Art of Lingerie: La Lame, Inc.

Art of Lingerie: La Lame, Inc.

For the latest edition of Art of Lingerie, illustrator Laura Rosenbaum finds inspiration in the fabric, lace and accessory catalogs of La Lame Inc.. Located in the heart of New York’s Garment District, La Lame Inc. delivers a wide range of products that supports innovation and development for all layers of the fashion sector.

Laura, can you tell us a bit about how you came up with these three drawings for La Lame?

‘Tis the season for embellishments, and no one does it quite like La Lame. Their portfolio includes a full offering of all of the essential trimmings for lingerie and accessories. My illustrations highlight how designers can incorporate them into their garments.

Can you tell us which La Lame product inspired your first drawing?

I fell in love with their selection of embroidered organic floral laces. The designs are pieces of art on their own. In my first illustration, I’ve magnified one of my favorite La Lame florals in the background and modeled the material as a lace legging on the central figure. How chic would it be to wear those at a holiday party?

La Lame Bows

What do you think about bows on lingerie?

Bows on lingerie have always been my weakness. If I see bows on something, I want it. When they are large, they make every garment feel like a gift. When they are small they are fun and flirty. I love the way tiny bows look over sheer fabrics and straps. I especially love it when they are centered on bra cups to serve as faux pasties. A little bow can add a lot of decadence.

La Lame Fringe

Why did you choose to highlight fringe?

La Lame has a catalog of fringes in different lengths, colors, and even metallic options. With fringe, the possibilities are endless. It’s so inherently sexy in the way it moves and drapes across the body’s curves. It’s always dancing and batting it’s eyelashes. Since it is so versatile, I’ve also illustrated its use for accessories–pasties, crops, and handcuffs.

What do you most admire about the La Lame brand?

La Lame is a small, family owned business. They’ve been doing this since the 1940s. That alone is a huge accomplishment.

I also appreciate it when I can work with local companies. La Lame’s headquarters are right here in NYC’s garment district. I definitely plan on making a visit to them soon.

About Laura Rosenbaum

Laura Rosenbaum is an illustrator and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is known for her cheeky, feminine illustration style and has created illustrations for various clients in the fashion, editorial, and commercial arena worldwide. She is the owner and designer of Novel Swim, a swimwear line featuring her signature prints that focuses on creating flattering bathing suits for women who want to swim, surf, stretch, and boogie confidently.

View more of her work at or follow her on @LauraRosenbaumIllustration on instagram. Email her at to inquire about a project.

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