Bra Lounge Halloween Merchandising Dreams by Baci

Bra Lounge Halloween Merchandising

“We like to build looks up with fabric, and always have plastic tubs full of fabrics, lace, tulle, and what might seem like random items.” – Sheena Johnson, Bra Lounge

The moment you sniff pumpkin spice on the air, you know Fall is on the way. Along with the changing season, one of the most exciting holidays on the retail calendar makes its way into everyone’s minds — Halloween.

It’s a visual merchandisers dream come true. The possibilities for window displays and in-store layouts are endless.

Earlier this summer, the Lingerie Journal team was smitten by displays created by the Bra Lounge creative team.

With Halloween in mind, we sent Sheena Johnson and Courtney Murphy, co-owners of the Bra Lounge, images from Baci and asked them how they’d merchandise these items for their customers.

Some of the Dreams by Baci styles, shipping from Xgen Products, include nurse outfits, police officer outfits, house maid outfits and a stewardess uniform. The collection comes boxed in sizes S/M, M/L, Diva and Queen.

One of the first things their team would do with Baci, according to Sheena, is take the costumes out of their boxed packaging and ear mark mannequins or hangers for display.

Bra Lounge Halloween Merchandising

“A display with floating frames and a mannequin behind it creates dimension and we often use them in our front window display,” said Sheena. “We enjoy finding unique oddities in thrift stores…and these work great for a Halloween display. Empty jars, random pieces of fabric, candle holders and candelabra’s, even dollar store plastic bugs, spiders, snakes are a fun add on.”

Sheena added that old suitcases paired with the flight attendant outfit would be perfect for a display. And a vintage vacuum cleaner and telephone would be used for the maid costume.

Bra Lounge Halloween Merchandising

“We try to keep like items in our displays, whether they can be pulled together with like colours, the theme, or the style,” noted Sheena. “We like to build looks up with fabric, and always have plastic tubs full of fabrics, lace, tulle, and what might seem like random items.”

It is kind of like a tickle trunk! Once you have an idea, you can pull in all sorts of fun finds out of the tickle trunk and pull something fun together!

We’re looking forward to seeing what the Bra Lounge team creates this season. You can see what the team is up to on the boutique’s Instagram account or learn more about the Bra Lounge on their website,

For anyone interested in learning more about the Dreams by Baci collection, please visit the XGEN site at

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Bra Lounge Halloween Merchandising