10 Lingerie Instagrams To Follow

“Instagram is a hybrid site that was designed to show off lifestyle content, but can also be used to extremely effectively promote your business.”

by Holly Jackson

Holly Jackson is a online copywriter and lingerie columnist. She can be found blogging at her website http://www.thefullfiguredchest.com or on working on her goal of filling up an entire closet with lingerie on Twitter @fullfigurechest.

The influence of Tumblr and Pinterest have waned in the lingerie industry, all to be replaced with one gigantic online platform that funnels traffic and influences customer behavior: Instagram.

Instagram is a hybrid site that was designed to show off lifestyle content, but can also be used to extremely effectively promote your business.

Due to the hybrid nature of Instagram, it can be be difficult to figure out what you want to post on your business account. There are some basics to follow like any other online platform (post great photos, have a strong brand image, etc) but Instagram in particular also demands more of a personal touch.

10 Lingerie Instagrams To Follow

Today I’ve rounded up 10 Instagram accounts to follow from various parts of the industry that are doing it right, as well as pointing out some of the reasons they are ahead of their competitors.

Work the Local Vibe

Trashy Diva

Trashy Diva

@trashydivaintimates (Trashy Diva – Lingerie Store)

Trashy Diva is my favorite local lingerie store, but they’ve grown into a nationally recognized brand in the past five years or so. Their Instagram presence is on point, from both the dress boutique and their lingerie boutique branches. Their posts embrace a distinctly New Orleans vibe placing burlesque, sequined and fringed coin belts and elegant lingerie side by side.

Lille Boutique

Lille Boutique

@lilleboutique (Lille Boutique)

Lille Boutique feels like a cool corner of Portland, just from their Instagram photos and bio. Their focus in on high end natural feeling pieces that also embrace organic fabrics and a slight hint of vintage. Their Instagram makes you want to go hang out in their store, pop on a cozy robe and sip some tea with them.

Cool Curators



@shopjournelle (Journelle Lingerie)

Journelle has set itself apart with their amazing online presence as well as their emerging designer program. If you want to shop a tightly curated selection of lingerie and loungewear, Journelle is an easy first port of call. Their taste is impeccable, which is neatly shown off in their artful Instagram photos and informative brand spotlights.

Bravissimo Lingerie


@lovebravissimo (Bravissimo Lingerie)

If you’re busty, you know about Bravissimo. This full bust retailer jumped into the large cup bra market early and has continued to dominate the market in the UK. As a result, their collections curate the best of the full bust market – and now incorporate their own revolutionary designers as well. Their products photos and curve-positive outlook make their Instagram one to follow.

International Style

Princess Tam Tam

Princess Tam Tam

@princessetamtam (Princesse Tam Tam)

This lingerie chain is frequently described as the French version of Victoria’s Secret, but it’s really so much more than that. Their Instagram account showcases their effortlessly chic lingerie and loungewear, along with hi-tech textile pieces for winter. It’s educational, stylish and all quintessentially French.

Bradelis NY

Bradelis NY

@bradelisny (Bradelis – NY)

This Japanese lingerie brand has found home in the New York area, but kept the look that made them so distinctive when they hit the US lingerie scene a few years ago. Bradelis’ pieces are unabashedly feminine: they’re known for girly colors, over the top embroidery and push-up bras that truly defy gravity. I love how their Instagram reflects their unique presence in the industry, all with a big dose of New York attitude.

Indie Tastemakers

Playful Promises

Playful Promises

@playfulpromises (Playful Promises)

Playful Promises made a big splash this year with their curve collection, which they are currently showcasing admirably on their Instagram account. Their side by side images of models of varying body types in their pieces really demonstrates the versatility of their collections, along with their high fashion look.

Erica M


@ericamnyc (Erica M)

Erica M’s edgy pieces quickly caught the eyes of stylish celebrities and fashion stylists, so it’s not surprising that their Instagram account has a lot to work with. What is admirable is the way they channel the edgy fetish side of their brand in a way that still resonates with regular hosiery consumers. We might not all be Beyonce, but the Erica M account makes us feel like we could be.

Nubian Skin

@nubianskin (Nubian Skin)

Nubian Skin has had a big year, so it’s nice to see them showing off all of their accomplishments on their Instagram account. The brand does a great job of balancing positive PR with fighting for great diversity and inclusion within the lingerie industry. Nubian Skin proves that you can have a cause and still be fashion friendly.

Catherine D'lish

@catherinedlish (Catherine D’Lish)

This account is all about vintage excess, which is perfect for those of us who dream about being Dita Von Teese or lounging in a decked out boudoir all day. Catherine D’Lish showcases pieces that are proudly luxurious, from marabou gowns to recycled mink bunny slippers. It’s an Instagram for dreamers that also encourages customers to play dress up in their everyday lives.