The Best Eleven sweet edible garden ideas

A sweet edible garden is a edible treat constructed to look like a garden built specifically for little kiddos who appreciate eating food that looks like one thing but that is actually something else! The idea is to delight them with crafty substitutions that are tasty that bring to life an image of something in the garden. Check out The 11 Best Sweet Edible Garden Ideas for the best inspiration that your kids will love. Included are a waffle cone garden, a candy carrot garden, a dirt cake, planter box cookies, and more!

11 Waffle Cone Garden Click to Cook It Smart School House
10 Peeps Pudding Cups – Planting Carrots in Oreo Dirt Click to Cook It A Thrifty Mom
9 Pudding Planter Box Cookies Click to Cook It Heavenly Savings
8 Skittles Lollipop Garden Seeds Click to Cook It Smart School House