This Is How to Burn Tons More Calories at the Gym

This Is How to Burn Tons More Calories at the Gym

During a busy day| carving out an hour to head to the gym can be tough| so the question is this: are you making the most of those 60 minutes? With a few simple tweaks| you can increase your calorie burn instantly. Try these tips the next time you’re at the gym to maximize your sweat session.

| On the Treadmill

  • Incorporate speed intervals. Playing with your speed not only burns more calories| but it’s also proven to diminish belly fat u2014 a bonus of going faster when running. Here’s a printable 45-minute interval workout for the treadmill.
  • Raise the incline. You’ll not only feel the burn more in your tush and thighs| but working harder also means burning more calories than if you were running on a flat surface.
  • Go a little longer. If you can push it for five extra minutes| you’ll burn close to 50 more calories.
  • Pump those arms! Resist the urge to hold on to the side bars| because the more you move| the more calories you’ll burn.

| On the Elliptical

  • Use the handles to go for a total-body workout. Actively push and pull the handles u2014 don’t just hold on for support u2014 to burn more calories and work your upper body while raising your heart rate.
  • Utilize the resistance. Making your muscles exert more effort is sure to yield a bigger caloric burn.
  • Watch your pace. The graceful motion of the elliptical can lull you into a slow pace| so make sure you’re moving fast enough to get your heart rate up| which is about 140 to 160 strides per minute.
  • Include intervals| alternating between short periods of pushing your body to the max with recovery periods. Here’s a 30-minute elliptical interval workout to try.

| When Strength Training

  • Exercises that utilize your own body weight have been shown to printable no-equipment total-body workout that you can do anywhere!
  • Force your body to work harder by creating instability. Stand on one leg for your biceps curls| or work with an exercise ball or a BOSU. You’ll use more muscles to hold your body steady u2014 not just the ones you’re intending to work.
  • Do supersets| moving quickly from one exercise to the next without resting. This not only saves time so you can get in and out of the gym| but you’re also increasing the intensity to work your muscles harder.
  • Do multitasking moves that work more than one part of the body at once. These plank variations are great examples. You can also combine cardio with strength training by grabbing a kettlebell.