in the kitchen.

| Smoked Salmon Breakfast Salad

Who says smoked salmon is just for bagels and cream cheese? Serve up a few slices with mixed greens for a protein-packed, low-carb breakfast. For even more omega-3 power, add diced avocado to your plate.

| Nut Butter Sandwich

Peanut butter sandwiches are a nostalgic no-cook meal that always hit the spot, and they make an easy healthy breakfast. Top yours off with your favorite seeds, nuts, fresh fruit, or jam. Almond butter toast with chia seeds and sliced bananas is one of our favorite satisfying combinations.

| Overnight Oats

It does not get any better than mixing six ingredients together before bed and grabbing a spoon when you’re ready to eat a delicious breakfast; that’s why we love overnight oats. Once you have the basic recipe down, there are so many ways to mix things up! These topping combinations will remind you of a banana split, carrot cake, and more of our favorite sweet treats.

| Acai Bowl

Acai bowls may have a longer list of ingredients, but all you need to do is blend up the base, pour it into a bowl, and top things off. Fresh fruit is a great start, but low-sugar granola, coconut flakes, and hemp seeds are other delicious options you can toss on quickly.

| Cereal or Granola

It doesn’t get any easier than store-bought cereal or granola; it’s fast, inexpensive, and easy to keep handy at the office. However, if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s important to read the nutrition label of your favorite box closely.

Dietician Julie Upton, MS, RD recommends a cereal that includes eight grams of protein and four grams of fiber, and a cereal or granola with no more than 10 grams of sugar per serving. If you are following these rules and still feel like your bowl is holding you back, check out these common cereal mistakes you might be making.

| Avocado Toast

Once you have POPSUGAR Food’s original avocado toast recipe down, the possibilities are endless. Check out these creative topping ideas that include everything from fresh fruit to edible flowers to make this two-ingredient breakfast even better.

| Simple Smoothies

Smoothies are a refreshing and delicious way to offer your body quality nutrition that requires very little prep and a quick blitz in the blender. All these smoothie recipes are awesome, but if you are concerned about spending lots of time chopping and washing a ton of produce, check out eight of our favorite smoothies that keep things fresh and simple with five ingredients or less.

| Hummus and Veggie Toast

Hummus and veggies goes far beyond a mezze platter. This protein-rich spread is an ingredient that deserves a spot on your breakfast plate, too. Spread your favorite hummus on top of bread, add whatever veggies you have in your crisper, and enjoy. This nutrient-dense meal has become one of my go-to breakfasts at the office.

| Yogurt Parfait

Layer up protein-packed yogurt, your favorite fruit, nuts, and cereal in a tall glass for a no-cook delight. If you want something with a little more substance, 1/4 cup of leftover whole grains like quinoa or farro are surprisingly delicious additions to a yogurt bowl u2014 this pumpkin quinoa parfait is proof!