Boost Your Productivity at Work

Boost Your Productivity

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“Maximize your productivity by working smarter versus harder, because time is precious and valuable.”

by Joy Menon, founder of

Staying productive is a common struggle everyone experiences. We find ourselves not finishing what has to be done and sometimes not even starting, which leads to frustration and overwhelm. Below are some simple tips on getting more accomplished and staying ahead of the game.

1. Have a Plan

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Map out your goals, as well as the steps needed to complete them. It’s ok to have far-fetched goals, but don’t lose sight of the smaller ones. These are the building blocks towards the big picture. Keeping your goals attainable will boost your motivation and have you moving closer towards the larger vision.

2. Simplify and Prioritize

Boost Your Productivity

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Avoid stretching yourself too thin, which will leave you exhausted. Although some events may require your physical presence, others can be handled virtually. Share your tasks when necessary and you’ll find that more gets accomplished.

3. Personalize your Schedule

Boost Your Productivity

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Whether you are more visual or not, find a way to schedule that resonates with your style. For example, perhaps viewing your data by month will help you better visualize accomplishments and missed opportunities, while holding yourself accountable. There are also various apps available that are helpful if you need a checklist or even a virtual personal assistant.
Experiment and find the one that works best for you.

4. Schedule Time for Yourself

Boost Your Productivity

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Remember that YOU are also a priority and in order to be successful, setting time aside for your wellbeing will keep you inspired and strong to target whatever lies ahead. Include in your schedule a coffee break, exercise, meditation and whatever helps you connect with your inner self.
Having this special pause in the day keeps you fresh, preventing burn out.

The power of saying ‘no’: If you know you won’t be fully committed to something, it’s best to let it go. Passing on projects that may not be the right fit for your brand or have your full attention relieves you from unnecessary stress. It also shows that your reputation is valuable, as well as the other person’s time.

Maximize your productivity by working smarter versus harder, because time is precious and valuable. Stay focused and remember to track your results along the way.

What changes will you make to become more productive today?