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blossoms and beehives lingerie boutique

Carrie Aaron’s love for intimates started a young age thanks to a gift from her older sister. As an adult, when the opportunity to open a lingerie boutique fell into place, Carrie developed blossoms & beehives to pursue her passion and help other women. Today, we’re excited to share with you a Q&A with Carrie to learn more about how she started blossoms & beehives:

Carrie, could you tell our readers who might not be familiar with your boutique, what Blossoms & Beehives is all about?

We help women find beautiful, comfortable, and high-quality lingerie, sleepwear, shapewear, and accessories that help them feel supported and gorgeous. This is what blossoms & beehives is all about! Additionally, blossoms & beehives hosts fundraisers.

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How and when did you decide to start the boutique? What was the spark (or sparks) of inspiration?

When I was about seven-years-old, my older sister bought me cute panties for Hanukkah—they were my first cute panties. I think that was the beginning of my love of lingerie.

Opening and running a lingerie boutique evolved into something I had secretly thought about for most of my life, and when my three children empty-nested me a year-and-a-half ago, I finally had the time to make the dream reality.

In addition to my love of lingerie, I am a feminist at heart. I support women’s causes and women’s rights. Helping women feel comfortable and beautiful is just another was to express my feminism. It is rewarding to help women in all the stages of life — training bras, prom dress underpinnings, bridal lingerie, nursing bras, etc. is a neat way — find what they need.

blossoms and beehives fitting room
Could you also tell us a little bit about the origin behind you’re boutique’s name? Why is it special to you?

When I sat down to decide on a name for the boutique, the pillow on the chair across from me had a beautifully embroidered flower on it. I thought the name should definitely be feminine and the word blossom came to mind. For some reason, call it kismet, the word beehives immediately popped into my head — it was perfect. What I love about “blossoms & beehives” is the way it balances the soft, femininity of women with our strength and passion.

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What are the Fit and Customer Service Philosophies at Blossoms & Beehives like?

Our Fit Philosophy is typically to offer to measure band and cup, but the majority of our customers have a good starting point with the bras they are already wearing, and we check and adjust the bras they try on to make sure they are in the right size and adjusted properly.

Our Customer Service Philosophy is that if our customers enjoy shopping in the store and are happy with their purchases after they leave the store, then we have done our job. We do whatever we can to make shopping at blossoms. & beehives an exceptionally good and rewarding experience. We have coffee, tea, and wine, and sometimes we do happy hour on a Friday afternoon! We deliver locally and ship to other cities. Really, we will do whatever we can to make our customers happy and satisfied.

blossoms and beehives boutique

Could you tell us a little bit about your boutique’s aesthetics?

Blossoms and beehives is aesthetically gorgeous. We have steel and wood display fixtures on white and blush walls, and we have custom white dressers with Anthropologie knobs and vintage painted furniture. The floors are natural wood and we are on a corner with large windows with steel-gray painted wood frames. There are a deep berry accent wall, gray rugs, white antique chairs, and blush pink drapery in the dressing rooms. What’s the feeling you want your customers to feel when they approach the store and while they are inside? I want customers to feel invited and welcome to our warm, fresh, feminine, and cheerful environment.

Experience blossoms & beehives

Camelback Village Shopping Center in Arcadia
5053 N. 44th St.,
Phoenix, AZ. 85018

Phone: 602.955.1594