50 Shades Sexier

Natural Maison Close

Christina wears by Bellevue Thong Body V neck in Ivory by Maison Close.

Story and photography by Becky Yee, Around Digital Media

Around Digital Media is a women owned and operated photo/video studio and production company. The creative team creates amazing photos for e-commerce, lookbooks, publicity and branding and marketing images for intimates, lingerie, swim, activewear, music artist and solopreneurs.

What’s your shade of sexy?

Everyone has their own definition and with over 6 billion people on the planet, that’s a staggering spectrum of sensuality. Lingerie is a great way for everyone to express their own version of sexy. I recently teamed up with brands from around the world to reimagine what sexy can be.


Christina wears Jolidon’s Black Ivy Clandestine Triangle Bra and Suspender in Black.

So check out out some of these looks we pulled from Hanky Panky, Pleasure State, Lou, Bijoux Indiscrets, Mapale, Juana De Arco, Jolidon, Maison Close, Oh La La Cheri, and Britta Uchkamp to inspire you on what sexy can be.

Antique Sexy

Antique Sexy Oh la la Cheri

Oh la la Cheri inspired us with their mesh and lace striped body teddy with cap sleeves for an Antique sexy. The plunging neckline is definitely not your grandma’s lingerie but has classic retro vibe that we love.

Rebel Sexy

Rebe Sexy Mapale

Leather Cage Garter Set by Mapale; Pasties by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Any fans of Sons of Anarchy out there? We called it Rebel Sexy. We paired Mapale Leather Caged Garter set with some leather belts and burlesque nipple tassels. No biker outfit is complete without a cropped black leather jacket. But hard and sexy doesn’t always have to be paired with black leather.

Hard and Sexy Bijoux Indiscrets_Stocking Girl Transparenze

Maze H Harness and Suspender Garters in Brown by Bijoux Indiscrets, Maison Close Les Burlesques Nipples, Scorsese Stockings by Transparenze courtesy of StockinGirl.

Check out Bijoux Indiscrets Maze H-harnesses that come in brown all vegan polyurethane. These harnesses and garters let you channel your inner rebel with a dash of class. Pair this outfit with Scorese stocking by Transparenze courtesy of Stockingirl.com to give it a fresher rebel sexy look.

Lady Boss Sexy

Lady Boss Sexy Lou and Maison Close Stockingirl Transparenze Bijoux Indiscrets

Anna wears Bra by Lou; La Directrice skirt by Maison Close Skirt. Kristina wears La Directrice Bodysuit by Maison Close and and both wear Vinyl Masks by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Other products that we really loved from Bijoux Indiscrets, the laser cut vinyl reusable masks for our Lady Boss Sexy. We paired this with Maison Close and Babilonia Fancy Stripe and Dot Stocking, but it was the mask that give this look the hint of mystery while still maintaining a modern clean edge.

Modern Sexy

Modern Sexy Jolidon and Bijoux Indiscrets

Anna wears Black Ivy Clandestine Bodysuit by Jolidon and Erika Mask by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Speaking of modern the Jolidon Clandestine Black Ivy Collection is super modern. I fell in love with the H1998 Brazilian cut body suit and fringed panty set. It’s a new sexy that appeals to those with a more modern aesthetic

Urban Sexy

Urban Sexy Lou Pelush

Christina wears Faux Fur by Pelush; Tweed Demi Cup Bra and Boyshorts in Mango by Lou.

Even a brand like Lou can show a contemporary shade of sexy from its traditional french luxury roots. We were thinking outside of the box and made it Urban Sexy by taking their Tweed Demi cup and shorts in Mango and paired it with American luxury Faux Fur Coat by Pelush. The result a fresh new sexy that appeals to the urban market.

Kinky Sexy

Kinky Sexy Britta Uschkamp and Maison Close

YES! Bra from Britta Uchkamp; Chambre des Secrets Catsuit by Maison Close; Les Menottes Volupte Handcuffs by Masion Close and Maze Tassel Chocker by Bijoux Indiscrets.

Feeling frisky? Britta Uchkamp makes soft and kinky lingerie that ties with ribbons and plays with the softer side of bondage chic. Here we have her YES! Bra worn under a Maison Close Chambres Des secrets catsuit and feather cuffs.

Romantic Sexy

Romantic Sexy Hanky Panky and Pleasure State

Anna wears Wink Bralette in Marshmallow by Hanky Panky, Alexandra Tap Pants and D’arcy Delator Kimono by Pleasure State.

Traditions never go out of style so when you are feeling a little more on the romantic side you can always grab your Wink Bralette by Hanky Panky in Marshmallow of course and wear it with a Pleasure State Kimono. You will feel like you never left your honeymoon.

Natural Sexy

Natural Sexy Hanky Panky

Anna wears Bralette and Boyshorts in Chai by Hanky Panky and Hanes T-shirt.

Lets not forget natural sexy never goes out of style. Instead of overly retouched images I also love to see women as they are. Natural sexy and beautiful.

Sporty Sexy

Sporty Sexy Juana De Arco

Anna wears Pan Bra and Coral Panty by Juana De Arco, photo by Becky Yee.

For the active types check out Juana De Arco, their playful one of a kind lingerie screams active fun and whimsical. Sexy can be sporty and sporty can be full of colors and patchwork like the Competition Bra and Boxers.

Sporty Sexy Juana De Arco

Christina wears Competition Bra and Boxers by Juana De Arco.

Whatever shade of sexy you want to use as your muse be inspired and try some sexier shades of sexy.

Models, Anna Iaryn & Christina Knight Q models NYC
Photographer – Becky Yee
Art Director – Lizziee Jerez
Stylist – Kim Dillinger
Stylist Assistant – Adora
Hair & Make up – Benjamin Lamadrid
Production & Retouching by Around Digital Media